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Sometimes I Don't Make Sense by Emma Shinoda

Start Over?

A/N: Well here it is, my first chaptered story here on LPFiction. I've been working on this story for awhile, and I have a good bit of it written up already, so I should be able to keep my updates fairly regular. Blocks of the story in italics indicate flashbacks.

Also, I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to Mikey boy, Vixenla, CrimsonStar88, nachteule, MissBikeFinoda, Mr.Chicken, Blackeyes, M.S., and BennodaLPFangirl for reviewing my oneshot. Your reviews mean the world to me, and have motivated me to keep writing and post more stories here.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any people, lyrics, brands, or anything else I may mention in this story. The only thing that belongs to me is the plot. And, of course, this is all fiction.

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Mike Shinoda groaned as he brought his hand up to silence his beeping alarm clock and rolled over onto his back. Today marked the beginning of the Meteora tour, and for the first time, Mike wished he could call the whole thing off and just stay home.

It wasn't that he didn't love playing the shows. In fact he couldn't get enough of it. It was the the most exhilarating thing he'd ever felt; being up on that stage, performing for thousands of cheering fans, the sound of his band mates playing behind him, Chester thrashing around onstage next to him...

He let out a loud sigh as Chester came to mind. He thought back to the first time he met the talented singer.


Mark had just left the band, and they needed to find a new vocalist in the next week if they wanted to have a chance at being signed. The whole band was stressed out and not expecting much as they held their final day of auditions to recruit a singer. The previous two days had hardly been productive; they just couldn't find anyone who could hit the hard notes in their more aggressive songs.

Chester was the second auditioner of the morning, the first being completely tone deaf and putting even more of a damper on the day. Mike and Brad were hardly paying attention anymore, each thinking that maybe they weren't meant to be in a band after all.

Mike was lazily sketching in his notepad when he felt Joe lean in and whisper, "This kid looks way too nervous to know what he's doing."

"Probably another wannabe rocker kid. It's gonna be a long day," Brad sighed, while Mike just continued sketching.

Mike didn't even bother to look up as Chester made his way onstage and grabbed the microphone; visibly shaking as he did so. Chester stuttered, trying to find his voice onstage and giving a nervous glance at the five men who held his fate in their hands.

When Chester could manage to speak without wavering, he stated, "Chester Bennington, 22 years old, auditioning for the spot of vocalist in the band Xero."

Mike tore his gaze away from his notepad to stare at the man onstage. He couldn't believe this guy was a year older than himself; he looked like he was just a kid.

"Whenever you're ready." Mike said, gesturing at Chester.

Chester nodded in response, and Mike motioned for Brad to start the music. The music began to play, and the members of Xero stared at him with bored expressions on their faces, adding to his nerves. Chester closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before he began singing the lyrics to Plaster, the demo that would become One Step Closer.

Mike's eyes widened at Chester's performance. His voice was almost sultry at first, but deepened into a menacing growl as he moved through the song, hitting each note more perfectly than Mike had ever heard before. Chester kept his eyes closed while he sang, sliding them open a few seconds after the music stopped.

When Chester's eyes opened he found the members of Xero staring at him in silence. Their gazes held his for what seemed like an eternity, no emotion visible on their faces. Chester just stared back, refusing to let any emotion escape him either, though he already feared the worst. He watched the group tear their gazes away from him and look at each other, seeming to communicate with just their eyes.

Tension grew thick in the auditorium. Still not a single word had been spoken since Chester finished the song. He wondered why they didn't just tell him that he didn't make the cut and get on with their auditions, but he couldn't bring himself to break the deafening silence that had filled the room.

Finally, Mike stood up from his folding chair, looking first at the crowd still waiting for their turns onstage, then back at Chester, who was desperately waiting for any sort of indication from the band.

"I'm sorry," Mike started, watching as Chester's breath caught in his throat, "But the rest of you waiting to audition are dismissed. We've found the singer for our band."

Chester's feet stayed frozen to the stage. Mike's words didn't sink in until Chester saw everyone seated in the auditorium start to gather their things and shuffle towards the exit, most not even bothering to plead their case to the band members.

"Holy shit." Chester whispered as it finally registered in his head that he'd gotten the job.

He jumped off the stage at a full run and threw himself into Mike's arms, microphone still in hand. He uttered his thanks to the band members over and over, pressing an affectionate kiss to Mike's cheek in his excitement before finally untangling himself from the emcee.

