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Adventures In Chocolate by Emma Shinoda

A/N: This is my first story on here, and first attempt at writing slash. I'm also working on a chaptered story, which I'll start posting once I get a good amount written up. For now, hope you enjoy some slashy, Bennoda goodness in honor of Valentine's Day. I'd love it if you could take a minute to rate and review if you liked it, or even if you didn't. Thanks!


Seventeen hours. That's how long Mike Shinoda had been in the studio working. He hadn't slept, hadn't eaten, hadn't even bothered to take a break unless it was to pour himself another cup of coffee. He growled to himself, muttering obscenities when he stood up to pour another cup and realized it was all gone.

Mike's curses were enough to wake Chester from his nap. Chester was probably the only person crazy enough to stick with Mike for this long in the studio. He even stayed awake with Mike up until about 45 minutes ago. He sat down on the couch to rest his eyes for a minute and ended up dozing off.

Chester let out a yawn, watching Mike with a hint of confusion as he tried in his half asleep state to understand what his friend was muttering about. He quickly realized it was the coffee, because let's face it; Mike wouldn't give any other possible distraction the time of day. Chester took his time standing up and stretching before trying to approach Mike. He was exhausted, and he knew Mike must be too, since he was mumbling incoherent phrases about the "gods of coffee" and beginning to sway on his feet a little.

Chester sighed and walked over to Mike. "Mikey, you need to take a break." Chester reasoned for what felt like the thousandth time that day.

"Chaz, I'm fine, I just need to finish mixing this track and-"

Mike continued to rant about the music that sounded too techno, and the lyrics that needed to be tightened up, and the drumming track that was a half second off from the other tracks, but Chester stopped listening. He normally didn't mind working long hours with Mike, but today was different. Today was Valentine's Day.

After Chester's divorce with Samantha he became very close to Mike. The emcee had taken him in after Sam kicked him out of their house, even though it put a strain on Mike's relationship with Anna, his girlfriend of just over a year. Mike and Anna eventually broke up, and Chester still felt responsible. At the same time, he didn't want to think about where he would be now without Mike.

Chester brought himself back to reality, frowning when he realized Mike was still going on about work. This was Chester's first Valentine's Day without Samantha, and when Mike promised they would spend the day together Chester didn't think he meant in the studio working.

Chester muttered something about getting some air and walked out of the studio. He wandered through the hallways, looking at the pictures of other bands who had recorded albums in the studio. He started back towards the room Mike was in, ready to tell the emcee he was going home, but what he saw made him stop in his tracks.

The lightbulb had been replaced with a red one, casting a pink glow on everything in the room, and Mike was standing in the middle of the room with a heart shaped box of chocolates in one hand and a single red rose in the other hand.

"Mikey," Chester gasped, trying to take in the sight in front of him and burn it into his memory.

Mike smiled. He knew Chester was a sucker for this kind of thing. "Did you really think I would forget my promise?"

Chester just shook his head, too overwhelmed to speak. He crossed the room in record time and threw his arms around Mike.

Mike hugged him back, then put an arm around his shoulder, leading him to the couch. Once they were both seated he handed the rose and chocolates to Chester, who took them with a grin.

"Mikey, you didn't have to do all this."

Mike blushed and looked down at his hands. "I wanted to." He murmured.

Chester opened the box of chocolates, feeding one to Mike before taking one for himself. He giggled when Mike smirked before opening his mouth for Chester to drop the candy in.

Chester took another candy for himself before taking one out for Mike. He held it out and Mike opened his mouth again, but Chester pulled his hand back at the last second. Mike let out a small whimper, putting on his best pouty face.

"Pouting won't work, Shinoda," Chester smirked.

"Okay, how about this?" Mike asked before grabbing Chester's fingers and taking them into his mouth along with the candy.

He ran his tongue over the slender fingers in his mouth, licking all of the chocolate off of them and enjoying Chester's shocked expression. It was all fun and games until Chester let out a very audible moan, surprising them both.

Mike stopped his movements and the two stared at each other, trying to figure out what just happened. Mike felt a familiar twinge in his stomach upon hearing Chester's moan, and his eyes widened. He couldn't be getting turned on by Chester. Well, apparently he could, and he was.

Before Mike could put much more thought into the situation his body started acting on its own. He pulled Chester's two fingers out of his mouth before pushing them back in, sucking on them and watching for Chester's reaction.

Chester moaned again, never breaking eye contact with Mike. Having his fingers sucked on was turning Chester on to no end, and he shifted a little in an attempt to hide the bulge that was forming in his pants.

Mike noticed the tent in Chester's pants and felt himself getting hard as well. He needed to make a decision; stop now or keep going, because he was about to burst from the sexual tension. He pulled Chester's fingers back and opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again when Chester leaned into him, their lips inches apart.

Their eyes questioned as they seemed to have a silent conversation. Mike was doing his best to hold back, but when he felt Chester's breath on his lips he lost all coherent thought. Mike closed his eyes and leaned into Chester, noses grazing and lips ghosting as they adjusted to this new sensation.

They stayed like that for some time, both nervous to make the next move. Chester was the one who leaned in the rest of the way, finally making full contact with Mike's lips. Their kisses were slow and cautious at first, but grew more frantic as their arousal increased.

Chester bit down on Mike's bottom lip, causing the emcee to moan in pain and pleasure. Mike laid back on the couch, pulling Chester to lay on top of him; never breaking their kiss. Hands roamed over bodies, feeling and exploring. Mike traced Chester's top lip with his tongue, and Chester opened his mouth to receive him.

