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11 Days by BSkyeSoldier


Chapter One - Taken

It started off like any other day. The tour just began and all six of us were buzzing with excitement. Especially Chester and Mike. This would be their first tour as a couple. They just came out to the public and things couldn't have gone smoother. I was expecting a lot of fuss, but it turns out almost all of our fans already assumed this before it even happened. The fans seemed more prepared than the rest of the band did when they first announced their relationship, but I'm happy for them. Although, I will admit to having a little bit of a man crush on both of them. Okay, I have a really big crush on both of them. It leans to one side or the other usually, so currently I'm mainly crushing on Chaz, but I also still really like Mike.

We just finished putting all our luggage into the bottom part of the bus where we store our supplies and headed inside. Mike and Chester immediately enveloped into a series of soft kisses and giggles. I smiled at the sight and looked at Phoenix who rolled his eyes in response. A low moan is heard from Mike and all of us look at him oddly. He blushed but then moaned again and Chester giggled adorably.

"Ches, stop it!" Mike whined. I see Chester's arm move, it's behind Mike, and he moaned again. Chester bit his lip and takes the arm back and moved it to his front, grabbing Mike's... Package. He moaned louder and his eyes rolled back.

"What's this?" Chester asked innocently. "I think it likes me."

"I think it does too," Mike purred seductively.

"Not on the bus!" Brad shrieked and flung a condom at the two. It fell on the floor and Chester let go of Mike, who bent down and picked up the rubber and looked up to Chester and raised his eyebrows suggestively. He grabs Chester's hand and pulled him into the tiny bathroom and we heard a click from the door - informing us that it's locked. Brad looked blankly at the door as if he's confused by what just happened.

"Why would you give them a condom if you didn't want them to do that?" I sighed, eyeing Brad. Phoenix and Joe looked at Brad, obviously wondering the same thing.

"I-I..." He stuttered and blinked his eyes a few times.

"Fuck...yes! Right there, Chaz!...Oh. My. God." Mike screamed from in the bathroom and suggestive thumping erupted. Brad looked terrified and ran away to his bunk, closing his curtain behind him. The bathroom door opened and Chester peered out and looked at me.

"Is he gone?" He asked. I nodded my head and he giggled, opening the door all the way for us to see both of them fully clothed and not doing anything bad at all. "It worked, Mikey! He so fell for it!"

"What was his face like? I bet it looked like this," Mike laughed loudly and imitated Brad's face, which I must admit looked really legit. Chester bursted into his little fit of giggles. How adorable! His laugh lines added with the cute noises he created would make even the sourest of people go soft.

The bus started moving roughly and we all shift violently. I hear a thud and see Chester fell and landed on top of Mike. When he tried to get up, Mike wrapped his arms around his waist and held him firmly. Chester laughed and snuggled into Mike's chest and closed his eyes. Mike raised his head the best he could and kissed the top of Chester's head softly before relaxing back down and closing his own eyes as well. Both of their breaths are slow and steady and I realize they just fell asleep. Phoenix looked at me and then back at the two sleeping forms with confusion. He once again rolled his eyes and smiled. He goes to his bunk and Joe followed his lead. They go in their own and close their curtains, not bothering with good nights.

I sat on the couch that wasn't far from Mike and Chester. I could still see them peacefully sleeping and it was enough to bring a smile to my lips. I watched them for another few minutes before I felt my eyes go heavy. Suddenly, the bus slammed to a stop and the door opened. Four figures stepped in, armed with guns. They handed a piece of paper - probably a note - to the bus driver before kicking him off the bus. One of the four guys took the driver's seat and began driving. The other three came to the back. Everyone jumped out of their bunks and woke up, except Mike and Chester, who remained asleep. All of them had their guns pointed at us and none of us dared to speak.

"How sweet," one of them sneered at the sight of the couple. He handed his gun to one of the others and stepped up to them. He bent down and roughly snagged Chester's blonde hair and yanked him up, waking him. He snaked his arms around Chester's waist and pulled him away. Mike woke up and gasped when he saw the scene and his love being in the arms of one of our attackers.

"Let him go!" Mike cried out and tears were in his eyes as he looked at Chester.

"You got yourself a pretty one, Shinoda." The man holding Chester purred. "Well, I guess I got myself a pretty one now."

"Enough," one of the others sighed. "I guess we'll be spending a lot of time together, let's just get the intros done. We already know you so we won't bother with that. I'm Greg, the one holding your friend is Martes, the driver is Matt, and the other is Lucas. We're, well, pretty big fans, but it's more about money than anything else right now."

"We gave the rancid note to your old driver and they've got eleven days to come up with the money or else they'll never see you boys again. We have no problem with keeping you." The one known as Lucas spoke.

"Especially you," Martes purred to Chester, making him shiver from fear.

"Martes, I want you to tie Chester and Mike up and to separate them. Lucas, tie up Joe and Phoenix. I'll tie up Brad and Rob. If any of you guys try to get away, let's just say one of your mates will get hurt. I know half of you at least don't care about your own well-being as much as you care for your friends." Greg directed. I'm assuming he's the brains of all this or something like that. Matt's the getaway and the other two are the muscle. Greg goes to Brad first as the others begin tying my friends up. He takes out a pair of handcuffs and clips him around a bar so he can't move anywhere. Greg comes up to me and does the same, placing me next to Brad.

"No! Stop it! Let him go! Don't touch him!" I hear Mike screaming and then a soft thud. Greg sighs and walks to them, out of my view. Joe is pushed next to me and Phoenix in front of Brad.

"Dude, you can't hurt them yet!" Greg snaps in the back. Everyone's eyes widened at that. Which one was hurt?

"Well I'm not sorry! The little one tried to get away and the other was trying to help." Martes complained.

"I told you to simply tie them up! One stays in the back, the other up there and then the occasional switch." Greg commanded. I heard Martes sigh deeply. "I'll take Mike to the front, don't try anything with Chester, just tie him up."

"Fine, but we all get our fun later, right?" He asked. I looked at the guys who had worry planted on their faces. Greg returns with Mike who had a small gash under his eye. Thank god it's nothing major. He's placed in front of me and tied, looking extremely miserable.

"Yes, but not now." Greg told Martes as he returns with a grin on his face. Fun...? "What's the time?"

"Exactly midnight." Matt answered.

"Alright," Greg smiled and looked at us. "Eleven days from now, I'm assuming you'll be free, but until then, you boys are ours."

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