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Mikes December by .ray

This is me alone

Disclaimer: Linkin Park is not mine and sadly never will be. This is just fiction.

Title: Mikes December

Author: Noda Bear-fandomination, .ray/fflog (same person XD)

Rated: NC-17

Pairing: M/C

I’m sorry if I have grammar mistakes... it tends to happen... >.< anyways enjoy! ^.^

chapter one - This is me alone.

I walk slowly to my destination hearing the snow crunch under every footstep that I lay out. The moon was full and the streets were empty and deserted. I felt the touch of the cold wind brush against the side of my cheek as I shrug my shoulders higher trying to comfort the cold. I could feel my hands growing numb inside my winter coat and my toes were close to being ice chunks.

I breathe and caught a glimpse of the fog I created before averting my gaze to the lights illuminating from houses. It was almost Christmas. Everyone had their Christmas decorations decorated from top to bottom of their houses. Seemingly endless colours shone in the dark frosty night.

I look up the faint stars. Looking at them always soothed my soul.

A tear streaked down my face and as quickly as it froze, I brushed it away.

I come upon a dark house. No lights, no decorations, just a dark plain house. I remove the keys from my baggy pants and unlock the door and flickered on the light.

I take off my snow-covered shoes, drop my keys to the side table and started removing my jacket before putting it inside the closet.

There was light that emitted from the living room. It was from the fish tank. I knew I couldn’t take care of a dog or cat alone, so I bought fishes instead.

Work takes up my full schedule now that I’m all alone.

I sigh as I head to the living room.

The break up with Anna was too hard for me to handle. She hated me. I hated her. But in the end I regretted saying what I said to her. Now it’s all over. I felt my eyes starting to sting again. I remove the thought and pressed ’play’ on my blinking answering machine.


“Hey Mike!” A worried Brad waited before he continued. “where are you man? I’ve been calling your house all fucking day. You better call me the moment you come back cause if you don’t--” I could see Brad making a joking face. I manage to produce a slight smile.


“MIKE!!!” It was yet again Brad’s voice. “ANSWER YOUR FUCKING PHONE!” He waited, probably thinking I was here but didn’t want to answer. “Mike man, you’re worrying me to death” his voice softened.


I turn off the answering machine knowing all too well that the rest would be Brad’s.

Brad was like a brother to me. He cared a lot about me and he’s the only one who knows about this whole Anna breaking up thing. He’s the one I tell my secrets to. And likewise for him.

I never really loved Anna; I stayed with her because I needed the comfort. I realized I didn’t love her when she wanted me to fuck her, but I refused. That happened for a number of times. Each ends in a battle of words. Then her suspicions began to rise.

I opened the fridge and took out the milk carton and placed it on the counter. I noticed my shaky hands as I grabbed for the cupboard handle. My hands wouldn’t stay still. It wasn’t even due to the cold.

I removed my hands from the handle and stared at it shaking, seeming to have a life of its own.

The pain surged back to me. It was he. Chester Charles Bennington. He was the pain. I felt tears fall freely down my face. I didn’t want to cry, but they were bottled up all too well inside, they just simply ran out of room.

I dropped to the floor burying my face in my hands as I poured the tears out.

“...Mike” I felt a hand touch my shoulder. As I looked up I saw Brad’s worried figure under the dim light.

He sat down beside me and let me cry on his shoulder as he hugged me.


I woke up in bed wondering how I managed to get here. I look at my alarm clock beside my bed.


All my brain could think about was work, work, and work. I was late. I was 3 hours late.

I headed to my closet in search for clothes. My bedroom door opens just as I was going to pull my pyjamas down.

I look over to see Brads head pop in.

“Brad!” I shrieked. “do you mind, I’m trying to change!”

“Where you going?” He asked curiosity streaked across his face.

“Work! Where do you think I go everyday?” I said. But he clearly does not hear the urgency in my voice.

“Today’s Saturday” he said looking at me. I felt stupid. Really stupid.

