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New Years Day by Bourdelsonloves

Meet the Family

Hia! Yeah, here is another story I'm starting I guess you can say its part of "Merry Christmas, Love" I guess. But yeah! Enjoy this chapter, and R&R


Braddles come on, we're going to be late" Rob called as he waited for his boyfriend to walk down the stairs.

"Robbie, what if your parents don't like me?" Brad called. Rob smirked "come on, they'll love you" Brad sighed and walked down stairs, he looked his boyfriends in the eyes and smiled "I love you" Rob smiled and wrapped his arms around Brad "I love you too" he said as he kissed his boyfriends nose.


Rob smiled as he looked from his boyfriend back to the road "don't worry, like I said they'll love you" Brad looked to Rob and smiled "I hope so" he said.

Rob smiled as he parked his car in his parents drive way, "he we are. Ready?" Brad smiled shyly and nodded. Rob opened his door and walked over to Brads side to open it for him, he reached out his hand out for Brad to grab it.

Brad looked up at Rob and smiled as he grabbed his hand and stepped out of the car. Rob smiled as he and Brad walked up to the house.

Rob looked at Brad and smiled, which Brad returned.

Rob knocked on the front door and waited until someone answered the door. He held onto Brads hand until he seen a smiling woman in front of them. "Oh boys you're here" Mrs. Bourdon said.

"Hi mom, its great to see you" Rob said as he hugged his mother "mom you remember, Brad. My boyfriend" he added. Mrs. Bourdon smiled as she looked at Brad "ah, yes Bradford. I've heard so much about you, Robert here couldn't stop talking about you" she said as she hugged Brad.

Brad blushed and smiled "its very nice to meet you, Mrs. Bourdon" Brad said "oh sweetheart, call me Miranda" Miranda said.

Brad smiled and nodded.

"Come on in, we don't need you boys freezing out here" Miranda said as she opened the door wide allowing Rob and Brad to enter.

"Son, how have you been?" His father said as he hugged his son, Rob smiled "I've been good, dad. How are you?" "I'm great, son." His father smiled.

He looked over to Brad and smiled "you must be Bradford, am I right? The names James" James said, Brad nodded and shook James hand. "Just Brad, sir" James nodded and smiled "sorry. Brad. Got it." He laughed.

Brad nodded and smiled.

"How about we go into the kitchen and eat before it gets cold" Miranda said, every nodded in agreement and followed Miranda in to the kitchen.


Short one I know! *hides* but I just couldn't think of anything after they went into the kitchen. But still, I'll work on it. Going to go on until Robs birthday too! cx I should have this done almost before that day. /.\ I think. But tell me what you think so far of this chapter! Thanks for reading! Gotta go. Peace! -Bourdelsonloves!

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