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Abusive by BSkyeSoldier

New Boy

"Baby," Brad growled in my ear, making me shiver. "Come 'ere."

"Brad, school's gonna start soon," I plead to him. "We can't."

"We can." He insists and pulls me closer to him. We were sitting in his rusted red truck in the back of the school parking lot. I was about to get out, when he locked the doors on me. He unbuckled his seatbelt and crawled on top of me and began straddling my hips.

"Please, Brad, we can't. If I get one more tardy this year to my first hour, I'll get a detention." I beg him.

"So what?" He snarls and begins pulling at the coat I had surrounding me.

"That means an hour without me." I inform him. I hate having to use this, but I can't do this right now. He sighs deeply and gets off me. He unlocks the door and we both get out as I fix my coat. We walk into the school and he grasps my hand, possessively.

"I'll be having that sweet ass of yours after school, baby." He purrs into my ears and kisses my cheek. He let's go of my hand before kicking me in the back of my knees, making me stumble to the ground. No one's in this area right now, so obviously not a single soul was here to witness my abusive boyfriend as he punched me repeatedly in the stomach, face, and anywhere he could when I balled myself up. Eventually he left as I sat, bleeding heavily.

"Hey, are you ok?" My knight and shinning armor approached me carefully. He's only been at this school for two days and I'm already in love. Thank god Brad hadn't seen him ever, or else he'd no doubt forbid me from ever speaking to the boy that stood in front of me, eyeing me. I liked his eyes on me, it made the atmosphere feel so much safer.

"I am now." I flirt quietly, laughing slightly. He looks briefly confused with a puzzled look on his face, before bending down and putting my head in his hand so he could gently move it left and right to view my new wounds.

"We have to patch you up." He murmurs with his soft angelic voice. He puts one of his arms around me and I put one of mine around him, completely love sick as his gorgeous self helped me move to the guy's bathroom. We walked in and he set me down carefully on the ground as if I was made of glass. I loved this a little too much. He quickly flashes a cute little smile before turning away andgrabbing a paper towel to dampen it.

I began admiring him from the ground, watching him with hungry eyes. His blonde spiked hair suited his soft pale skin, along with the flame tattoos on his arms. His extremely thin frame just made me want to hug the life out of his fragile body. The sexy lip ring he had glistened slightly from the dull bathroom lights. His nearly black eyes absorbed me completely when he finally looked back to me. If I was dying, I'd be the happiest person ever if his beautiful orbs were focused on me and only me. He approached me again and bent down, dabbing at my bleeding wounds on the side of my face. I smiled happily at him and he returned with the same cute smile he'd previously given me.

"How'd you get tattoos?" I ask him, still grinning.

"Let's just say I have a few buddies." He smirked and continued tending to my wounds. I loved his sexy little smirk and everything about him. The way he touched my skin slightly without meaning to, the way he could joke around and be himself, the way his eyes could control your very being, his amazingly beautiful voice, just everything.

"Do you want to tell me what happened?" He eventually asked, leaning backwards when the bleeding seized. He pulled his hand away, making me frown from the loss of contact.

"I don't really want to," I shrug and look into his dark eyes again. I could see he was actually concerned for my well being, unlike everyone else, making him all the more perfect. "But I will if you want me to. Only you though."

"Why only me?" He asked in his usual softly angelic voice. "But I do want to know what happened."

"Only you because... Well, I feel like I can trust you." I sigh and turn my gaze away, which was the hardest thing to do. He was impossible not to look at. "But you can't tell anyone. He'll kill me and you if he found out I told."

"Alright, man. I understand. I just want you to be safe. I don't know why, but it hurts so badly to see you hurt, even though I don't believe we've ever spoken before this." He beautifully sighed and looked down at his feet when I turned my sights back on him.

"My boyfriend, Brad," I begin. He looks up, obviously interested. "He's... Uhm... Abusive."

"You're gay?" He lifts his eyebrows and tilted his perfectly formed head slightly. "That doesn't matter." He said quickly, but still ever so softly. "Why? Why does he hurt you?"

"I don't know. He said 'You're a fucking flirt, you know? You're mine you piece of shit! If I can't have you, no one fucking can!' And then he hit me for the first time, which lead up to more painful events afterwards." I shrugged and took in the frightful and concerned look of the perfect boy's face.

"I'm so sorry." He muttered quietly, scooting close to me so he could gently wrap his small arms around me.

"It's ok. It's not your fault." I reassure him as he pulls away, I flash a quick smile. "Why are you so ok with the fact that I'm gay? The rest of the school used to bully me for it, but stopped because of Brad."

