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ones company is never enough by bourhahnfan1

My first boyfriend

Well this is my firs ever slash oh and i have read fifty shades of grey and personally think i can do better so please let me know what you think but for now enjoy

He took a sharp breath before entering Robs room and as he did rob walked out of the bathroom wet and steamy and naked Joe's eyes soon widened as he could see everything rob looked over to see him staring

"Oh hey Joe........(he continued to stair) you know if you wanted to see me naked you should have just asked"

Rob immediately started to laugh as he walked over to Joe who couldn't take his eyes off of robs steaming body grabbing his shirt he pulled Joe closer too him their faces met as did there lips their tongs danced with one another rob threw Joe roughly onto the bed as he climbed on top of poor helpless little Joe as he started unbuttoning his shirt Joe flipped him over so he was now top he pulled off his shirt and then his pants.

Rob rolled off the bed and onto the floor he crawled over to joe who was now standing in the middle of the room.

Rob started to pull at Joes boxers with his teeth causing them to tear slightly Joe turned round and tapped him on the nose and then pushed him down to the ground

"Now that's a very bad Robby"

Rob looked up at joe all wide eyed with a shocked look on his face

"Whats wrong Robby dearest i thought you liked it rough"

Rob looked up and smiled then ran towards Joe pushing him backwards and onto the bed once again

"You'll pay for that Mr.Hahn just you wait"

Joe rolled off the bed and slid underneath it just as the door swung open and there was Chester stood in the doorway

"Hey rob you seen Joe"


Rob glanced up at Chez too see him staring

"Dude stop it your creeping me out"

Rob threw a cushion at him

"What I'm just admiring the view"

Underneath the bed Joe was biting his lip so hard that it started to bleed he was also clenching his fists so tightly that his nails dug into his palm's

Rob was sat on the bed in silence he lifted his head

"I........u...um.....i......um...Chez......just leave"

"Fine I'm going but if you see Joe you tell him to get his ass to my room"

"Y..Yeah ok Chez i will"

He left closing the door behind him Robs face was full of relief

"Phew you can come out now Joe"

But for about a minute Joe remained under the bed he said nothing till Rob poked his head under Joe was facing the opposite direction of him

"Joe are you ok whats wrong"

"Nothing I'm fine I'm gonna go now"

He got out from underneath the bed he then turned to face Rob who could now see his injuries he lifted his hand up to Joes lip

"Oh my god Joe what have you done to yourself"

"Its nothing"

Joe pushed his hand away and stormed off into the bathroom locking the door he sat down behind it as did Rob at the opposite side

"Joe whats wrong please talk to me........is....is it my fault was it something i did"

"No rob don't be stupid.......its nothing really"

"Well you do yo know what i think..........You got jealous when Chez walked in didn't you Mr.Hahn"


"Then whats wrong"

Joe came out of the bathroom and gathered up his clothes got changed and left

"Sorry Rob but i gotta go"

"No wait"

But It was too late Joe had left the room

"Hmm i wonder what's bothering him"

Joe hid away in his room but his peace didn't last very long as a very angry looking Chester bust through the door and walked towards Joe pinning him against the wall Chester was surprisingly stronger than he looked

"I've been looking for you Joe"

"Chester please don't not now i can't..."

Without hesitation chez put his free hand up Joes shirt

"Chester don't"

"But i want to explore you Joey"

Joes face flushed red as he turned his head away from Chester's penetrating gaze

"Look at me Joe i want to see your pretty face"

Joe continued to struggle against him but Chester wouldn't stand for it he slid his hand down Joes stomach and pulled out his half hard dick


With one hand he started to pump up and down Joe's shaft and with the other he pinched and squeezed his hard nipple's


Chester watched Joe closely looking for a change in his reaction Chez then began to lick Joe's neck and ear nibbling at it from time to time

"Its been such a long time since we could play together like this Joe"

Chester put two of his fingers in his mouth sucking and licking them he then brought them down to Joe's entrance and slowly inserted one inside


With his finger he began to rub against Joe's inner walls pushing his finger in and out whilst still furiously pumping Joe's now fully erect shaft with the other hand he then inserted a second finger this made Joe's knees buckle

"Maybe we should take this to the bed"

Chester swept Joe's feet from beneath him then carried him over to the bed throwing him down with a thud Chester smiled evilly at the poor defenseless little joe who now laid bare in front of his very eyes

"if this is happening can you at least close the door" Joe pointed towards the door his voice raspy and quiet

Chester smiled once again resuming with what he was doing placing his fingers back inside joe as he leaned over his shaky body Joe quivered burring his face into the pillow


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