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Avenged the Tour by Bourdelsonloves

The surprised band

This, this I got the idea from the Avenged Sevefold concert, they played so wonderfully and I meet on of my favorite bands there too. And whoo! It was great.

But enough of my life read and tell me what you think at the end of the story.


Finally another tour! A time where me and Rob and spin some time together, and sometimes share bunks with each other “Hey Brad you have your bag on the bus right?” I hear Chester walk up behind me; I nodded as I through my last bag in the back.

“Are we sharing a bus with the other band or are they using theirs?” I asked, he shrugged “I’m not sure, Josh said that we’ll meet the band so we can decide on that.” I nodded and followed Chester onto the bus taking a seat next to Rob.

I looked over finding our tour manger walking in behind Mike

“guys I have some news on what band that will be touring with us today, you all have heard of the band Avenged Sevenfold right?” My jaw dropped “Avenged Sevenfold? You mean like M. Shadows, Avenged Sevenfold?” I asked, Josh nodded “That’s the one, we’re all meeting them to talk about the bus riding and the dates” Josh said as he walked passed everyone.

Avenged fucking Sevenfold.

We’re going to be tour with them “You’re a fan of Sevenfold” I hear Rob ask me, I turned and smiled “Of course I am, I fucking love them they’re one of my favorite bands” I smiled at Rob.

He laughed and kissed my cheek “At least you’ll enjoy this tour for a while” he smiled at me.

I smiled back. This tour is already turning out perfect.


We all walk into a big huge building, Rob held onto my hand as we walked into a room “Shadows, this is Linkin Park” “Hi, real name Matthew. I’m an actual fan of you guys” I swear, I almost passed out as I heard Matthew’s voice.

“Great, our guitar player, Brad here; He loves you guys” Chester said as he took Shadows hand. I turned around to the sound of the door opening behind me and Rob.

Holy shit! It’s Synyster Gates.

Their guitar player oh my god. “Sorry, I’m went to go grab a drink “No problem, Guys this is Brian” “Or mostly known by Synyster or just Syn” Brain smiled as he opened his water bottle. I stared at him, and I couldn’t look away “Brad? Earth to Brad” Rob said to me waving his hand in front of my face.

“Huh? Oh sorry” I looked over to Brain laughing as he looked at me, I looked at Rob as he reached his hand out to Brain “I’m Rob. And this puff ball here is Brad, He’s a BIG fan” Rob whispered the last part. I could already feel my cheeks burn red “Rob…” I whispered, he looked at me and laughed.

“It’s nice to meet you Brad” Gates said to me as he reached his hand out to me, I couldn’t remember if I actually lifted my arm up or not, I looked down to find my hand in his shaking it.


We all sat around a table talking about the tour, telling some of our sets to each other.

“I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t ask but are you two together?” Zachy asked pointing to me and Rob, I looked to Rob as he smiled “Yeah, we’ve been together for a while now” I looked to Synyster as he looked up to me, he smiled. I felt my cheeks getting red as I smiled to Synyster.

“So are we all set?” Mike asked, Matthew shook his head “we haven’t talked about if we’ll share a bus or we’ll be use our own bus” “Oh yeah, well on our way here we all thought it would be great if we use our bus, we have enough bunks for everyone” Chester finished, Matthew and Zachy nodded and smiled “Sounds like a plan to me” Zachy said as he rose from his chair.

“Great, let’s all head out to the bus and get this Tour started” Mike said as he followed Chester out the door.

I followed Rob as he pulled me along with him “Hey Brad, do you think you can help me out with my bags?” I turned around to find Synyster with two bags in each hand and two more on the ground near his feet.

I looked to Rob and used my puppy eyes to let me help him, he laughed as he let go of my hand. I smiled and ran towards Synyster’s bags “Just these two?” I asked, he smiled to me and nodded “Yeah, just those. Come on, we don’t want everyone to be pissed at us if we’re not out there” I laughed as I followed him out the door.

“Is there more?” Matthew asked; Synyster shook his head “no, Brad helped me grab the rest” Matthew nodded and put his last bag in the back “Alright guys” he yelled “Let’s get into this bus and kick some ass on this tour” Matthew said as he walked onto the bus. I smiled as I followed Synyster onto the bus.

For sure this tour, will be the best tour we’ve done.


OOooh How I like the idea, but if it sucked tell me. I'll do anything to make this better if it sucks. Leave a rate if you do like it and well yeah. I gotta go. Peace!


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