Both let out moans of surprise as tongues tangled. Mike marveled over the taste that was Chester. The mix of chocolate and vanilla chap stick was captivating. Chester thought his head might explode any minute. God, Mike was a good kisser, and he tasted like milk chocolate. Their tongues battled for dominance, both men refusing to play the submissive role.

The kiss heated up even more when Mike grabbed Chester's ass, digging his blunt nails in through the fabric of Chester's jeans and causing the singer to grind his hips down out of instinct. Mike growled at the contact, breaking the kiss as breathing became necessary.

Chester stared at Mike as he caught his breath, grinding his hips into Mike again and enjoying the moans that escaped Mike's lips as their clothed erections clashed.

"God, Chester..." Mike panted, putting a hand on the back of Chester's neck and bringing their lips back together.

Chester slipped a hand underneath Mike's shirt, moaning into Mike's mouth as he ran his hand over the smooth, toned body. He broke the kiss in order to pull the shirt over Mike's head and toss it aside.

"Wow," Chester murmured as he took in the sight of a shirtless Mike Shinoda. He had never seen the emcee without a shirt and there was no denying that he was gorgeous.

Mike blushed as Chester stared, and tugged at the singer's shirt, deciding he was wearing too much clothing. After Chester's shirt had been discarded he leaned into Mike's ear, taking the lobe into his mouth and lightly running his teeth over it.

"Mmm, Mikey you're so sexy." Chester breathed, causing a shiver to run down Mike's spine.

Chester trailed his tongue from Mike's ear around to his lips, giving a few short kisses before turning his attention to Mike's chest.

Mike shuddered and moaned as Chester kissed his way down the emcee's chest, taking one nipple into his mouth and sucking on it, before flicking it with the tip of his tongue and continuing on. He gave Mike's stomach a few sloppy, open mouth kisses, then licked his way down to the waistband of Mike's jeans, blowing on the wet spots when he was done.

"God, Ches, I'm gonna explode. Stop teasing, please," Mike whimpered, bucking his hips up against Chester's stomach.

Chester snickered but relented and helped Mike out of his jeans, before shimmying his way out of his own pants. Chester ground down again, and Mike bucked his own hips up to meet him, both throwing their heads back as they got some much needed friction.

Mike reached between their bodies, gripping Chester's throbbing cock through his boxers. He stroked up and down, rolling his wrist a bit and watching Chester's face contort in pleasure.

Chester gave Mike a quick open mouth kiss before pulling away and crawling down Mike's body until he was hovering over the emcee's aching erection. He leaned down and ran his tongue along Mike's length through the fabric of his boxers.

"Chaz..." Mike whined.

Chester smirked. "What do you want me to do Mikey?"

"S-suck me, suck me off, p-please." Mike whimpered.

Chester grinned and pulled off the offending boxers in one swift motion, discarding them in the pile of clothes beside the couch. He ran his tongue from the base of Mike's cock up to the tip before taking Mike into his mouth completely.

Mike moaned and arched his back in pleasure. He couldn't remember ever feeling this good in his life. Chester moaned around Mike's erection, sending shock waves of pleasure up the emcee's spine. Chester started to pick up his pace, but to his surprise Mike pushed him back.

"Fuck me." Mike moaned out.

Chester just stared back in surprise. "What?"

"I want you to fuck me." Mike repeated, reaching into Chester's boxers and tugging on his erection.

Chester groaned at the contact and quickly shed his boxers. "I don't have any lube." He frowned.

"Let me take care of that for you." Mike smirked.

Mike took Chester's fingers into his mouth again, taking his time running his tongue along each one to moisten them. When he had finished he guided Chester's fingers to his opening, giving a pleading look.

Chester didn't have to be told again. He pushed one finger into Mike, stretching him and watching his face for any sign of discomfort. When he didn't find any he entered another finger, and another, until he felt Mike was thoroughly prepared.

"Come on," Mike whined impatiently.

"Are you sure?"

Mike nodded and grabbed Chester's hips, pushing the singer's cock against his waiting entrance. Chester moaned at the contact and pushed into Mike, going as slow as he could manage.

Mike winced a little. "Move." He ordered.

Chester carefully slid out and thrust back in, frowning when Mike groaned in pain. He tried thrusting in at a different angle, but got the same result.

"I can stop if you want." Chester said, hating to hurt Mike.

"Fuck no. Keep going!" Mike breathed out.

Chester decided to try one more time. He pulled out, changed his angle, and slammed back in, causing Mike to arch his back and scream in pleasure.

"There! Right fucking there, do that again." Mike gasped.

Chester obliged, pulling out and thrusting back in, nailing the same spot again. He adopted a steady pace, trying not to go so fast that he would release right away, but not so slow that it was torture.

Mike let out moans and incoherent curses every time Chester slammed into him. He thought he might pass out from the pleasure, but he came back to his senses somewhat when Chester leaned down and captured his lips in a feverish kiss.

"God, Mike, you're so tight. You feel so good." Chester panted against Mike's lips.

When Chester felt himself starting to get close he reached between their bodies and wrapped his fingers around Mike's cock, stroking in rhythm with his thrusts.

"I'm so close!" Mike moaned, feeling dizzy from the intense pleasure.

"Me too," Chester breathed.

He made a few more hard thrusts before he came violently, Mike releasing on their stomachs not long after. After riding out his orgasm, Chester collapsed on top of Mike, pressing affectionate kisses to Mike's lips and nose.

Mike gave a contented sigh. "That was ... wow."

"Just wow?" Chester teased.

"You know what I meant dumbass." Mike smirked.

Chester snickered, pulling out of Mike and reaching for a box of kleenex to clean them both up. Once they were both cleaned up and dressed, Mike spoke.

"Hey Chaz?"


"You still owe me a damn chocolate."

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