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Darker than black my overprotective other half by bourhahnfan1

The Curse Of Mike

Ok guys here is my new fic hope you like it i will update soon as possible but for now please enjoy R&R

It had just turned 4:00am and Rob was stood outside his house in the rain he had a black eye and was covered in bruises he had been locked out by his farther he pulled out his phone and texted his best friend Chester

(Their messages)

Rob: stood out in the rain locked out can i come over

Chez: Again that's like the third time this week yeah come over

Rob: on my way I'll be at your place in an hour depending on the weather

Chez: Hurry up before it gets worse


(At Chester's house)

Knock knock knock

Chester answered the door Rob was standing in the doorway the expression on his face soon changed

"Rob what the hell happened to you who did this..........oh wait it was Mike wasn't it you should have come to me i could have protected you i hate seeing you hurt like this I'm going to kick his ass"

"No Chez don't"

"Your not gonna change my mind I'm not having him lay his hands on my Rob just wait till i get to school I'll kill him"

Rob sat on a stool in the kitchen he then started to shiver Chester looked down at him and then smiled and said something under his breath

"Your so cute"

"What did you say something Chez"

"Nope I'll go get you a towel"

He left the room and returned a minute later with blue towel in his hand


"Thanks man"

"Sure thing.........want some coffee"

"Yeah.......where's your dad"

"Oh he's gone to visit his friends he will be back in a few weeks"

"So we're alone then......umm i could........no nevermind"

"Come on tell me"

"Well i was just thinking your dads away and mine doesn't give a shit about me maybe i could stay here with you"

"Really then yeah I'd love that"

(next morning 7:45)

Rob woke up on the couch and Chester was in the kitchen making coffee he then came in with two mugs he placed them on the coffee table

"Here drink this it will wake you up a bit"

"Don't we have to be setting off for school soon"

"Yeah but not till 8:00 we have 15 minutes to have a drink oh and by the way your clothes are on the radiator but for now you can use some of mine"

(Later at school)




"At the math block"

Chester stormed off and headed for mike but when he got to the maths block what he saw was even worse Mike had Rob pinned up against the wall he was almost crying Chester suddenly snapped when he saw Mike forcefully kiss Rob


Chez lunged at Mike punching him hard in the face he fell to the floor Chester started to kick Mike repeatedly

(crying) " CHESTER STOP!!!" Chester picked Rob up and hugged him tightly

"Rob I'm so sorry i should have been there to protect you Robby I'm so so sorry"

Then a teacher came and took Chester away with a teary eyed Rob following behind him

At the head teachers office Mike was sat on a chair outside Chester and a still teary Rob were inside talking to the headmistress

"Ok tell me exactly what happened who's first hmm Mr.Bourdon lets hear your side of the story"

Rob looked at Chester then down towards the ground

"And what about you Mr.Bennington"

"I was looking out for a friend I'll say no more than that"

"Ok go back to class and send Mike in for me oh and Chester I'll decide what to do to you tomorrow"

"Fine whatever......come on Rob"

He reached his hand out towards Rob who took it and left with Chez

"You know you didn't have to do that Chester"

"Well i just couldn't sit back and watch him force himself upon you what sort of friend would let that happen....Not this one"

Rob stopped in his tracks Chez looked back to see him standing there

"What's wrong Rob are you ok"

Chester walked up and put his arms around Rob

"There's something i have to tell you Rob..........I lo"

The bell rang and the hall flooded with people when they had gone Rob and Chez were still standing there

"Come on Rob lets go"

" Wait you were gonna say something just then what was it"

"I..........I'm just glad your ok i mean you are aren't you"

Chester stepped closer to him and put a hand on his shoulder

"I'm fine really i am please don't worry yourself over me i mean nobody else dose"

"Well lets go home Robby"

After leaving the school grounds Chez took Rob too a local park not far from his house they came and sat on the swings

"Why do you do this to me Rob"

"Do what?"

"Your always so vulnerable around older boys and they take advantage of you because of it i hate seeing other boys touch you i hate seeing you hurt like this can't you see how i feel about you Rob"

"Wait Chester what are you trying to say"

Chester stood up and stepped in front of Rob

"Rob......I......I LOVE YOU"

Chester leaned forward and kissed rob on the lips which took him by surprise at first he hesitated but came to relax and enjoy the kiss

"Chester..i LOVE YOU TOO"

(I'm sorry but i just had to do it)

(Ok have some more enjoy)

Chester was now stairing into Robs eyes and holding his hand

"So now do you understand how i really feel about you"

"How long have you felt this way"

"I umm"


"Since we started high school"

"You've had a crush on me since high school why didn't you say something"

"I was too shy to tell you but now i finally did it and what ever punishment i get tomorrow will be worth it as long as i know you'll be waiting for me to come home that's all that matters to me now Rob"


"Its ok Rob......Now come on lets go home bad people come out at this time"

They left the park and set off towards Chester's house it was only a block away

"Hey Rob can i ask you something"

"Sure what is it Chez"

"Earlier when Mike tryed to kiss you why didn't you fight back"

"Well i was scared and also I've never hit someone before you know what I'm like i don't like to fight but what i don't get is why its always me?"

"Probably because your so cute...I mean who wouldn't like to kiss you but now that your mine nobody ever will but me"

He flushed bright red

"I can definitely see your possessive over me but don't be holding my leash too tight or i may bite you"

"Don't worry I'm not that much of a control freak"

"Well i don't know have you read the first 50 shades of grey book"

For an hour or two they watched a movie then went to bed Chester went to his room and Rob stayed on the couch

(Tuesday morning 7:45)

Again Rob woke to find Chester in the kitchen he stood up and walked over to Chez

"Do you even go to bed or is it just me because i swear i saw you in the kitchen last night"

"Yeah you did i have a sleeping problem its kinda rare but i try to make the best of it"

"Oh so it was you touching my legs last night"

Chester froze and then looked at Rob

"Rob i didn't touch you last night"

He walked over to the door to find it was unlocked his shock quickly turned to anger


"What!...you mean........Oh god how did they unlock the door without me knowing I'm a light sleeper"

"I don't know but somebody touched my Rob how could i be so stupid as to let this happen"

Rob pulled him down to the couch and hugged him tightly

"Don't beat yourself up about it Chester it wasn't your fault and you know it"

"But i could have stopped it i could have pro"

Rob pulled him round and kissed him on the lips passionately

"I wont hear any more of that from your lips Chester Bennington"

"You have a way with words yourself my little Robby"

"Careful this dog has some bite Bennington now come on we need to set off to school"

(under breath)

"Way to spoil the moment"

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