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New Babylon

(Hey guys, Ally here. So, as I said in the first chapter of Revolution, this is the first chapter to the continuation of Waking the Fallen, my debut story on this website. I had the concept for this story long before I even finished Waking the Fallen, and I hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this... Read on....)

All I wanted when I'd woke up was a cigarette and a cup of coffee. I'd never asked for anything more than that, but of course I got a lot more than what I'd planned. I was able to get both, but things kinda went downhill when I stopped to get the cup of coffee.

I was standing in line, which was held up like always. It wasn't because the shop was busy though. A man in a suit was arguing with the man at the cash register. "What do you mean you don't take credit cards? I saw the person in front of me use one!" the man in the suit said. "Sir, you're going to have to pay in cash if you want your drink." the man running the cash register replied. I groaned as the argument continued on. It didn't even end when the manager came out and asked what happened.

Everyone in front of me sighed and walked out, growing too impatient to wait any longer, but for some reason, I stayed. "Hey, if I pay for his drink, will this be resolved?" I asked, inturrupting the argument between the man in the suit and the man running the cash register, who I could now see was named Albert.

"Hello Mr. Bennington. Of course you can pay for this man, and I'll make your drink free to make up for all this." the manager, named Sal, told me.

"It doesn't have to be fre-"

"Don't worry about it. I'm not making you pay twice for coffee."

The man in the suit stared at me with a suprised look as I handed Albert the $2.53 to pay for the drink. The man glanced over his shoulder to look at me as he walked out of the shop with his cup of coffee. Within a minute, I was handed my cup of coffee and was walking out of the shop.

I walked up to my car and was about to open my door when I heard footsteps behind me. "Thank you for your act of charity. I'm Gabriel, by the way." I heard a voice from behind me say. I turned around and saw the man in the suit standing behind me. "I was just trying to be nice," I told Gabriel. "And I'm Chester." Gabriel and I shook hands before Gabriel said, "No need to tell me who you are, I was able to recognize you by your tattoos. I'm a big fan of Linkin Park."

I looked at him and was pretty suprised that he liked Linkin Park. "You don't look like the type of guy that enjoys listening to music like ours." I said. "Well, I'm a little different." Gabriel responded.

Gabriel was staring at me, almost like he was trying to hint at something. "Come with me, young Guardian. I have something to discuss with you." Gabriel said, smiling at my confusion. "I don't know who you are! You expect me to come with you?" I said. Gabriel shook his head and said, "I've already told you, I'm Gabriel. Unless you aren't as intelligent than we'd thought, you should know who I am."

I thought for a minute. "Gabriel is an archangel that God uses to give messages. He's also the bearer of a trumpet that is blown to announce Judgement Day." I said, hoping it was the right Gabriel. "You're more intelligent than Uriel made you out to be. That pleases me greatly. Now, you must come with me to meet my brothers, we have something to discuss with you." Gabriel said in a cheery tone.

I ended up following Gabriel after locking my car up and pocketing my keys. He lead me to a motel and we entered one of the rooms. "Raphael, Uriel, this is the boy." Gabriel said after closing the door to the room. "He doesn't look like much. All I see is a scrawny kid with flames on his arms." said the large man sitting on the edge of the room's bed. "Uriel, you are just noticing his appearance! What I see is a strong-spirited young man." said a younger man standing next to the bed.

Uriel scoffed and shook his head. "It was luck he defeated the Soul Eater. Luck and nothing else." Uriel said, looking in my direction. "You mean Leviathan, right? This has something about me killing Leviathan?" I asked Gabriel. "In a way...yes, it is." Gabriel responded.

Uriel and Raphael looked at me. Raphael was slim, looked about 21, and had shoulder length light brown hair. He was wearing a simple outfit, which consisted of a gray hoodie with light-blue jeans and black sneakers.

Uriel on the other hand looked about 30 and was the size of a professional wrestler. He had a shaved head and was wearing an expensive black jacket with a white shirt underneath. He was wearing black pants and what looked like dress shoes.

