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black sheep the theory of death by bourhahnfan1

The body

Ok guys heres my new story i felt lkie a bit of horror for once so enjoy ans as always R&R

"Hey mike heve you ever seen that film you know the one with the creepy guy that stalkes you for three days before he kills you"

"No Rob i havent. But how the hell is that relevent to what we were just talking about"

Mike frowned at Rob as he looked around the room

"Cant help it you so boaring to talk too i wish Chester was here hes much more fun than you are"

"Yeah well hes not here and we're at school its not supposed to fun"

Rob stood up and the whole class turned their heads to look at him the teacher gave him a here we go again look as she approached him

"What is it Rob...please sit back down"

"NO....This sucks im leaving"

Rob picked up his bag and left the room but a few minutes later Chester rushed into the room and ran straight for Mike who jumped up in surprise Chester took hold of Mikes hand and began running

"Chester whats wrong?.....has something happened?....Chester!"

"Just shut up and follow me"

Mike did as he was told and followed Chester to the back of the school where they met up with Dave and Brad they were all now standing infront of the old gym they all jumped back at the horrible sight. infront of them was a mangled body that was twisted into unnatural positions the body was face down so they couldent see the face the flesh on his body was torn he was bloody all over but the worst was yet to come


"Dont bother Brad"

"Why Chester"

"The killer could still be here watching us and if we split up now they might strike"

Mike who had remained silent till now decided to take a closer look at the body he approaced it slowly when he was infront of it he flipped it over to his surprise the eyes followed him he then screamed and fell backwards and crawkwd away from it the persons face was surprisingly clear even through the blood hie eyes were wide open and pure red his mouth looked like it had been glued in a wide grin streching the whole ways across his face

"Mike what is it what happened"


"Are you sure i mean he's pretty beat up he cant still be alive"

Mikes eyes suddenly widened then they all turned around to see that the body was now standing blood dripping from all points of his body the man smiled widely then began to laugh there was a gaping hole in the mans chest then he put his hand inside himself and jerked it around a bit until they could hear something crack then pulled out something it was one of his ribs he threw it to the ground before reaching inside again with his thin bony fingers this time what he pulled out wasn't a bone


This time what he pulled out of his chest cavity wasn't a bone but a blood stained knife. They all took a step back as the smiling man took a step closer too them the man pointed the knife at Mike

"You there"

The man pointed the knife at Mike and again began to smile

"Would you like to play with me i promise i dont bite that much"

the man brought the blood covered knife to his lips then licked the blood off the blade then the man suddenly lunged towards them


They were stopped by a loud noiz

"What a gunshot"

They all looked in front of them to see the man once again on the floor they then looked towards the shooter they were quite surprised to see that the one who fired the gun was non other than Rob Mike jumpped up before saying something

"Rob what the hell man where did you get a gun from and where the hell have you been up until now"

"Ask questions later we've got bigger things to worry about look"

Rob gestured forwards with his gun then M ike turned around to see that the man had vanished from sight

"Well what do you want to do now guys i can take you all home if you want me too"

One by one they all nodded first Mike then Dave then finally Brad and Chez and they all left together stopping at each of their houses but the last one to be dropped off was Mike Rob and Mike were stood outside the front door

"Are you gonna be ok i mean i can stay over if you want me too Mikey

(You may like to know this isn't a one off its gonna be a full story so enjoy)

Mike blushed and opened the door inviting Rob inside

"Come in nobody else is home my parents went on a 6 week cruise"

"Wait so your actually alone man that must be tough"

"Well they've been gone for a week and I've managed this long so i think its ok but more importantly what the hell was that thing it wasn't human"

Mike looked over at Rob expecting an answer but Rob just stared straight through him blankly

"Haha i have no idea what he is he just started following me when i left class then i met this strange guy Joe i think his name was he gave me this gun then that guy followed me to the roof then Joe pushed him off"

"Is that where all the blood came from"

"No he already had the cuts and that big whole but where did it come from"

Mike walked into the kitchen and stared through the window and left Rob to wonder

"Why did he point and smile at me why am i so special"

Mike looked over his shoulder to see that Rob was no longer in the living room he turned back round to see two big black eyes watching him and a wide red smile beaming down from above he blinked a then opened his eyes but there was nobody there. Mike suddenly felt something grip his waist it felt like hands


Mike began to throw himself around but his arms were quickly subdued he then felt something resting on his shoulder

"Shhhhhh Mikey"

Mike began to calm when he heard a familiar voice it was Rob holding him tightly in his arms

"Jeez your so jumpy"

"And your not?"

"No....Why? Should I be?"

"You mean your not in the least bit scared by what just happened"

"No not really why should i be?"

"Well yeah....is there a reason why your not scared by this?"

"To tell you the truth this isn't the first time something like this has happened to me"

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