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Love-Hate-Court? by Bourdelsonloves

chapter 1

-Two years later-

"You are very luck to have her, Mike" Chester said patting Mike on his shoulder, Mike smiled and nodded "we're both lucky to have her with us" Mike said looking down at Rob. Rob smiled looking up at his dad but, quickly look forward as he heard the piano start play.

Everyone stud as Anna waited at the end of the isle, with her father by her side. She smiled knowing Mike couldn't see it from behind her veil.

Mike's heart was beating almost out of his chest as he seen Anna walk dow the isle "she's beautiful, Chester" Mike whispered to Chester, Chester smiled and nodded.

Rob watch as Anna walked down the isle with her father, he smiled knowing that his dad is going to be happy. He wouldn't have to worry about anything.

Mr. Hillinger took his daughters hand, handing it over to Mike, "take good care of my daughter" he said smiling. Mike smiled and nodded "Will do sir" he said. Mike turned and faced Anna smiling lifting her veil off over her face. Anna smiled as she seen Mike's smiling face, "you look beautiful, Anna" Mike said

"Shall we began?" "Yes we may" Mike said smiling, not taking his eyes off of Anna.

" Dearly Beloved, we are gathered together here in the sign of God to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly Into this holy estate these two persons present now come to be joined. If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together – let them speak now or forever hold their peace." No one spoke

The Minister went on, "Do you Michael take Ann to be your wife – to live together after God’s ordinance – in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon her your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto her as long as you both shall live?"

Mike smiled and nodded "I do"

"Do you Anna take Michael to be your husband – to live together after God’s ordinance – in the holy estate of matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, to cherish and continually bestow upon him your heart’s deepest devotion, forsaking all others, keep yourself only unto him as long as you both shall live?"

Anna nodded and smiled "I do"

"May I see the rings?"

"Yes, Robbie come here" Mike said knelling down next to Rob "here you go daddy" Rob said handing Mike the rings that he was happy to hold "thanks buddy" Rob nodded and stepped back next to Chester. "Good job bud" Chester said patting Rob on the shoulder, Rob smiled.

"As a token that you will faithfully perform these vows, you will now exchange rings.

The ring is an endless circle: a symbol of the covenant you are making here today."

"Mike as you place the ring on Anna's finger say:

'As I place this ring on your finger, I pledge myself to you. I am yours.'"

Mike smiled "As I place this ring on your finger, I pledge myself to you. I am yours" Mike said as he placed the ring on Anna Left hand, Anna smiled as she she spoke and placed her ring on Mike's hand.

"With the power vested in me, I now Pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride"

Mike smiled as he pulled Anna close to him and kissed her, causing a joyful crowd clapping. Rob jumped up and down as everyone clapped, they were all going to be happy together. Mike and Anna pulled away from each other looking out towards the seats people standing, smiling and clapping. Mike looked over toward Rob, he waved his hand for him to come stand next to them.

Rob smiled and ran over towards them, only to be picked up by Mike. Mike smiled and kissed Anna one last time as they started to walk out of the church into their car. Anna smiled and laughed as she go into the car, she looked in the back seat to find Rob happy as can be "ready to go home Robbie?" Rob nodded and smiled "haha, yes mommy" Rob said as Mike got in "here we go" Mike said as he started the car and drove.

Rob watched from behind seeing people wave as they drove away from the church.

-Seven years later-

There was a knock at the door and Mike got up from the kitchen table to answer it. When he opened it, Brad and Joe were standing there. “Morning Mr.Shinoda.” Brad said. “Morning Boys. Rob’s not expecting you two for another hour.” Mike replied. “Oh we know.” Joe said. “Do I want to know?” Mike asked. “Probably not.” Brad replied. “He’s upstairs.” Joe and Brad walked in and up the stairs into Rob’s room where he was still sleeping. Joe smirked and pulled the sheets out from beneath Rob, causing him to fall face first onto the floor. “Ow! What the hell?” Rob said. “Time to get up Robert! First day of high school.” Brad laughed. Rob groaned and put his face back down on the floor. “oh no you don’t. Get your butt up!” Brad said. Rob stood up and pointed to the door. “Out. I’m getting dressed.” He said. Brad and Joe laughed and waited in the hallway. Rob came out a few minutes later and the three walked downstairs. “Leaving for work already Dad?” Rob asked. “Yea. Sorry bud. I don’t know when I’ll get back, but Anna should be back by the time you get back from school.” Mike said. “Okay. Bye, love you.” Rob said. “Love you too bud.” He said, and left. “Sooooooo. Excited for high school?” Brad asked. “I guess.” Rob said. “C’mon! We can meet some new people. Plus the school only has 900 kids.” Joe said. Rob laughed. “Alright, lets go.” He said, grabbing his backpack, and the three of them left.

