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disaster on the horizon by bourhahnfan1

disaster looms

sorry if the story's not so good but its only my first try but if you like it and want more just let me know :D

Mike sat on the couch with crossed arms as if he was waiting for something he looked down at his watch "there late again should of expected it from chez but Rob too'

Phoenix walked through the door "hey mike where's Rob and chez shouldn't they be here by now"

Just then Chester walked through the door he looked over at mike who was death glaring at him angrily"what"he said with a surprised face 'wheres rob 'Chester added

Mike looked on in anger then a rough looking rob walked through the door with wide eyes and a blank expression on his face

Chester walked over too him 'hey rob whats wrong' he said worryingly

Rob looked straight through Chester who looked back at him he then turned to face mike with a confused look.

Then mike approached rob and looked at him closely 'He's in shock'

'Rob what happened' mike said as he placed his hand on robs shoulder

ok so i decided it was too cheesy so i changed things up a bit hope you like it tell me what you think

Rob placed his head in his hands and started to cry 'there gone'

Mike sat at robs side "Who's gone rob your worrying me what happened"

rob lifted his head and looked at mike "they took Vanessa and Daniel i..i tryed to stop them but they overpowered me i...i..tryed but there gone what do i do mike what do i do"

mike and chez looked at one another "i..i don't know what to say" chez urged to mike who was still sat bye robs side

Just then dave and Joe entered the room "Robbie im so sorry" Joe said as he approached him

"Why didn't you call the police" dave said

"one of the men told me they'd kill Vanessa if i did"

"rob i know its hard but tell us the whole story" mike said in cracked voice

Rob lifted his head and started to explain to the guys what really happened.

2hrs earlier

"He rob honey what do you want for dinner" Vanessa shouted from

the kitchen "rob" then rob came in and put his arms around her waist she screamed and he then kissed her on the cheek "surprise me"

left the room and up the stairs he stopped at a green door labled

Daniel and the walked in.

Daniel was sat in his crib playing with his toy penguin that mike gave too him.

"hey Daniel" rob said as he approached him Daniel looked up and smiled.

lifted Daniel out and carried him downstairs he sat on the couch with Daniel on his lap

looked out of the front window"ummm rob there's some men outside

A loud sound was heard it sounded like a gun shot rob jumped off the couch"Vanessa take Daniel" robs worried voice said

The men burst through the door "what do you want" rob shouted but no response came from the 4 masked figure's

One walked over too rob and hit him over the head he fell to the ground

Rooooooob" Vanessa screamed as they dragged her and Daniel away

When rob awoke his house was a mess and Daniel and Vanessa were gone "no Daniel Vanessa noooooo" he shouted

Back to the present

"And then i came here"

Joe leaped up off the floor"we're gonna go get them back don't you worry robby"

Ok so that's the end e of chapter 1 hope you look liked it please R&R see what you think

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