"I thought you hated it," Chester gasped once he could breathe normally again.

"Are you kidding? Dude, that's the best I've ever heard anyone sing one of our songs!" Mike smiled, reaching up to touch his cheek in the place Chester had kissed it.

"Yeah, that was the shit!" Brad agreed, taking the microphone from Chester and handing it to a passing stagehand.

"But-but why didn't you guys say anything?" Chester asked, incredulous.

"Stunned silence...?" Joe half asked, half stated with a goofy grin on his face that made everyone crack up.

"Welcome to the band Chester, I think you'll fit in just fine!" Mike beamed, pulling his band mates and their new singer into a group hug.


Mike smiled at the memory. Chester had always been affectionate with him; with all of his band mates actually, and Mike had gotten used to it. No, scratch that, he enjoyed it. But lately it just seemed ... different between him and Chester. Things had been different ever since the night of the Meteora release party. He felt himself blushing at the memory.

It bothered him that he couldn't get over that night, couldn't get it out of his mind. Why can't you just let it go, Shinoda? You're making things awkward between you and Chester for no reason, making things awkward for the whole band.

Mike was pulled from his thoughts by his vibrating cell phone, but not before he made a vow to not let there be any more awkwardness on tour. He grabbed his phone off the nightstand to see a new text from Brad.


Hey Mikey, you ready to go? I just picked up Chester and Joe, I should be driving up to your place in about 20 mins.


Yeah, that's fine. I'll meet you guys out front.


"Shit." Mike cursed, realizing he still hadn't gotten out of bed. He tossed his phone aside and rushed to get dressed and finish packing.


"What's wrong with you two, aren't you excited?" Brad asked as he pulled into Mike's driveway.

Joe yawned from the passenger seat. "It's fuckin 7am, if you want excited buy a puppy."

"You guys are like old men." Brad muttered. "Hey Chester, go see what's taking Mike so long, we're already running late."

"Why me?" Chester asked, sounding defensive.

"'Cause you're the one with a key, dumbass."


"Tell him to shove his shit in a suitcase and get out here!" Brad called as Chester made his way up to the door.

"Fuckin Brad," Chester whispered under his breath, feeling around in his pocket for the spare key to Mike's house.

"Hello? Yo, Mikey, you better get your ass out there or Brad will rip our heads off." Chester scowled when he received no response.

He ventured deeper into the house in search of Mike, seeing movement in the back bedroom. Chester peered around the corner, preparing to sneak up on Mike, but what he saw made him freeze in front of the open door. Mike stood facing the closet in his boxers, searching for a clean pair of jeans. Chester felt his cheeks start to flush as he watched his friend.

What is with you, it's just Mike. Snap out of it, Chester.

By the time Chester pulled himself from his thoughts, Mike had slipped on some dark wash jeans and a crisp white T-shirt. He turned to reach for his silver watch, but jumped back when he caught sight of Chester.

"What the fuck, Chester? You scared the shit outta me."

"Sorry." Chester squeaked, his lips curling into a sheepish grin.

Mike snorted. "No you're not. How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to know that you wear batman boxers." Chester smirked.

Mike rolled his eyes and reached for his black converse. "Perv." He muttered, slipping them on and reaching for his bag.

"You know it." Chester chuckled in amusement.

"Hey, Ches?" Mike started, his voice taking on a more serious tone.

"Y-yeah?" Chester responded, suddenly feeling nervous.

"Look, I know things have been kinda ... weird between us lately, but I don't want it to be that way while we're on tour. Can we just forget all this shit happened and, I dunno, start over?"

"Yeah, sounds good." Chester agreed, but he wasn't sure he wanted to forget.

"Good." Mike said, reaching out to ruffle Chester's hair before gathering his bags and heading out the front door. "Lock up for me, will you?"

Chester did as he was asked before sliding into the backseat of Brad's car next to Mike.

"What the hell happened to you guys? We're gonna be fuckin late," Brad fumed as he backed out of Mike's driveway and headed for the airport. When he didn't receive an answer, he turned around to face the two men. "Something wrong?" He asked.

"Nope, nothing." Mike and Chester answered at the same time.

"Nothing at all." Mike sighed, smiling for the first time all morning. He was actually starting to look forward to this tour.


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