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Back to the time before by bourhahnfan1

Ok guys this is just a short story explaining what happened before Rob got home and how he got the bruises it won't be very long so i apologize but enjoy

"Rob give me my phone back"

"Why i just want to look at your photos"

A soon as Rob said that Mikes face went bright red

"Rob give me my fucking phone"

Robs expression soon changed to shock

"Mike why do you have pictures of me and Chester shirtless in the locker room oh and more in jim class dude do you have a have crush on us"

Mike tackled Rob and punched him he was laid underneath Mike as he continuously hit him then Chester came round the corner and saw what was going on he instantly Ran over to Mike and pushed him off Rob

"Rob are you ok"


Rob jumped to his feet

"You can sure take a hit Robby"

"Yeah but I'm kinda seeing double right now so I'm gonna...I'm"

He then collapsed Chester noticed just in time to catch him he smiled down at the vulnerable little Robby unconscious in his arms

(By the way this is the moment Chester realised he loves Rob he's had a crush on him but now he knows for real)

"My poor little Rob he kneeled down and slung Rob over his shoulder

(2 hours later)

"Rob.......can you hear me.......Rob"

"W.....where am i is that you Chez"

"Yeah its me and your in hospital"

"What how did i get here why"

"Shhhh Robby its ok"

"why am i ahh my head"

"You hit your head on the concrete don't you remember"


"That's because you have a concussion"

"Wait what time is it"

"Little after 4pm why"

"I gotta go my dad's gonna kill me if I'm late"

He got out of bed and started to walk away

"Rob what the hell are you doing get back into bed Rob are you listening to me"

He continued to walk down the hall he later discharged himself from the hospital Chester walked him to his house but as he walked away he saw Robs dad hit him then drag him inside by the collar of his shirt

"Your late i told you to be home for 3:30 why do i put up with this shit your a useless bastard your the worst mistake of my life"

He raised his fist

"No dad please don't"

He hit Rob hard then started shouting again

"Get the fuck out of my site"

Rob ran towards his room and locked the door behind him he put his head in his pillow and started to cry

(The next day)

Rob snuck out so his dad wouldn't see him


Rob was on his way home he got half way there then he ran into Mike

"Mike your blocking my way come on i gotta get home"

"Your not going anywhere Robert"

Mike punched Rob in the stomach he fell to the ground Mike then began to frantically Kick rob he picked Rob up by the neck and forcefully slammed him against the solid stone wall Mike left Rob in an unconscious heap on the floor he woke a few hours later disoriented and in a daze so much that he forgot where he lived and began to wonder the streets after a few more hours he began to remember where he was going it took him an hour to get home at this point it was about 3:55am he approached his house and took out his keys he inserted the key into the door but it wouldn't open

"Well shit dad changed the locks what a DICK"

The rain had just started to fall soak ing Rob from head to toe

"Maybe I'll text Chester he might help he's probably the only one who doesn't hate me right now"

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