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Silent Suffering by BSkyeSoldier

The Welcoming

Chapter One - The Welcoming

Chester walked into the huge home as if it was his first time walking. He was instantly mesmerized by the beauty of the building. It's thickly glossed wooden styled walls were intriguing and begging to be looked upon. Velvet soft carpet coated the stairs and whatever laid beyond them. The high ceiling was littered with a single chandler that lit the entry room. The mansion was huge - for lack of better terms. Chester had never been in such a royalty type of place. He had grown from the poor part of the city and had only heard of houses such as this. He suddenly felt ashamed of his dirty, ripped up clothing that he once thought were very nice compared to the rest of what he owned.

"It is not much, but it is home." The fancy lady that brought him here smiled warmly. She had this nice tan skin with a pearl necklaces laced around her neck. She had glowing black hair that was curled and locked into place with a jeweled clip. She wore a red cocktail dress that flowed down her averagely sized body. Long black gloves laced up her arms to her elbow as three pearl bracelets sat lazily on her wrists. She had black high heels on that would click every time she took a step.

"Not much? It's amazing," Chester spoke in awe with his angelic voice that made the woman smile. She eyed him carefully, obviously knowing instantly he came from a very poor home. He looked to be about the age of roughly fifteen or sixteen. He had blonde, naturally curled hair that suited his pale skin nicely. He had plain grey clothing and he looked to be dusty, like he hadn't been able to wash for at least a weak, making the woman pity him, which was not what the boy wanted.

"My son, Michael, will be home soon with his father. Let us get you washed up before they arrive. My husband is not very fond of people who come from poor homes." She sighed and lightly grasped Chester's thin arms and lead him up the thick velvet stairs. "What is your name?"

"Chester Bennington," he answered her and looked down to the floor as if in shame as she lead him through the corridors. He quickly glanced up from time to time to admire all the dull paintings that hung around the dark hallways. He eventually stopped paying attention to the details of the home and quietly followed the woman as she tugged him along. They approached a large bathroom that made Chester's eyes bulge at the sight. A large bathtub sat in the corner that was larger than a hot tub. A waterfall shower sat in another corner that was outlined with light silver crystals.

"I almost forgot to tell you," the lovely woman laughed slightly. "My name is Donna Shinoda." The young boy in front of her instantly gasped at the realization of the name.

"Shinoda?" Chester gaped. "As in the famous Shinoda?" Donna chuckled lightly in her fluent voice and smiled at the poor boy she found wondering the streets.

"Yes, dear." She continued smiling and put an arm on the boy's back. "Mr. Shinoda is my husband, the artist."

"Did he paint the artworks in the hallway?" He asked excitedly and yet petrified. He had loved Mr. Shinoda's artwork since the moment he saw it on the cover of an old newspaper he found around the city. Except, he heard he was not the nicest man one could meet, especially if you were poor.

"Every last one of them," Donna said happily and shifted her hands along Chester's back. She didn't want to let the boy know, but she was attempting to find out if his rips could be clearly defined even through his back, she was sad to discover that was the case. "I know what you must be thinking, but I assure you he is not as bad of a person as people make him out to be." Chester said no more as her hands left his body and she instructed him of what to use. He nodded his head simply and she left the bathroom, closing the wooden door on the way out. She walked around her home until landing at her youngest son's room.

"Jason," she sang, opening the door. He was sitting in front of a large computer that sat on a wooden desk that appeared to be at least three times bigger than he was. He looked at her questioningly and slightly tilted his head. He was truly the spitting image of his mother in appearance, as well was his brother.

"Yes, mother?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. He was only about two years younger than his older brother, but was always considered the baby of the family. "What happened to the party you were going to?"

"I was there with your father and brother for a while but came back. I had forgotten my purse and I refused to let your father come fetch it." She answered, going further into detail than she needed to, which was usual for her. "But as I was on my way home, I noticed a poor boy trying to keep to the shadows."

"A poor person?" Jason gasped, they were extremely uncommon around this part of the city and were not welcome here. "Nonsense!"

"But it is true, son!" She insisted and began smiling, which made Jason groan with disapproval, seeing where she was going with her story. As much as he loved his mother, she didn't make the best of choices. "Anyway, the boy looked so thin and cold and I knew he would be hurt by the people around here, so I took him in."

"Mother! You know better than I that father will not approve of this!" Jason snapped angerly. The last thing he wanted was to hear his father yelling at the top of his lungs, practically screaming, at his mother.

"I know, but I was hoping we could make this our little secret. I only told you because I would like to borrow him some of your clothes." She sighed. She knew she should've just left the boy, but it was the middle of winter and the people didn't take too kindly to anyone that appeared as he did.

"Fine," Jason spat. "But if father finds out that he is poor, do not get me involved!"

"I will not," she promised as Jason walked over to his large, walk-in closet and quickly picked out clothes he knew his father had never seen before, so he wouldn't question it. Donna smiled at her son and thanked him before returning to the bathroom. She knocked on the door and Chester opened it, towel wrapped firmly around his thin waist. He was absolutely spotless and his true beauty was shown, taking Donna's breath away. She silently handed him the fresh clothes and he eyed her curiously with his nearly black eyes that made the woman melt in place.