Rob, Brad and Joe walked through the doors of Thorn High school, "Wow, pretty big school huh?" Joe said as he watch teens walk passed him. "Wow did you see that girl? I'll see you later guys, I'm just going to go and catch up with her" Joe said as he ran up next to a girl.

"He's always trying to get some numbers" "agreed" Rob laughed, "come on, let's go and see what classes we have" he added as he walked into the office. Brad nodded as he followed Rob.

"Good morning boys, how may I help you two?" The lady at the desk asked, "we need help on what classes we have to take" Rob said informing the lady "ah yes, I need your names please" "Rob Shinoda and Brad Delson" the lady looked through the computer looking for Rob and Brad's classes "here you two are, let me just print these out for you two" the lady said as she clicked her mouse and walked back to the printer.

"Did you pick the classes you wanted?" Brad asked leaning up against the wall. Rob nodded "Yeah, one is Art, I hope. Just like my dad did when he went to high school" Brad nodded

"Here you boys go, your classes on this side of the paper and the the room number" the lady said smiling handing Brad and Rob their classes. "Thank you ma'am" Rob said, Rob walked out of the office looking around looking for any one that can help him with his classes.

"What lunch do you have?" Brad asked as he walked up next to Rob, "B-lunch. You?" "Same. I'll see you at lunch buddy" Rob nodded and waved as Brad walked to his first class. "Room 157 where the hell are you at?" Rob said to himself as he walked up a thing of stairs. "Are you lost?" Rob heard a voice call, he looked to a girl with blonde hair, blue eyes about his height. Rob stared off into space until the girl waved her hand in his face, "huh?" Rob asked, the girl laughed "you're new here huh?" Rob shyly nodded "ha, don't worry. I'm Sam, and you are?" Sam asked with her hand reaching for Robs.

"I-I'm R-Rob. Rob Shinoda" Rob said smiling shaking Sam's hand "Nice to meet you Rob Shinoda, are you looking for your classes?" Sam asked, Rob nodded.

"Here let me take a look so I can help you" Sam took Rob's paper and looked at it. "Well Rob, it seems your first class is with me. C'mon follow me" Rob smiled and nodded, and followed Sam to their class.

Brad walked to his class, being just in time to run into Joe, "oh sorry I wa- Joe want are you doing?" "Just walking around looking around the school" Joe said posing a bad-boy look "you got in trouble already, huh?" Brad asked "What? No. That's not me" Joe said, Brad stared at Joe until he fest-up. "Okay, okay. I did get in trouble, because I didn't know what classes I took, and now I have to go to the office" Brad smirk "seems like you" Brad said as he walk pass Joe "I'll see you sometime later, Joe" "Bye Braddles" Brad shook his head as he finally found his class room. "Hello, who are you?" A male teacher asked "I'm Brad Delson. Is this history?" "Yes, sir it is. Take a seat anywhere you'd like, class is about to began soon" Brad nodded and walked to a seat in the middle of the class.

Sam and Rob took their seats at the back of the class next to each other. They both started talking and waited for the teacher to come. When the teacher came in, the class fell silent and the teacher stood in front of the class. "Good morning class." he said. "I'll be going through a few things with you, then I'm going to give you your first assignment." He said. He started drawing on the board, basic things they should know like the primary, secondary and tertiary colours. When he finished, he wrote the assignment on the board and the class got to work. "So, you like art?" Sam asked. "Uh...yea. Well my dad took art in high school so I though I'd give it a try." Rob replied shyly. "That's cool. So this is your fist time taking it?" She asked. "If by that you mean not being forced to do it in elementary and middle school, then yes." Rob smiled a bit. Sam laughed.

They chatted and worked on their assignments until the bell rang. "I'll see you later." Sam smiled, before walking away to her next class. Rob started walking to his second class. His phone started to ring, and he took it out and answered it. "Hello?" he asked, picking up the call. "Hey. How's the first day going so far?" the voice at the other end asked. "Pretty good dad." Rob replied. "Good to hear. Any new friends?

