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Fly with me under the wings I gave you by Mikey boy

Chapter 1

This is my first story, hope you all enjoy it. :)

Away from the thumping bass, the screaming girls, the cheering guys, the unnecessary chatter of people around her, Anna was walking rapidly on the street, back on her way home. She had been in centre town, to buy some clothes for herself, but now she was leaving, almost running through the crowd of people around her. It had always been like this, she started feeling her phobia killing her from the inside again; she was afraid of being among so many people. She had tried so hard to change that, but it had never worked. And, again, her fears made her feet walk faster and faster.

"Watch it, weirdo." A random guy told her with an angry voice, cause she had almost hit him. Suddenly, her eyes got dark, and her knees fell down.

"Whoa, careful, can't you see where you're stepping your foot in?" She heard another voice almost shouting at her.

"Calm down, Rob. Wait, don't talk to her like that. Hey, you okay?" She heard the calm voice of a guy. When she opened her eyes, he was taking his hands towards her to help. There was something different about him, he was tall, he had a small shy smile, had dark hair, sparkling eyes, and with his hands towards her and the sunlight behind his figure, made her think of an angel. But no, he was about to touch her. Why did he even talk to her?

The fear made her tremble.

"Don't touch me! Stay away from me!" Anna said almost crying as she got up and went on her way, running, without even looking behind.

"Come on Mike, let's go. Probably crazy." Brad said.

"How can you know that? She didn't even talk to you. She... was just scared." Mike said, still having the image of that girl's sparkling eyes, full of fear. Her long brown hair had covered almost all of her little white face, and even though the other friends with him thought she was a psycho, he couldn't think of anything else but those eyes. He had thought she needed his help.

"Why is everyone like this to me?" Anna thought as she rested her head beneath the tree of her favorite spot near the lake, which was just a few yards from her house.

"Oh, here I go again with my silly questions. Of course I know why." She said loudly, as she enjoyed the sunset view in front of her. She had seen that landscape a thousand times, but it was still nice for Anna, as it was the only place where she could be alone, and safe. At least that's what she thought. The image of that guy, who almost touched her arms in order to help her, was still making Anna think more about that. No one had ever talked to her. Why would he do that?

She sighed, closing her eyes, and letting her nose smell the cool breeze over the mountains. She opened her bag to get her note book. She put the pencil on the white paper, having the image of what she wanted to do in her mind. That was her way of leaving everything behind. She loved writing stories, and sometimes even sketching. On the next minutes she found herself drawing the scene she had done over and over again. It was almost dark when she finished.

"Anna, where are you? Come home, you ungrateful kid!" She heard the voice of her step mother echoing through her head. That voice always gave her headache.

"Coming, I'm coming!" Anna said as she immediately grabbed her note book, putting it in her bag, as she ran towards her house.

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