“Oh...” was all I managed to get out.

“Mike...” he started as he walked in heading towards to where my standing form was. “...Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yeah...I...I’ll be fine” I said looking at the carpet beneath my feet.

“Okay good, now come downstairs, I made you some food” he said smiling. “come down when you’re ready k?”

I nodded and smiled back at him. He walked towards the door.

“...Brad” I said softly.

“Yeah?” He answers.

“...Thank you” I smile a sad smile.

“No problem Bro” he said heading out and closing the door behind him.

Ever since I cut my wrist, he had every right to worry about me. Unfortunately for me, I cut my wrist across, not towards my elbow. He got there just in time to stop the blood loss.

Now I have a scar. A scar caused by Chester. But he knows nothing about it. Brad promised me that he would never tell any of the guys what I was going through. Especially not Chester.

I made my way downstairs and took a waft of the smell coming from the kitchen where I was heading.

“In here” called Brad from the living room. “I set our plates here so we can watch some TV while we’re eating” he said as I entered the living room.

I saw my food on the glass table between the couch and the TV.

Brad grinned at me, fork in his mouth, as he patted the spot on the carpet where he wanted me to sit and start eating my breakfast.

“What are you watching?” I asked.

“Hamtaro” he said laying down his fork.

I looked at the cartoon. Interesting...but weird I thought.

Brad stared at me. I can feel him staring at me from the corner of my eye.

“What is it Brad?” I asked not returning his gaze. I pick up my fork and pierce a strip of bacon.

“I’m really worried Mike --”

“Well don’t be!” I can feel my voice rise.

“I just don’t want you to go beating yourself up like this Mike!” He said putting his hand on my shoulder. “and over Chester, you know he has a wife, heck he has a fucking kid too!”

“I know!” I yelled. I shrug his hand of my shoulder. I slam the fork on the glass coffee table. “I fucking know Brad! And I know he’ll never feel the same way about me but fuck! I can’t help it when my whole fucking body wants him” I cried. “you have no idea how hard I tried to rid myself of him Brad. I try, I really do.” I cry yet again on the shoulder he offers me.

“...Mikey...” I barely hear him. He rubs my back. It usually always makes me feel better.

I really have tried to get over Chester. At first I thought it was just a crush and I would get over it soon. That changed as we started hanging out a lot more. We did everything together.

That all dropped when Samantha came back into his life. They met while we were hanging out at a club. They use to be high school sweethearts and now that they’ve grown, they decided to give it another shot.

I felt a blade cut my heart when I saw them together. I left them alone to chitchat that one night at the club. I doubt Chester neither cared or noticed I was gone. I cried my way home and to sleep.

That’s when I started to hook up with Anna. Even though I knew that that was going to get me no where. I thought maybe she could get my thoughts off of him. I soon discovered that as I was apart from him, the need and longing only intensified.

Not too long after the Samantha meeting, I get a phone call coming all the way from Japan. My parents. I asked the woman on the other line that was crying where my parents were. She blurted out words that I couldn’t understand. I listened a lot more closely... I knew that was a mistake.

Dead. It repeated in my head over and over again. They left me. I was left alone.

For days I stayed inside the house with Brad. Brad refused to leave me all alone. Brad knows me all to well. We’ve been friends since middle school after all and he knew I couldn’t handle things like these too well. He called my job to tell them that I was going to be sick for quite a long time. I told Anna that I was going to go away for awhile, hanging up on her before she demanded an explanation. And Brad told the other guys some excuses about me.

I couldn’t recall how many days after their death that I tried to kill myself, but failed. I just wanted all the pain to end.

I broke up with Anna soon after. She yelled at me for crying over such stupid things. I yelled back at her. I hated her for what she said. And so we split, that night, I knew I lost someone again. As much as I hated her for it, deep down, it kills me that I lost someone again.

The only possible good thing that came out of this was the money I received from my parents’ death. I’m still living in this same house, all alone, and if I stayed here, the money would slowly decrease.