I felt like I was some specimen being examined by scientists as Uriel and Raphael stared at me, not saying anything. "So are you gonna tell me why you brought me here?" I asked, turning toward Gabriel. "Of course, Chester." Gabriel replied.

"Chester, when you got your sword, the Sword of the Vessel, you had a very important personal task. That task was to kill Leviathan... When you killed Leviathan, you gained our attention. We knew that we had to find you, but with your growing fame, we couldn't."

Gabriel smiled a little bit as he looked at me. "I'm amazed the kid even got famous. All he did was scream his lungs out." Uriel muttered under his breath. "Quit being so judgemental toward the boy Uriel. As I was saying, since we couldn't immediatly come to you, we waited. Eventually, we found vessels so we could keep a close eye on you." Gabriel said.

"This still doesn't really explain why you brought me here though." I said to Gabriel. "He brought you here because you are the task-taker." Raphael said in a bright tone. "Raphael, I was getting there." Gabriel said, crossing his arms over his chest. "The task-taker? What the hell is that?" I asked.

"Chester, when you picked up the Sword of the Vessel, you took up an important role. The role of the task-taker. When our brother Michael lost the Sword because of the fact that the vessels he chose had commited horrible sins after they recieved the Sword, he hoped to find his vessel a different way.

"He set up a collection of tasks that were made to make sure that his vessel was virtuous enough to bear the Sword. After a while, because of the separation from his sword, he was weakened. He used the last of his powers to find his sword and have an angel stay on Earth to guard it. So if you complete the tasks, Michael can gain his power back."

I was silent for a while, digesting what I'd been told. "So, are you saing that I'm the vessel of the archangel Michael?" I asked. "Not yet, but you've taken the next step to becoming his vessel." Gabriel responded. "No way. There is no way in Hell I'm becoming the vessel of an archangel." I said, shaking my head. "I told you he wasn't the vessel. He's too selfish to even help us get our brother back." Uriel said in a soft voice.

I looked down, a sudden wave of guilt crashing against my mind. I sighed and looked at Gabriel. "I guess I'll do it. Although, I don't really think I have a choice since I'm kinda the owner of the Sword right now." I said. Gabriel and Raphael both laughed and I noticed that Uriel's expression softened.

"Okay, with that settled, your next task is pretty difficult to complete...as you know, strong supernatural beings need vessels to walk on Earth without being caught, but weaker beings can take any form. Sadly, what your up against can use both abilities. If you haven't noticed, this area has had an increase in sinful ways recently. Do you think you know why?" Gabriel said, looking directly into my eyes.

"The Devil? I mean, when I was younger I was told that the Devil made people do bad things." I replied, hoping I didn't make myself look stupid. Gabriel laughed. "Well, Lucifer has contributed, but he isn't the one causing all of it. Lucifer knows about you Chester. He knows you are the task-taker. So, he's trying to destroy your life. And what better way than making Los Angeles the new Babylon?"

I looked Gabriel with a confused expression. "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked. "It means that Los Angeles is going to fall like Babylon. The Harlot and her children are coming back."

I looked at Gabriel, even more confused than I had been before. "The Harlot?" I asked. "She's also known as the Whore of Babylon." Gabriel responded. "The Whore of Babylon had kids?" I asked. "She begged of Lucifer to make her children, and he did. Her children are now refered to as the Seven Deadly Sins." Gabriel said.

"So I have to send the Sins back to Hell?"

"Yes, but you also have to send the Harlot with them. If you don't, she'll just make her children come back."

I sighed and shook my head. "Well, that sounds pleasant. This'll be a fucking walk in the park. How does this shit even happen anyway." I muttered. "It happens when too much sin and corruption fills the hearts of men." Uriel said.

"Chester, you aren't doing this without assistance. We came down so we could help you, along with giving you the tasks ourselves. Anyway, Michael requires that you recieve a gift that will help you with this task and your future tasks." Gabriel said in a kind tone. Gabriel smiled at me and started to dig around in his pockets.

