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Car Crash Heart by Bourdelsonloves

chapter 1

Well hallo readers. Yes I know, its been awhile. But I'm here with another story.. mostly a one shot kind of thing. This is really my first slush that I have really done. But anyway no talk, go read it.



I put on my best smile for you. Showing you that I'm not hurt by you.

You set your last bag by the door.

I look up at you with teary eyes; as you stand in front of me. "I'm sorry, its best for the band" you say. It may be best for the band, but its not for my heart.

I help you with your bags, I shut the trunk and look up at you.

You pull me into a close hug. I hold onto you like my life depended on it.

"I'll see you soon" you say as we pull apart. You get in the front seat and I watch, I watch as the one I love drives away from me.


After a month you left, I sit on the couch next to Dave in the studio as you walk in and walk up to Mike, talking to him low enough to where I can not hear.

I sighed. After a month I still feel the pain you caused me.

I watch as you walk into the recording booth, sit down on your stool, both sticks in your hands. And I watch as you hit your drum with one pound to it.

As I watch you, I feel my heart beat faster then it ever has before. My body starts to tingle. I hear Mike speak to me. "Are you alright?" I nod.

I stand and walk to the bathroom. Just seeing you work, gets me that feeling like you give me before. Damn it, I'm hard. Just because of you.

As I finish, I hear you knock at the door. "Brad, are you okay in there?" I unlock the door and open it to find you standing there with both hand on each side of the door frame.

I smile and nod. "All as well" I walk pass you letting my smile fade into a frown

I can hear you sigh behind me as I walk away.

I work on my guitar riff as I hear your drumming come through the head phones I wear. I look up to find you standing behind Mike watching me play. I could feel the red burning in my cheeks already.

Mike tells me it sounds good. I nod and stand up and walk towards the door. You open it for me, I smile.

"Just being nice. Y'know" you say as I step through the door. I feel a little smile creep upon my face as I walk away from you.

I can feel your eyes on me as I walk.


I grab my jacket ready to leave. I follow Mike to the door when I'm stopped by you calling for me. I turn around finding you looking at the floor.

"What is it?" I say not trying to have the sound of anger and sadness in my voice.

You come close to me and look up. I can see the guilt in your eyes now. "I'm really sorry" you say.

"I know you are, its okay. I understand" I say as I turn towards the door. You grab me by the wrist, I turn and look at you.

You look into my eyes; you come close to me. You don't say a word but you kiss me, you kiss me hard but sweet.

I feel your tongue rub against my lip asking for entrance.

I allow you to enter. You pull me closer to you.

You moan as you grind against me, I feel your hard member rub against mine.

I try to pull away from you but I hunger for you more than I ever have before.

You lift me up, I quickly warp my legs around your waist holding onto you as you deepen our kiss. My back comes in contact with the wall as we back up against it.

I moan loud as your mouth travels down my neck. "Rob.." I moan "Please.." I feel you smile on my neck. You lay me down on the couch continuing sucking and nipping at my neck.

You pull away lifting my shirt over my head. "You're beautiful" you say. I smile and pull you close crashing our lips together.

You remove your shirt as I work on my belt, you join me helping me remove my belt.

Before we even get far. We hear the door nob click.

We turn towards the door with worried looks. You grab our shirts and pull me into the bathroom before anyone has spotted us.

"What the he-" I'm cut off by your hand covering my mouth. You tell me to shush. You hold your ear against the door. I smile and come close to you, you jump as I start to kiss the back of your neck.

My hands travel to the front of you and my hand slips into the front of your pants. Grabbing your hard member, I start to pump you up. You moan loud but quickly cover your mouth with your hand.

"Relax, Bourdie." I whisper into your ear.

I pump harder and faster, I can tell you're close. I take my hand to my own member and I start to pump myself.

I hear you whisper my name over and over again. I can feel myself getting closer to my peck, "cum with me Robbie" I whisper "Fuck" you say as I pump one last time. I feel your warm seed all over my hand.

I smile.

I hear you breath heavily, I kiss the back of your neck before you turn around to face me.

You smile at me.

"Good practice today, Drummer boy" I smile as I kiss you.


Well what did you think? Robbie and Braddles being bad in the studio. I'm sorry if this sucks it was my first real slush. I hope I didn't do to bad. Well tell me what you think in the reveiws. Gotta go. Peace! -Bourdelsonloves!

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