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Gotta Catch em' All by Bourdelsonloves

The New Trainers

I have problems with pokèmon okay? I just love them so much. But yus.


-Chapter 1-


"Dave come on, we'll be late. I don't want to get the pokèmon that sucks"

Dave sighed "shut up Chester, you're lucky your mom is even letting you become a trainer. So don't say that" "what ever, come on the door is opening" Chester said as he pulled Dave's arm.

"Today is the day, you new trainers come to pick the very best to follow you on your path to become the best trainer there is"

I huge smile appeared on Dave's face as Professor Oak spoke "Dave, do you think they'll have any Piplup's left" Dave laughed "I'm not sure, but I hope they have a charmader still"

Dave and Chester waited and waited until the arrived at the front. "Well hello boys how may I help you today?" Professor Oak asked. Dave stud there in awe "is your friend here okay?"

Chester laughed "I'm sorry Professor Oak, you'll have to excuse my friend here. He is just let's say a fan of your work" Professor Oak laughed

"Ah, its always nice to meet a well good fan of mine, what do you look for in pokèmon here today, boys?"

Dave was the first to speak.

"Prof-feh-feh... Professor Oak, we're here to see if you have any good pokèmon left" Professor Oak laughed "Well my dear boy, all pokèmon are good. Its the way you train them to have them become stronger"

Professor Oak turned his back to Chester and Dave as he pulled three pokèballs from his bag.

"Here you two go, chose wisely now." Professor Oak said.

Chester and Dave looked to each other and nodded their arms crossed each others as each reached for

a pokèball.

"Come on, bring em' out" Professor Oak said. Chester took his pokèball and held it with a firm grip. He smiled.

"Come on now, come on out and show us whatcha got" Chester yelled.

There was a big flash to have a horse like shape appear

"PONY-PONYTA" it yelled.

"Whoa, a Ponyta. I've read about these, Ponyta are based on Pyrios, Aeos, Aethon and Phlegon, the 'fiery steeds' that carried the greek god helios's chariot of the sun around the world each day!"

"Ah, I see we have a soon to be pokèmon professor here" Professor Oak said as he laughed.

"Dave, let out your pokèmon so we can see what kind you got" Chester said.

Dave looked down at his pokèball and smiled "alright" "yes" Chester said,

Dave took his pokèball and held it tight as he took a deep breath. "Alright buddy, let's see what we got here" he said as he through his pokèball.

"AIPOM!" Dave's eyes grew wide "wow, an aipom" Dave whispered. The small Aipom walked up to Dave's hand, rubbing its head against it "ai-aipom" Dave looked down and smiled.

"Its seems Aipom has already grown a liking to you Dave" Professor Oak said. Dave nodded.

"Ponyta, return" Chester said. "Dave come on, now we can go and battle other trainers and Pokèkmon" Chester added as he placed his pokèball. "Whoa, hold on there young man. You're not going any where with out these" Professor Oak spoke.

Chester turned around to find Professor Oak reaching into his bag again.

Dave looked up from his Aipmon to Professor Oak.

"Here. These are some more pokèballs for to travel with and to catch more pokèmon with if needed" Professor Oak handed Dave and Chester each five pokèballs.

"Thanks Professor! Come on Dave" Chester said

Dave nodded and returned Aipom to his pokèball "happy training, boys!" Professor Oak said as he watched Chester and Dave run off with their pokèmon.


I just love pokèmon to much, not to write this one. But anywho, tell me what you think of it in the reviews and always remember I enjoy reading them. And if you like it still, maybe give it rate. Alright gotta go. Peace! -Bourdelsonloves!

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