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Merry Christmas, Love by Bourdelsonloves

Its almost here!

Christmas fanfic! Yay! I haven't been able to think of any thing to write about, but not now. I have this to finish! Don't know how many chapters I may do of this... maybe until or after Christmas is done. I'll probably be done with this, who knows?. But any way! Enjoy my first chapter of

Marry Christmas, Love! cx


"Its almost here!" Brad yelled as he finish putting up the lights for his tree.

Rob smiled "I know, and we'll be able to be together on that day soon"he said to his boyfriend as he watched him fix up a tree through his laptop cam

It was December 20th, almost time for Christmas! Brad and Rob had been together for almost two years now. Only if Rob could be there with Brad.

"Be careful, Brad." Rob said "oh don't worry, Robbie. I've done this before, I'll be fine" Brad smiled.

"Ah, finally. Its done, okay ready?" "Ready, come on show me" Brad took his laptop and turned it towards his tree he had all lights lit up and down it. It was beautiful. Rob smiled as the cam was turned around "it beautiful, Brad." Brad blushed "good.. I'm happy you like it. Felt like it took forever to do." Rob laughed "what? It did" Brad replied.

Rob smiled "its beautiful, like you sweetie" Brad giggled "I can't wait until you get here!" Brad smiled as he grabbed his cup of hot coco. Rob smiled but soon frowned "about that..." Brad looked up from his frowning as he took his cup away from his mouth

"What about it...?" He asked, Rob sighed "sweetie, i-its, been snowing, a lot of snow has came down here in New York. My plane was canceled.. I may not be able to make it.. I'm sorry my, love."

Brad frowned "no, it-its okay.. its the weather, we can't control it." Brad said as he tried to give Rob at least a smile.

Rob gave a little smile. "Don't worry, maybe the snow will clear up soon. Then I can get on the first plane out of here to LA." Rob said trying to make Brad a least a little happy. Give him hope.

Brad nodded "I hope so. It just... we haven't had a real Christmas together. I just really wish you were here, me in your arms, as we drink coco together" Rob chuckled "I know. I would love to have you in my arm" Brad smiled.

"It's getting late, you should get some sleep, Brad" Brad nodded "I'll talk to you tomorrow morning. I love you" Rob said as he shut off his cam. Brad smiled as he picked his laptop up and walked over to the kitchen table.

He sat his coco mug in the sink.

His little puppy Josh ran into the kitchen, sliding, almost running into Brad's legs. Brad laughed, he picked Josh up and held him in his arms, "now what are you doing running all around for, huh?" He asked Josh.

Josh looked at Brad with his little puppy eyes and barked.

"Come on, its time for bed." Brad said as he carried Josh into his bedroom and sat him down on his bed. "Alright, daddy will be right back. Just needing to go and brush my teeth and and put my PJ's on." Brad said as he walked into his bath and brushed his teeth.

He finished putting his PJ's on and laid in his bed, his blanket over him as he looked out his window, enjoying the LA night sky. "I'll see you soon Rob" Brad said as he closed his eyes and fell into a slumber.


Just saying, this came out of nowhere. Thanks for reading, I hope you keep reading it as I keep writing this. Not sure how long it will take, puls I don't know how long it will take Rob to get to Brad. But tell me what you think. Should I keep going? Alright gotta go. Peace! -Bourdelsonloves!

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