I had to move out soon, Brad was offering me to stay at his place, but he already has no room for him and Joe in that God forsaken house. But he always goes about his ways to helping me. This is practically a second house for him.

Suddenly, I remembered Brad and Joe were supposed to go on a skiing trip together. Was it today? Mike was offered to go but he refused. So these two planned it.

“...Brad?” I asked softly.

“Yeah?” He answers still rubbing my back.

“Don’t you have to go skiing with Joe?”

“Yeah” he said.

“Isn’t that today?” I asked pulling away from his hug to look at him.

“Yeah” he said again.

“Shouldn’t you be going?” I asked confused.

“Mike... I’m just going to end up worrying about you. And besides I could always go next year” he said smiling.

“But you and Joe have been planning this for months” I said tilting my head to the side. “Please go... I don’t want to have to be the one to ruin your vacation”

“But Mike”

“Brad I’ll be fine” I pouted. “I promise you, I won’t do anything stupid, now go before Joe wakes and realizes you aren‘t there in your room”

He looked at me for a while to see if he could trust me.

“Are you sure?” He asked still not convinced.

“Brad if you don’t go...” I started looking at the wrist that wasn’t cut and played with it with my other hand.

“OK, ok I’ll go” he said standing. I grinned at him. “remember your promise”

“You don’t have to worry about me” I said as we started heading towards the door.

He pulled out his jacket from the closet and put on his boots.

“...remember your promise” he repeated kissing my cheek.

I gave him a nod as he opened the door. A rush of cold wind entered. He waved goodbye and headed out.

I decided I would fix the dishes in the living room later as I headed up the stairs back to my room.

I opened the door and sprawled back on my bed covering myself with the warm soft blanket.





I woke up yet again. This time to the sound of the phone. I picked up the phone that was beside the alarm clock.

“..hello?” I asked with a sleepy voice.

“Hey!” The other voice answered back. It was none other than Chester’s. “how you been?”

My eyes shot open to the sound of his voice.

“I’ve been better” I said trying to sound enthusiastic.

“Oh... anything bad happen?” I didn’t want to tell him. For if I did, I would start crying on the spot.

“Umm... no, no nothing serious” I faked a laugh.

“That’s good” he said dropping his worried voice. “...listen, so like my wife went on vacation to her parents’ house and I didn’t want to go cause you know, I don’t really like her parents, so I was wondering... do you wanna like, stay over here for the holidays or something? we could hang out like we always use to...”

He waited for me to answer. I was silent for a while.


A little too long.

“Oh yeah sure dude, that’d be really great” I said.

“That’s great” he said. “Ok so listen, I’m going to pick you up around five... is that cool?”

I looked at the watch 3:54 pm.

“Yeah that’s cool” I answered.

“Okay good, I’ll see you then”

“See ya” with that said I placed the phone back.

I should have said I had plans. But then again, it would be nice to hang around with him again. They haven’t ‘hanged’ around with each other for quite a long time. So maybe this might turn up to be a good thing.

I packed the stuff I needed and waited for the clock to tick to five o’clock. I have almost an hour to take a nap. I rested my head back on the pillow and closed my eyes.

I ran and ran. I don’t know where I was going but my legs seem to. People passed by me as a blur. I couldn’t tell where I was. Everything was moving too fast.

I suddenly stopped and looked at the two bodies laying in front of me. I knelt down beside the woman and held her head on my lap as I looked at her face.

“..mom” I cried. I shook her stiff body hoping, believing her body would start moving again. “...mom...” I cried again. I was mad now. Not that I hated them, but how could they just leave me.

“..mom.. wake up... WAKE UP! ...please come back” I shook her harder. “mom... MOM!” I shook. “Please wake up... please wake up...” I sobbed. “...please...”

Everyone passed by not noticing me and the two dead bodies. I looked over at my dad. How could he, how could they. Tears ran down my face. I cried, I yelled.