A minute passed as Gabriel continued to feel around in any pocket he had on his clothing. "Raphael, did you happen to bring it instead of me?" Gabriel asked. Raphael started to search his pockets like Gabriel, but pulled something out a few seconds later. Raphael laughed a little as he handed the thing to Gabriel.

"Chester, it is important that you let nothing happen to this. It will save your life many times. Not just during this task either." Gabriel said in a serious tone before handing me the item. I looked at what was in my hands with a mixture of amazement and confusion. It was a rosary, a very beautiful rosary that I knew wasn't created by any human.

Its beads looked like obsidian with pools of lava sealed inside. A cross made of diamond with a carving of Jesus on both sides hung down and softly swayed as light reflected off of it.

I looked up at Gabriel. "Who made this rosary?" I asked. "Uriel and I made it." Gabriel responded. "This is beautiful, but what am I going to use it for? If I'm up against the Seven Deadly Sins and the Whore of Babylon, I don't really see how this rosary could help." I said.

Uriel stood as Gabriel smiled at me. "You'll learn when to use it. Now, Uriel is going to show you something, and it's important that you remember what you see." Gabriel said. Uriel gestured for me to sit down where he'd previously been sitting. I put the rosary into my pocket and sat down. Raphael stood and got beside Gabriel. "I'm going to need you to relax. That way you won't end up hurting yourself." Uriel said.

When I relaxed, Uriel extended his right arm and covered my face with his large hand. A sharp pain shot through my body only seconds after Uriel made contact with me. My thoughts wandered back to when Father Reid had blessed the Sword of the Vessel and whether or not this pain would get to the same level. However, the thoughts I had were pushed out of my head when I realized that I wasn't in the motel room anymore and Uriel didn't have his hand on my face.

I was in a dark room that contained no light except a little dot of light that looked miles away. I pushed myself off of the ground and headed toward the light, realizing that I had no other option. The light had been a lot closer than I'd thought. I was only walking for a few seconds before I was standing near the light. Suddenly, I went from seeing nothing because of darkness to seeing nothing because of a blinding brightness.

I covered my eyes with my hands because of the sudden brightness and kept my eyes covered for a minute. When I finally uncovered my eyes, I saw that I was in a well-light room. I blinked a couple times before looking around the room. It was a pretty decent size. It might've been even bigger if it hadn't been filled with junk. I jumped when a loud thud was picked up by my ears. I looked around and heard another thud exactly like the one I'd heard before.

Curious as to what was making the sound, I walked in the direction of the noise. I strained my ears and heard the thud again, but I could tell that I was closer to what was causing it because it was very loud now. I walked up to a door that was slightly cracked and peeked my head in and was horrified by what I saw.

An elegantly dressed man had been banging his head against the wall. Blood dripped from a large gash on his forehead down to the jewel encrusted robes he wore. "Hey! What the hell are you doing?!" I yelled, stepping into the room. The man ignored me and started to slam his head against the wall harder, causing blood to cover a small part of the wall. I walked up to the man and tried to put my hand on his shoulder to stop him, but my hand went straight through him.

I frowned and almost jumped out of my skin when a loud, cold laugh filled the room. I turned and saw who was laughing. A woman dressed in scarlet robes was staring at the man banging his head. She had eyes that were pure black and a cruel smile. She wore golden necklaces that held many precious gems. The robes she had on were very revealing, exposing most of her chest and legs. I realized that this was the Whore of Babylon.

She started speaking, but I couldn't understand one bit of what she was saying. The man finally stopped banging his head against the wall so he could look at her. He muttered a few words in the foreign language and got inturrupted by the Whore of Babylon, who screamed something in the same foreign language. The man cowered down as she continued to yell. Suddenly, she snapped her fingers and seven people, which I guessed was the Seven Deadly Sins, opened the door behind me. I tried to move out of the way, but before I could, the Sins rushed into the room and walked through me like I was a ghost.