"Why are you helping me?" He asked quietly, with a voice that was filled with such a pure innocence, that even the notorious Mr. Shinoda couldn't yell at. Donna sighed and eyed his ribs that she could fully see on his bare chest. "Please, don't pity me."

"I do not pity you," she said almost too quickly, than she calmed herself down and gulped. "I mean, I had, but..." She trailed off, not knowing how to exactly word how she began feeling.

"Have you heard about the Bennington's?" He asked her softly, his voice was the closest thing to a real angel and that made Donna want to hug the life out of the boy and steal his pureness and make it hers. She quickly began running the name through her brain and she sighed, shaking her head.

"I do not believe I have," She answered with and stared at the boy to continue onward. She became dreadfully curious and wanted nothing more than the boy's story.

"I assumed so," Chester sighed and ran a hand through his clean, blonde hair. "The rich don't write stories about the poor except ones that make us out to be horrible mutants of some-sort. Like when a family in our side of the city became so poor and so hungry that they had to eat each other. You guys wrote a story about that, but you can't write one to tell people that we aren't terrible people."

"I know you are not a terrible person," Donna spoke softly, not wanting to make the boy snap. She couldn't blame him, it was the truth. The media would never write any positive stories about the poor or any that made them to be the victims. "Please, dear, tell me what happened to your family." She begged him quietly.

"I can't bother you with my troubles," he answered with, making Donna sigh disappointingly. She nodded her head, understanding the boy probably didn't wish to speak about it and closed to bathroom door once again to allow him to get dressed. At that moment, she heard the front door swing open, indicating the rest of her family was home. She had hold of Chester's old clothes and threw them away before heading to the entryway room to confront her husband. She hadn't the faintest idea of what she would tell him about the boy she found but she was always a terrible liar so she didn't really have an option.

"Hello, Muto." She greeted her husband and kissed his cheek. He was rather buff and dangerous looking for an artist, but still had that rich charm to him. Donna's eyes went down to her son. "Hello, Michael."

"It's Mike, mom." He sighed. He was so unlike every other rich child. He didn't say 'mother' or 'father' he would simply say 'mom' or 'dad'. As displeasing as that is to Muto, Mike had developed his art interest and talent, making him the favorite of the sons in his father's eyes. Mike had spread parts of his personality to his brother, but Jason wouldn't act up unless it was just the two of them.

"Why had you not come back to the party, Donna?" Muto asked his wife with a hint of anger. He could read his wife like a book and knew something was going on, better yet, something he knew he wouldn't like.

"Well, Dear, I had found this... Poor boy-" Donna began but was quickly interrupted by her husband.

"Poor boy?" He snapped. "The poor do not belong here! Where is the boy that you had seen? We shall take him and throw him in the jail! They do not step into our part of the city!"

"Dad," Mike gasped, listening in on the conversation. "You can't do that, it's not right."

"Yes, I can!" Muto insisted. "And you are going to help me bring the boy in! Now, where is he?"

"In the bathroom..." Donna answered and almost laughed at Muto's extreme disapproving face. "Oh, dear, please do not hurt him!"

"Do you even know the boy's name?" Muto rubbed his temple to try to sooth the headache that began forming.

"Yes," Donna smirked, pleased that she at least she knew that much. "His name is Chester Bennington."

"Bennington?" Her husband echoed. Donna nodded and became curious again about what the name meant. "Bring the boy down here. I assume you had cleaned him up?"

"Of course," Donna sighed, unaware of Muto's plans for the boy. She headed back to fetch him from the bathroom.

"You aren't going to kill or hurt him, are you?" Mike asked his father quietly. He didn't even know the boy, but he knew the poor lived rough lives. He had never actually seen someone as such before and it was somewhat thrilling to encounter someone so forbidden.

"No, son. He has been through plenty." Muto answered, which only furthered Mike's curiousity. His father had never been easy on anyone before, let alone feel bad for them. This made Mike wonder just how terrible of experience the boy must've gone through in order to make his father go soft. A moment later Donna had come back with Chester in her hand by his wrist. He hadn't looked up but was looking down in shame. He didn't believe he was worthy of even being in the presence of Mr. Shinoda.

"This is Chester, Muto." Donna introduced him and he finally looked up, but his eyes were refusing to meet with anyone else's. Mike realized that the boy before him was his age and was absolutely stunning. He was at loss of words by looking at the boy and soaking in his beauty. After moments of silence, Chester was the first to speak, surprising them all.

"It's an honor to meet all of you, but I'll leave if you'd like." He said slowly, trying to carefully bring out his words. It seemed that even Muto was at loss of words by the looks of Chester.

"Are you sure you are poor? Let alone a Bennington?" Muto finally found his terms and pushed them at Chester, who simply nodded his head. "I am very sorry,"

"Thank you, but you don't have to be. It's not like you were the cause of it." Chester said sadly and returned his gaze to the ground. Muto stepped towards the boy and that made Donna go in between them.

