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Strange Occurrence by bourhahnfan1

Pets forced upon me

It was early in the afternoon when my phone started to ring


"Hey Chez its Vanessa do you mind if i come over i have something to show you"

"Yeah sure come over"

Some time later Vanessa turned up with a fairly large box i took it off her it was pretty heavy so i put it down in my living room

"Jeez its so heavy whats in here?"

Vanessa sat down beside the box and opened it slowly i peeked inside the box to see cats and rabbits

"Umm ok"

"Haha let me introduce you all..ok so this is Rob"

She took out a fluffy white and brown spotted rabbit it had sky purple coloured eyes

"And this is Joe"

She then took out a second rabbit this one was a bit smaller it was a greyish black rabbit with red eye's their eye colour's did seem a bit unusual to me though

"Then this is Phoenix one of three cats"

She took out the first cat it was ginger with bright yellow eye's

"That's Brad the one sticking his head out"

Brad was a black cat his eyes were a deep shade of grey

"And last but by no means least is Mike"

Mike was a white cat with orange eye's


"Soooo what?"

"What do you think cute right?"

"I guess...And the answers no"

"Huh...No?....oh right....come on please take them their homeless and need you to take care of them"

"And why cant you keep them?"

"Because my dog doesn't like cats or rabbits and plus you have a lot more spare time then i do so please Chester please take them"

And before i knew it i had Five new pets

"That's great"

Vanessa walked over to the balcony and shouted downwards

"Ok boys bring it all up"

"Wait what?"

"I have all the stuff your gonna need to take care of them"

"You planned this from the very beginning didn't you"

"Yep i knew you couldn't say no"

So i now live in my one bedroom apartment with three cats and two rabbits how the hell did that happen I've never even owned a hamster let alone cats and rabbits

"Ok your all set Chez good luck"

Vanessa left and I was now alone with these odd little creatures i sat down on the couch i then felt something tugging on my pants i looked down to see the ginger cat


I couldn't help but laugh at his cute expression the three cats and the greyish black rabbit were all gathered together but Rob the brown and white rabbit seemed to distance himself from the others

"So you guys hungry?"

And as if they could understand what i was saying they all perked up their ears and followed me into the kitchen.......After feeding the animal's i went to bed not wanting to see them in cages i gave them free roam of my apartment


Hearing the meow of a cat i looked around to find Mike sat on the end of my bed looking towards the ground i looked in the same direction to see the spotted rabbit he was standing on his back feet his purple eyes glowing in the dark

"Hey Rob what's wrong?"

The spotted rabbit hopped up onto the bed and joined the cat they looked straight at one another for some time before the cat jumped off the bed and left the room the rabbit watched the white cat leave the room he then turned towards me when i tried to pick him up he ran away

(Next morning)

When i woke up the next morning i felt something heavy on my chest and when i looked down i saw two purple eyes glaring at me i noticed the spotted rabbit sitting on me!!

"Umm good morning Rob"

I couldn't help but want to touch his paws so i reached out my hand but when i got close to him he ran away again

"He's a very strange rabbit indeed!!"

I got out of bed and went into the kitchen the three cats were sitting patiently on the table and the greyish black rabbit was laid on the couch but the spotted rabbit was nowhere to be seen he only came out of hiding once I'd fed the others the spotted rabbit never ate with the rest nor did he eat the same food as the he only ever ate cabbage and lettuce i placed his bowl down and he came out once i had backed off a little

"I wonder why he's so different from the other rabbit is he some sort of rare breed i mean I've never seen a rabbit like him but both the rabbits and the cats have unusual coloured eyes"

I glanced down at my watch 8:15

"Oh crap if I don't hurry I'll be late for work"

I rushed around to get ready when i was about to leave the free cats all looked up at me

"Be good and don't fight with the rabbits I'll be back soon!"

I felt a bit uneasy leaving them alone together but i had to go to work i needed the money

(After work)

"Hmm i wonder if their alright?"

It took only ten minutes to walk home from work when i got in there was no sign of the animals then i felt something by my feet it was Mike i picked him up and petted his head

"Meow prrrrrrrr"

I placed him back down he then ran off towards the balcony where i found the other two cats and the greyish black rabbit there was no sign of the spotted rabbit i walked over to the kitchen and that's where i found him hidden under the table but when i went to touch him he ran away i followed him into my room out of curiosity

"Come on Robby let me touch your paws just once"

He ran and jumped on my bed then hid under the covers

"Stop trying to touch my paws"

A voice cried out i reached for the cover and pulled it back and what i saw came as a total surprise

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