Each of the Seven Deadly Sins muttered something in the foreign language. The Whore of Babylon nodded and smiled and the man that had been banging his head screamed, ran up to where the Whore of Babylon was lying down, got down on his knees, and started to frantically speak. The Sins walked to the man and had the Sin that had taken the appearance of a short, muscular man pick him up by his neck. The man made choking noices and clawed at the hands around his neck and turned a frightening shade of blue before he stopped moving and was tossed down by the Sin that had killed him.

My eyes widened as I stared at the limp body. "Holy fucking shit!" I said, backing away from the scene in front of me. Even though I knew they couldn't see me, I started to panic. My breaths were cut short as my heart sped up to a very fast pace. I slowly relaxed myself and managed to get my body to return to a normal state.

After that, my vision was blinded by the bright light again. I closed my eyes for about a minute and opened them to see that I was back in the motel room with Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael. "Are you okay?" Gabriel asked. I nodded as Raphael walked up to me and put his left hand against my forehead. "He feels a little clammy, but he's perfectly fine. Nothing life threatening to worry about." Raphael said after removing his hand from my forehead.

I stood up and looked at the three archangels. "Is there anything else you guys need to tell me?" I asked. "Well, besides good luck, there's nothing else I can think of." Gabriel said. "Thank you, all three of you." I said. I walked over to the door and Gabriel smiled before I opened the door and left.

I arrived at the NRG studio, where we were recording our second album, expecting everyone to be pissed at me for being late. I reluctantly walked through the front doors and ventured to the room we were recording in. I opened the door and was immediately met by a pair of arms, which tightly wrapped around me. "Joe, you're suffocating Chester." I heard Mike say. Joe muttered something about letting me go and I felt the tight grip lessen.

"What the fuck was that for?" I asked, massaging my ribs. "I thought that you got hurt or something." Joe replied. "Well, I was fine, but I think you just broke my ribcage!" I said. "Well, it hurt me too. You're bony as hell." Joe said, folding his arms over his chest. I rolled my eyes and sat down between Rob and Phoenix. Phoenix started chuckling and Rob leaned forward to make sure Phoenix saw him shaking his head.

"Okay, all of that aside, Chester, you know that you're late, right?" Mike said when Joe sat down beside Brad. "Yeah, I know I'm late, but I have a pretty good reason for it." I said. Mike gave me a skeptical look. "Go ahead and tell us then." Mike said, leaning back into his seat.

I spent thirty minutes explaining everything that had happened to me that morning. At the end of my story, everyone was silent. Rob was staring at me with his eyes widened and mouth hanging open and everyone else just stared with suprised looks. "Holy shit, man! You're a fucking archangel?!" Phoenix exclaimed. "No," I said while shaking my head. "I guess I'm the vessel of an archangel."

"So, the Seven Deadly Sins and the Whore of Babylon are running around here?"

"Yep, they are according to the archangels."

"And your task is to send them back to Hell?"


"How the fuck are you gonna do that?"

"I don't know, I think I'm supposed to use the rosary they gave me."

"What does the rosary look like?" Brad asked. "I'll show you." I said and pulled the rosary out of my pocket and setting it down on the table. I looked at everyone's faces as they stared at the rosary. I became worried when I'd noticed that Joe didn't share the same mesmerized look everyone else had. Instead, he looked scared, terrified even.

"You okay, Joe?" I asked. "Ye-yeah. I just feel kinda sick... I think I'm gonna go home guys, I feel like I'm gonna puke." Joe muttered as he stood up and pushed his chair under the table. Before anyone could say anything, Joe rushed out of the room. "The fuck is up with him?" Phoenix asked. I put the rosary back into my pocket and shrugged. I didn't know what to say, as I was asking myself the same question.

(So, first chapter and I'm already putting in mysteries...but I'm having fun writing, so it doesn't really matter. I should have an update for this soon, as I have most of chapter two finished right now. I hope you guys enjoy as this story unfolds, just don't hate me when the chapters start having douchey cliffhanger endings... -Ally

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