"You two are open in your relationship?" He asks, raising his perfectly formed eyebrows. I nod my head quickly. "Oh, and I'm ok with the fact that you're gay because I'm bi."

"You are?" I gasp and he gives another adorably perfect smile and nods his head.

"You sound surprised," he notes aloud with his still beautiful voice that makes the hair on my skin stand on end whenever it's used.

"I am," I answer truthfully. He tilts his perfectly sculptured head slightly and pulls on a sexy confused looking face. "I didn't expect someone like you to be bi or anything along those lines." I shrug my shoulders.

"Someone like me?" He echoes, making what I said sound a million times better coming out of him.

"You know," I turn away nervously. "Someone as perfect as you." I look back at him. His beautifully adorable face was blushing deep red which made my heart go into a frenzy.

"I'm far from perfect," he shakes his flawless head slowly. "I don't believe we've properly met," he sneakily changes the subject before I have the chance to further praise his perfection. "I'm Chester Bennington." The name itself sounds so heavenly.

"Mike Shinoda," I introduce myself to the precious boy in front of me.

"Lovely name," he comments dreamily, sending butterflies into my stomach.

"Not as much as yours," I counter and smirk. He reddens and gives me a shy smile that's as luscious as the others he's given me.

"We better get going to class." He states purely in his godly and humble voice that still never fails to make me shiver under it's force. "But I don't know when we'll be seeing each other again, so let me give you my number." I can't believe it. I'm getting the most heavenly and the most beautiful boy I've ever seen number. I hand him my blackberry, open at the contacts and no hesitation is needed from him to take it and add it. He hands it back to me gently.

"Thanks," I say, not sure how to respond. He just gives me his kind smile that makes me flush. With quick goodbyes, we leave and head to classes. I couldn't stop running my eyes over the numbers he put in my phone when I walked into class. The bell rang and I took my seat, still glancing down at the phone.

Nearly eight hours after school starts, it comes to an abrupt end. I don't bother stopping by my locker. I wanted to get out quickly before Brad sees me and forces me to go with him. I walk along the corridors quickly but stop when I hear something odd. It sounds like someone's struggling. Someone with a charming voice that makes me shiver from it's power. Chester.

I began running, knowing very well that this school can be very heartless, even to the most perfect of people. I turn around the corner and see a horrible sight. There's two buff guys and Chester. One of the two, Mark, has a tight hold of Chester from behind. The other, Scott, is repeatidly hurting my small angel and it snaps something from inside of me. I shout nothing in particular and approach them quickly. Scott stops taking swings at the defenseless Chester, who I notice is bleeding heavily. His red blood flowing freely down his beautiful face from his lip and eye. Bruises already formed on his skin, making me want to cry then and there. Mark never loosens his grip on Chester and if anything, he tightened it once I had arrived.

"Let him go," I command, wanting Chester in my arms. He looks to me with his sad nearly black eyes that peer into my soul and leaves it's perfectly formed mark inside of me.

"Or else what?" Scott tuts and walks in front of Chester, stepping even closer to him. He snags Chester's perfectly thin wrists and pulls him into Scott.

"I'll tell Brad you guys were messing with me!" I say, feeling terrible that I had to use that excuse.

"Alright, Alright, Shinoda. We'll let your other little boyfriend go." Scott chuckles coldly and places a small kiss on Chester's cheek, making me flare from jealousy. Chester looks as confused as I do as Scott places several other small kisses on Chester's soft pale skin. He finally releases Chester's wrists and comes to me. I wrap an arm around his small frame and we quickly head away from the scene.

"Where are we going?" He asked me with his usual gentle angelic voice.

"Where do you want to go?" I ask. "We can go to yours. We can't stay here, I don't want Brad to find me."

"N-no!" He stutters, which is still utterly adorable. "I mean, no, we can't go to mine. My dad will get furious. Can we go to your place?"

"Yeah, of course. We'll patch you up there. I'm so sorry this happened to you. You're so perfect I don't understand why they would even think about hurting you." I sigh deeply as we approach my house, which isn't far away from the school.

"Mike, I told you, I'm not perfect. I'm no where near it." He reminds me. I give a soft smile and shake my head.

"You are, Chazzy. You're more perfect than anyone I've ever met before. Don't argue against it. I'm pretty stubborn, I won't give in." I chuckle and he gives a cute little laugh that makes me blush. He's going to kill me with his perfection and adorableness.


(A/N: ok, I know all my stories revolve around bennoda, but can you blame me?!;) anyway, I've been debating weather to post this story or not, one of the reasons being I have several other incomplete stories. Should I continue? Thank you for reading!)

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