I woke up gasping for air. I ran my hand through my ruffled up hair still panting. I could feel the tears starting to form.

I looked at the alarm clock forgetting all about Chester. 4:46 pm. He’ll be here soon. I headed to the washroom and fixed my hair. Satisfied with how my red locks looked, I grabbed my bag of clothes and headed downstairs.

I looked at the big window beside the door. Snowing. So peaceful I thought.

I put my bag down near the door and headed for the living room and sat down. I thought about what me and Chester were going to do. It was too odd. I loved the man, how will I be able to hide these feelings?

The door bell rang. I got up and headed to the door opening it and letting the snowflakes flutter in.

He had a broad smile etched across his face. His rosy cheeks were gleaming. His nerdy glasses at the tip of his nose. His hair spiked to perfection. His hands buried in his pockets. Baggy black jeans fluttering in the wind.

I held the door silently admiring his figure, not noticing the stinging cold.

“...umm Mikey?” he finally broke. I snapped out of my dream-like state as I looked back at his confused face. “you ready?”

“ uh.. yeah” I said turning around and grabbed my jacket inside the closet. I put on my shoes and picked up my bag. He waited patiently by the door not wanting to create a puddle inside the fancy house, all the while looking at the younger man.

I looked back at him, making a sign that I was ready. He snatched the bag I was holding. He always was such a gentleman. He just smiled his gorgeous smile and headed towards the car.

I locked the door and followed after him. The silver Mercedes was now fully covered in snow. I see him opening the back door, slip in my bag and head to the drivers seat. I quickly run towards the passenger door, opening it and slipping in not wanting to stall him any longer.

The car was already on as I looked out in front of me to see snow fall on the window only to be swiped away by the windshield wipers. We were silent for a while. I didn’t know how long. I just kept looking straight ahead of me thinking about my earlier dream.

“Something wrong?” he asked looking at me. I guess I was quiet for quite a long time. I was usually the one who started our conversations.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine” I said giving him the famous Shinoda smile, although I didn’t really put too much effort in it.

“Kay cool” he said backing up the car and heading out of the white driveway. I looked at my house. It belonged to me now. This big house belonged to me now. Pain filled my heart as I looked at the sight. It was going to be a lonely December for this house. I saw the house finally disappear from my line of sight as falling snowflakes replaced it.


We entered his home with out so much as an utter. I figured by now he would know something is wrong, and he probably does know something is wrong, but he refuses to ask.

He showed me where everything was like I haven’t been here before. He finally showed me to my room. The guest room. I always use to sleep here whenever I would have my little sleepovers, usually to baby sit little baby Draven.

He ushered me to the room. He dropped the bag alongside the bed. He left to go and get dinner ready.

I positioned myself at the edge of the bed. I gazed outside the window. The snow was still cascading down. The snow looked peaceful. I dwelled on the spot for God knows how long. It gave me too much time to think.

I should have been there for them. Why didn’t I go with them. I should have gone with them. This is all my fault.

Lately I haven’t been able to control my emotions. Sometimes I would just cry out of the blue. Or I would just feel the trickle of a tear down my cheeks. This time it’s no different for I knew what I was crying about and who they were for.

I lifted my feet up and put them against my chest as I smothered my face in them. I remained in that spot until I heard a soft sigh.

I quickly shot my head up, dropping my feet to the ground and looked at the man standing by the door. Still feeling the wetness in my eyes and cheeks, I rapidly brush my sleeve against them and turned faced the other way not looking at him.

“...Mike” he said his voice rising making it sound like a question.

I didn’t look back. I simply sat there fixated on whatever it was that I was looking at. Apparently a lamp.

“...Mikey” he said again this moving towards me. I cringed as his hand made contact with my shoulder. He noticed it and pulled his hand back.

“please Mikey, just tell me what’s wrong...” I stood up and turned to face him. Trying my best form a big grin.

“Nothing, nothing’s wrong Chester... I’m fine” I said stammering. Chester was never the one to push too far. I knew that he wouldn’t buy this but he pretended that he did anyhow.