Mike asked. "Uh...maybe." Rob smiled and started blushing. "Alright, who is she?" Mike laughed. "No one." Rob said shyly. "You're a bad liar. You know, when Anna finds out you like a girl, she will not stop bothering you about her right? Like, she's gonna wanna know about her and possibly say something along the lines of "Awe! Robbies got his first crush!" And so on" Mike laughed. "Yep. I know." Rob said. "Well i gotta go now. Have

Rob hung up and shoved his phone into his pocket, he began walking towards his math class, he seen Brad walking towards his ways "Hey Braddles!" Rob waved jogging towards Brad. Brad looked up as he looked away from his class list, "ay, Robbie" Brad said smiling, Rob laughed "so you find your class fine?" "Yeah. You?" Rob nodded with his cheeks flush red smiling, Brad laughed as he seen Rob blush. "Girl help you huh?" Rob shot his eyes up from the ground "what? No." "Dude I can tell when you're lying" Brad said laughing "plus, you're blushing" he added.

Rob laughed, "what class do yo have next?" He asked trying to change the subject, Brad looked at is class list, "it looks like I'm in math next" Brad said smiling lowering his paper from his face. "Cool we're math buds" Rob said wrapping his arm around Brad shoulder "hey let's cool it on the nicknames man" Brad said laughing.

Rob laughed as he took his arm off of Brad's shoulder "Alright Braddles" "oh you've done it now, Shinoda" Brad said as he chased Rob down the hall way into their math class. "Boys no running in the halls" a male teacher said "sorry" Rob said laughing trying to catch his breath, "Are you two in this class or no?" The teacher asked "yes sir" Brad said standing behind Rob.

"Names?" "Brad Delson and, Rob Shinoda" "yes here you are, go and take your seats" Rob and Brad nodded as the sat down next to each other, Brad punched Rob in the arm "ow, what was that for?" Rob said rubbing his arm, Brad shrugged "just for the hell of it" he laughed.

“I’m going to go through the questions on the board, and they are to be worked on in class. IF you do not finish, it is for homework.” The teacher said. “Damn. Strict much?” Brad mumbled, making Rob laugh. “Mr. Delson, Mr.Shinoda, is something wrong?” The teacher said, stopping the whole class. “Nothing sir.” Brad said, trying not to laugh. “Good. Now pay attention!” he snapped, turning to face the board again. Brad cursed under his breath, and Rob tried not to laugh.

They worked through the period and ran out the door when the bell rang. “What do you have now?” Brad asked. “History.” Rob replied. “I’ve got language with Joe.” Brad smirked. “Why? Why you leave meh!?” Rob pouted. “I’ll see you at lunch.” Brad laughed before turning down the hall. Rob walked the opposite direction and took a seat in history. He hoped that Sam would be there too, but sadly, she wasn’t.

They took notes down the whole class, which, Rob didn’t mind. He loved history. When the bell rang, he met up with Joe and Brad at his locker. “Lets go get some lunch.” Joe said, and Brad and Rob followed. When they got their food, they all sat at a table in the back. “So. What do you guys have next?” Joe asked. “I have language, then all three of us have music.” Rob said. “Sweet! We all have music together, thank god.” Brad said. “Awe. Braddles loves us!” Joe said in a high pitched voice. “Shut up!” Brad laughed.

Rob smiled as his two friends argued. He looked across the room and say Sam at the table next to him working on something. “Be right back.” Rob said. “Kay!” Joe said. Rob got up and walked over to her, sitting down next to her. “H-hey Sam.” He stuttered. “Oh hey!” she smiled. “Whatcha working on?” Rob asked. She frowned. “Freaking history. Not my best subject.” She said. “Well…I’m pretty good at history. Maybe I can help?” Rob said. “Really? That’d be great!” she said. The bell rang for them to go back to class. “Do you wanna come over after school, say around, 3:30?” Rob asked. “Sure! See you then.” She smiled, and walked away. ‘Did I really just do that?” Rob thought to himself.

“So, who’s that hottie?” Brad asked. “Shut up Braddles!”Rob said, blushing. “whatever you say, Shinoda.” Brad smiled, and they all went to class. The rest of the day went by quickly and finally ended. “First day. Ugh.” Joe said as they started walking down the sidewalk. “Welp. We got four more years there.” Brad joked. “Don’t remind me.” Joe said. They walked for a bit, laughing and joking around. “See you later, Robbie!” Joe said, and he and Brad turned onto their street, and Rob walked the rest of the way home.

He opened the front door and closed it. But before he could set his backpack down, Anna ran over and gave him a hug. “Mom…you okay?” Rob asked. “My little Robbies got a crush!” she cooed, still hugging Rob. “Dad called you, didn't he?” Rob asked. Anna nodded, letting go of Rob. “So, tell me about her!” Anna said. “She’s really pretty…like really pretty. And nice, and fun to talk to, she’ll also be over in ten minutes.” Rob added. “She’s coming over?!” “Yep! Don’t kill her with hugs, please?” Rob smiled. “I’m not like that.” Anna joked. “Oh really?” Rob smiled. Anna pushed Rob half-heartedly.

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