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Down the rabbit hole and back again by bourhahnfan1

the new kid

Ok guys this is my new fic i know its short at the moment but i have to go to bed school tomorrow but for now enjoy

Joe was sleeping on the bed with rob then the baby started to cry rob looked over at his watch

" what time is it 3:27am damm joe Shes crying i think its your turn"Rob said sleepily

"naa ahh its your turn"Joe replied half asleep

"oh fine im going"said Rob as he pulled his dreary self out of bed and across the corridor to Josie's room

When he entered she was upright in her crib shaking the wooden bars and crying rob walked over and picked her up

"Whats up Josie you hungry"

Rob carried her down the stairs and into the kitchen he put her down in her travel cot so he could prepared a bottle for her

Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil he took out his phone from the pocket of trousers and switched it on there was a message from joe

"hurry up wobby come back to bed <3"rob grinned at the message then looked over at Josie who was chewing the top of the crib she looked at rob and smiled

"You so have your dads eyes and that strange blank look that look's like you daydreaming its cute i must admit"

The kettle boiled and rob picked it up and started to pour water into the bottle till he poured it on his hand

"Ahh shit oops sorry Josie man that hurt lets not do that again shall we"

He filled the bottle and put some cold in to cool it down before taking Josie back to bed he gave her the bottle and fed her half an hour later she was fast asleep in his arms he put her to bed then retreated to his own

He slid in next to joe wrapping his arms around him and just like that he was sleeping again


The sound of crying was again heard coming from across the hall

"Joe i definitely know its your turn now go mister and take care of your daughter"

"ahh why me"

Rob looked at him and growled,"well for one thing you her father and secondly i saw to her last time"

"hmm good point and grrrrrrrr back at ya buddy" Joe kissed rob on the cheek before getting up

Rob winked at joe,"goodbye Mr.Hahn hurry back

As rob started to go back to sleep his phone went off he answered it before checking who it was

(Phone conversation)


"Hey dude your up wait i didn't wake you up did i"

"No chez you didn't Josie did"

"Oh cool wait what who's Josie"

"Crap i wasn't supposed to tell you damm it if i tell you do you promise not to tell the others"

"Cross my heart man now who is she"

"Ok here goes Shes Joes 9 month old daughter

"Wait let me get this straight not only is Joe your fiance but he has a daughter wow I'm amazed where did she come from"

"She was just left on our doorstep there was a note that said her names Josie and that Shes Joes daughter"

"awww bless are you planning on telling the guys"

"Actually we were gonna bring her in and tell the guys so keep your lips sealed Chester Bennington

"Wow Joe a father is strange but nice one Joe"

"Hang on its like 4:20am why are you still up then again it is you Chester"

"well actually im watching coralline that film where they have button eyes its fun yep and also im not tired"

"Is that why you drink so much coffee at the studio"

"Nope i just love coffee its amazing"

(I had to say it coffee is awsome)

"Well is that it are you done chez or did you actually want something for once"

"Now that you mention it yeah there was.........."

"And that is"


"What did you have to tell me"

"Oh......I kinda cant remember"

"It cant be that important then"

"Apparently not"

"Umm i have to go chez Joes coming back and remember not a peep to the guys till we're ready"

"Ok rob not a word see you at the studio"

"I'll bring the coffee"

Rob hung up the phone and put it on the side table just as Joe walked in he jumped on the bed and onto rob

"Hey rob im not tired anymore have any ideas of what we could do to pass the time"

"I have a few things in mind"

Joe leaned down and kissed rob lightly on the lips all of a sudden both Daniel and Josie started to cry

Joe stud up,"you take yours and I'll take mine"

Joe walked over to Josie's room and stopped at her grip"what sup gorgeous umm your not hungry rob fed you not that long ago and you clean i guess your board"

(robs POV)

Rob walked into Daniel's room to find him bouncing in his crib

"Hey Daniel what you doing up little man i guess you just exited for your birthday how old are you gonna be"

Daniel looked up at and smiled holding up for fingers,"four daddy"

"Well then i guess this means no more bed come on then les go get breakfast"

Rob lifted Daniel up and carried him down the hall just as Joe walked out with Josie"

Joe looked at Rob,"looks like are plans will have to wait till later"

"I'll hold you to that Mr.Hahn"

They both walked down the stairs children in arms Daniel was put in his highchair and Josie was put in her bouncer

Rob was in the kitchen making pancakes whilst Joe was with the kids looking at his watch rob saw the time 5:00am

(4 naps 6 feeds and 8 cartoons later it was now 10:00am)

"Come on Joe hurry up they need to be dressed go on you take Daniel get him dressed (10 mins later) come on lets go gang"

Rob corralled his rowdy bunch into the car and they left for the studio

(arrival at the studio)

"Joe you get Josie bring her in in five minutes I'll go in with Daniel now"

Rob carried Daniel and put him down in the studio

The guys all came to greet him

"hey guys i have something to show you so umm yeah Joe bring her in"

Joe walked in with Josie in his arms,"Well here she is her names Josie and if you cant tell by the name shed Joes daughter isn't she cute"

Chester looked at her and smiled she definitely has your eye's Joe"

Brad walked over and shook Joes hand sarcastically,"nice one dude"

Then mike came over,"dose that mean Joe cheated on you"

"No it was a one night thing besides it was a month before rob asked me to out with him"

(ok im gonna do that in a short separate story where rob confesses his love for joe oh and i will explain the whole one night stand thing)

please R&R enjoy

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