He sighed. “Okay... good” he looked pleased. “now come on, dinner’s ready” I followed him as he started walking towards his dining room.

There were to sets of plates, set opposite ends each other on the circular table. The table wasn’t big and in the middle were a pile of food.

‘Why did he cook so much?’ I thought. There really wasn’t that much, but there was enough that the both couldn’t finish.

He sat on one side as I placed my self on the other. He looked at me, waiting. I looked back. This is awkward. He smiled and started digging into the food. I pursued a moment later, wondering what that was about.

I cut my self a one of the chicken drumsticks. I loved the drumsticks. I knew I had to grab for more, else I might end up insulting Chester. I seized the salad bowl and dumped a little bit of the greens on my plate. Next I went after the pasta bowl. Chester had the same idea and I grabbed my hand back.

“Go ahead” he said pushing the bowl closer to me while smiling. Why does he have to be such a gentleman all the time.

“Thanks” I smiled back, knowing well that I was surely blushing. He kept looking at me. Maybe he was waiting for me to finish with the pasta. I didn’t put a lot on my plate because I really couldn’t finish what was on it already.

I felt his eyes still observing me. Why can’t he just pick up something else. I finished in record time and gave it to him not meeting his eyes. I picked up my fork and started eating.

The silence made the contact of fork and plate seem like it was amplified. I knew Chester was waiting for me to say something.

“...this is good” I finally said looking down at my plate. I didn’t know exactly what was good. I didn’t really notice how they tasted as I shoved them in my mouth.

“Thank you” he uttered with his mouth still a bit full. I looked at him and almost laughed at the site. He gulped down his food and gave a chuckle.

I was full, bloated, I couldn’t eat a thing anymore. I was playing around with my salad pieces when I heard his voice talk to me.

“..there’s more if you want some more” he said stating the obvious.

“Yeah I know, I’m just... full” I said still playing with the green leaf.

He put down his fork and knife on top of the plate and stood up. I stopped playing with the leaf, looked at him and did the same. I was just going to ask what he was doing as he came towards me when he placed his plate on top of mine, grabbed the both and headed to the kitchen.

I knew my silence was slowly bugging him. But I didn’t want to ruin the holidays for the both of us. I picked up the left over food and followed after the blonde. He headed back to the table picking up the rest of the stuff.

‘Maybe I should do the dishes’ I thought. I needed to do something around here. He’s been doing everything for me.

I placed the two bowls of food down on the counter and made my way to the sink of plates. I turned on the water washing the remnants of food on the plate the turned it back off. I grabbed the sponge, poured some soup, and started my washing.

He came back into the kitchen. He wrapped the leftovers as I washed the dishes, both silent.

Couples of forks, knives, plates, and cups weren’t that hard to wash. I was about to dry them off with the towel but Chester grabbed it first and started drying them himself.

He noticed my still wet hands. He grabbed them and dried them up. Focused on drying them as he would be on the plates and others. He finished and continued back to drying the plates.

I decided to put away the things in the cupboard as he was making a pile of the dried things on the side. I put the last plate inside the cupboard and closed it to reveal his crystal eyes looking at me again.

His face was emotionless. I didn’t know what he was thinking.

“What?” I asked finally breaking the moment.

“I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with you using my psychic powers” he said looking amused.

“Is it working?”

“Nope” he said giving up and as he made his way to the living room. I stood there for a moment before deciding to retreat back to the guest room. I glanced back at the stove watch before heading out.

Almost 8:30.

Wow, did time ever fly.

“I’m gonna go catch some zee’s alright Chester?” I said walking by the living room.

“Already?” he said sounding like a little kid losing his playmate.

I smile weakly at him. “Yeah, sorry... I just kinda need to rest” He nodded and as I went back to my walking pace and entered the upstairs guest room. I close the door and move to the bed. I crawl in and enclose the blanket just above my chest.