"Please, do not hurt him, Muto." Donna begged her husband who just laughed in return.

"I will not, my love." Muto promised. "Even if I do, the boy is strong. I will bet you he could take my best punch."

"Ok," Donna sighed and stepped away, still unsure about her husband's actions. Muto stepped closer to Chester and set both hands on either side of his shoulders and looked into his eyes. Chester stopped his eyes from looking anywhere else but at Muto out of fear, and looked him back in the eyes.

"You have courage," Muto thought aloud. "You fear me, yet you look me in the eye. Brave." Chester wasn't sure how to exactly respond to that. Everyone present in the room was shocked. Muto Shinoda had never even uttered a compliment. The closest he got was praising himself or his family, but never to anyone outside of the family. Let alone the poor. "As you must know, I am Muto Shinoda. That is my wife, Donna. I have two sons. My youngest is Jason and my oldest is this one here, Michael."

"Mike," Muto's son butted in and in return got a 'don't-start-with-me' look from his father.

"Jason!" Muto shouted for his youngest son, which was a rare occasion in the household. Jason had immediately rushed into the room and stopped when he saw the boy. Muto hadn't taken his hands off Chester's shoulders, instantly driving Jason's curiousity to a breaking point.

"What is going on?" He asked his family and only got confused looks from Mike and Donna.

"I wanted Jason here for my decision. I want Chester to remain here. We will provide schooling and we will welcome him into the family." Muto informed the family. Everyone's jaws dropped, including Chester's.

"What about him being poor? That will bring too much media, Muto." Donna tossed in. She wasn't anywhere near against having Chester stay, it's what she wanted, but it was so unlike Muto.

"We do not reveal his past or that he was poor. We say he was in foster care and we took him in." Muto decided and smiled.

"And what if I don't want to stay?" Chester peaked in the conversation, startling everyone by his words.

"Why would you not wish to stay?" Muto snapped, not taking a liking to the fact that someone refused something kind that he had to offer.

"When the rich wage war it's the poor who die." Chester responded with, startling everyone with that type of response. "You people use us for war and leave us to die after. That's how all this started. I doubt you have that written in your text books. I don't want to be apart of a group of people that hurt the innocent."

"Just accept the offer, boy." Muto growled. "I am not taking no for an answer from the poor."

"There's this thing called pride," Chester said, the words would sound rude, but coming from Chester, they sounded like the sweetest words one could give. "And I'm not about to loose it." His words left everyone speechless. He broke away from Muto's grip on his shoulders and started walking to the doors but was stopped by Mike.

"You won't loose your pride if you stay here. Please, will you? You'll die out there." Mike told him and finally saw just how skinny the boy was. "You'll freeze and starve. You can do so much more with your life than just throwing it away."

"Please, Chester, listen to my son." Donna begged him. Donna and Mike truly had the most fullest of hearts out of all the people on this side of town, but could rarely show their affection due to Muto.

"If I don't have a choice," Chester finally caved and eyed Mike carefully. He had learned from a very young age not to trust anyone, especially the rich. Why he even accepted Donna's help tonight is something he couldn't answer himself. Maybe desperation had finally struck him while he was still unaware of the change.

"You do not," Muto growled seriously. It seems as though the family have captured Chester and were not going to let him go easily. Chester merely sighed deeply in return. As improper as the boy had seemed to Muto, the older man had for some reason taken a liking to the poor boy.

"We have a guest bedroom you may-" Donna began.

"I don't think he'd be comfortable on his own just yet, mom. I think he should stay with me in my room." Mike interrupted his mother who seemed happy by her sons gesture.

"That sounds ok with me," Muto butted in. "But, Michael,"

"Yeah?" Mike raised an eyebrow and glared at his dad.

"Do not grow fond of him." Muto finished and Mike lead Chester up to his room silently with his fathers words buzzing around in his head. The pair entered and Chester was confronted by the most beautiful pieces of artwork he's ever seen. It's even better than Muto's.

"Oh my god," Was all Chester could weeze out as he continued admiring all the paintings and drawings hung around the dimly lit room. This was the only room in the home that didn't actually look like it belonged to a rich person. Although the conditions were much better than that of the poor, it was much more cheaper than the rich. There were two beds already in the medium sized room. A desk with all sorts of art supplies sat in the front of the room.

"Do you like them?" Mike asked with a smile already upon his lips. He never usually cares about people's opinions on his work, but for some reason he felt he needed Chester's voice upon them.

"They're so beautiful," Chester murmered, not seemingly hearing Mike. "It's the most gorgeous sight I've ever seen."

"I agree," Mike whispered, mainly to himself, as he looked at Chester. He was in fact gay, but if he ever said anything, he would be condemned to joining the poor and becoming disowned by his father. He was instantly attracted to the boy and wasn't shy to show it, but he also didn't want him slipping away or becoming scared of him.

Chester could feel that Mike was much more different than any other rich person in the city. That made him instantly take a liking to the different boy but he still couldn't trust him. He knew better than to just rely on someone he just met. Except little did Chester know that Mike had every one of his intentions set to gain anything Chester could offer him.

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