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Just Breath by Bourdelsonloves

Just Breath

Just Breath

This is being made because well I have finals coming up, and I found time to work on this.

So enjoy!


"Y/N where are you?" Rob calls to you,

"Down stairs Rob" you reply. You sit down in your study as you hear steps come from the stairs. "How long have you been down here? All night?" Rob asks, you nod still turning pages.

You've been studying all week, with finals coming up you just haven't sleeping well. "There's no way you could've stayed up all night, have you ate?" You shake your head.

You sit in your chair resting your head in your hands "this is so stressful, with all the studying. I can barely take time to sleep or eat" you say.

With out saying a word Rob pulls you from your chair "Rob, please stop. I need to study, finals are just a few days away and I nee-" Rob cuts you off just with a soft kiss to your lips "Y/N you've studied enough, you need to relax" he says as he pulls you to your bathroom.

"You get the water ready while I go and get your PJ's" Rob smiled as he placed a kiss apon your forehead.

You watch as Rob walks to your room, you can't help but to smile as your four year long boyfriend takes care of you.

You finally have the water to your standing as you began to un-button your shirt you hear a soft laugh come from behind you. You turn around to see Rob standing in the door way of your bathroom.

"Need anything else?" He asks. You softly shake your head "I'll be fine for now" he smiled and nodded. You turned to finish undressing but stop from the touch of Rob's hands resting on your shoulder.

"May I help you?" He asks, you smile to yourself and nod.

Rob's hands travel from your shoulders to your waste as he slowly un-button your jeans and slips them down your legs along with your panties you moan as you feel his hands move down you legs once again.

He kisses you shoulder as he un-hooks your bra "I believe I need some company with me" you say, you feel his warm smile on your shoulder "this is time for you to relax" he softly says, he takes your hand as he helps you into the tub.

Your body falls into a stage of relaxation as the temperature over takes your body. You slowly began to close your eyes as you lay in the warm temperature water.

You open your eyes as you feel a hand push hair from you face. You smile as you look into Rob's beautiful broen orbs, he smiles to you "Just Breath Y/N"


Well the ending is kind of crappy but, this was all brought by how I feel about finals and how I wish this all would happen. So yeah, tell me what you think of it. But with everyone dealing with your finals I wish you luck in them. Yesh alright gotta go! Peace! -Bourdelsonloves!

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