‘Now I’m making Chester worry’ I thought. ‘stop doing this Mike, you’ll end up frustrating him and yourself in the process’ I continued. ‘if you tell him what’s been going on he can comfort you and help you... and think that your a fuckin freak’ I finished.

I closed my eyes shut waiting for sleep to take me.


The next day was no different. I was silent, therefore making him be silent as well having no one to talk to. Every time our eyes meet, I quickly avert it to something else. We uttered words to each other every now and then but they were meaningless.

As slowly as the morning left, the dark finally arrived. It wasn’t as dark as it should be outside since the snow was illuminated by the bright moon. We lived near the suburbs but not completely. There isn’t any buildings around the area, but if you drive south about 8 or 10 miles, you’ll end up at the metropolis.

I lived about 3 or 4 miles from here. I never really noticed how long the rides I take to and from Chester’s house are. I was always excited to come and sad when I leave.

I remained in a sitting position against the headboard as I looked out the window.

“I’m gonna have to tell him sooner or later” I sighed softly before lying down on the bed.

I closed my eyes as I anticipated for sleep.


I woke up with a throbbing headache. I sit still for a bit before getting up to do the regular morning routines.

I went back to my room and got out of my pyjamas and got into something more casual.

I head downstairs.

‘That’s odd’ I thought. ‘Chester would always be down here before he is doing something’

Usually Chester would be lying on the couch watching morning news with freshly brewed coffee. I headed into the living room anyways and flicked on the TV. I looked for a channel that showed news. After noon news now that I look at the time. It was almost 12. Snowing again throughout the whole day. By now the snow outside would reach my height.

I turned off the TV and decided to brew some coffee of my own. I had to figure out where the coffee was first. I opened all the cupboards and all the little nooks and crannies of the kitchen. I couldn’t find. Just as I was going to give I heard the door unlock.

It was slow. Obviously this person was trying to come in undetected. I heard the door open, followed by footsteps. I was wondering what this person was doing. I headed out of the kitchen and towards the door. He was taking off his shoes right.

He finally noticed me, horror in his eyes as I saw him shove a small bag behind his back.

He was sneering trying to hide the rectangular box behind him.

“Chester?” I asked. “what’s inside the box?”

“umm... nothing Mikey, it’s just some tools I needed... for uhhh the christmas decorations ya know?” he said determined to keep his composure.

“Oh that’s cool... do you have anything to help me get rid of this damned headache I have” that’s the most I’ve said for a long while now.

He stared at me blankly.

“Chester?” I asked again.

“Mike umm... there’s pills in the washroom cabinet” he said.

“Oh... I guess I didn’t see... I’ll go check again” I said heading towards the washroom. I didn’t really check last time. I didn’t really bother last time either.

I opened up one of its cupboards and see the bottle of Advil. That’ll do. I take out two tablets and head back to the kitchen to fetch water just as I saw Chester running to his room and slamming the door behind him.

‘What the hell is up with that guy’

I didn’t do anything all day. And Chester, well Chester hasn’t left his room for almost 3 hours now. I would go ask him what was going on but I’d just end up bothering the guy.

I bring my knees up to my body as I sat on the couch. Was it cold in here or was it just me? I hugged my knees as I flicked through the channels. Nothing to watch. A bunch of stupid American cartoons. I sighed.

I finally stopped at another news channel. There’s nothing else to watch so I might as well watch what’s going on around the world or something.

I saw houses filled with Christmas decorations and a reporter lady inside a giant mall showcasing all the pretty colours and lights. I just remembered that Christmas is in a week. I smacked myself forgetting all about Christmas. I mean this is why I’m here after all, to spend Christmas with Chester. Then it hit me again. I had to get a gift for Chester.

“Fuck!” I whispered to myself. But what am I going to get him? What will he want. Thoughts ran through my head. I really have no idea what this man wants.

I should be glad I don’t have to get the other presents for other people. Well at least not yet.

I needed to think about this. And I knew the best place for doing so. I went to my room and got dressed to go outside. There was this little hill not to far from here where it overlooks the lake.

I loved coming here, winter, spring, summer or fall. Chester would always find me here if he didn’t find me anywhere else. I swept away the snow and sat on the only bench that was there. My ass is cold. I pushed that thought aside and thought about what I was going to get Chester.

Another thought popped into my head. How will I go buy the gift? Public transportation is crap and I doubt could barely get around and I couldn’t really ask Chester to come with me.

“I’ll just borrow his car then” I whispered to myself letting my hot breath turn into frosty smoke.

A gaming system. That’s a great idea. He’s never really played any games. Even when we’re on our tour bus Chester never got the chance to play. Joe, Phi, or Rob would be hogging it all the time. It’s the perfect idea.

I went back to the house. Chester still hasn’t come out of his room. What’s wrong with him.

I ultimately decided to go and knock on Chester’s door at last. No one answered. I opened the door slightly and peered in to see Chester with his head buried into the pillow.

“Chester?” I called softly. His head tilted up and anger flared in his eyes.

“Don’t you knock?” he said looking at me straight in the eyes as he got up into a sitting position.

“I knocked but you didn’t-”

“What do you want Mike?” he said cutting me off. His tone of voice hurt me.

“Umm... I was just wondering if I could maybe borrow your car?” I asked a little frightened of him. He looked at me and pointed where his keys were laying. They were on top of his drawer. He made no move to try and get it.

I walked in slowly and made my way to where he was pointing. What just happened? He hates me all of a sudden. Well I can’t really blame him, I have been a silent dumbass the last few days.

I grab his keys and look at him to see him glaring back at me. Why is he so mad at me?

I gave him a slight smile but didn’t get one in return. I poised my head down and headed to the door.

“Thanks” I managed before slipping out and shutting the door behind me. I let out a sigh and head on out.

Chester’s angered face was all that was plastered in my mind. I stripped the thought as I parked his car inside so as not to let it collect snow. I put on my shades and went to look for an electronic store. Or whichever stores sell the system I need.

“I’m pretty sure Wal-Mart has electronics” I headed in and looked for the electronics section. I beamed a smile finally finding the damned spot.

“Gamecube, Plasystation 2, or Xbox” I muttered to myself. “Inni minni minee mo. Pick a tiger by the toe- oh fuck it I’ll just get him an Xbox”

I went up to one of the employees and asked for one.

“Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park?” the blonde girl said surveying me.

Fuck. My body began to sweat.

“Yes I have been told that before, but I’m obviously not him right?” I said trying to hide my nervousness.

“Yeah, you’re right. The real Mike is a whole lot cuter” she said swiping her hair and heading to where I was earlier.

That whore. She...ugh! I simply followed, took the damned thing and a few games from her hands and went to pay for it.

I carried the bag around not really wanting to go back to a frustrated Chester. This mall had nothing interesting. After 3o minutes of mindless walking I finally headed back into the car and drove back to Chester’s home.

“Stupid snow” I groaned. The snow was still falling. Just as they built up, they were swiftly swiped away by the wipers.

I was in the highway now. I sighed, finally out of the busy streets of the city. I turned on the radio as I cruised down the snowy highway.

“Fuck!” I cursed. The snow got thicker and fatter now. I squinted my eyes to see ahead of me. I turned the little wipers on faster and slowed my speed down. There was only two lanes now. The right ones for the slows and left one for the fast. Of course I would stick to the right.

Just as the pack of snow got swiped away a red car appeared right in front of me.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” I shrieked.

I pushed hard on the brake pedal. The car didn’t brake fast enough. The snow wasn’t helping at all. It just let the car slide.

Chester’s silver Mercedes rammed right at the back of the red car.

~yeah thats the end of the chapter... dear god you have to tell me what you thought...

whats funny is that when i was writing this i always had 'my december' playing so i could get into the sappiest mood.. hehe im such a dork..

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