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I Love You by LinkinParkisLove

Chapter One

Chapter One


"Ah-choo!" Chester sneezed loudly again which was followed by rough sniffles and a yawn. He looked exhausted. He must've gotten a cold while on tour once again, but it's just now really kicking in. We had gotten home a few weeks ago, except we're picking it up again in a few days.

"You have to stop getting sick, Ches." I chuckled lightly as he sneezed two more times. He gave a soft smile in return, the dark bags under his eyes creasing slightly. "I can't take care of you all the time!"

"Well, Talinda's taking c-care of the boys and I n-need someone to spoon feed m-me when I'm i-ill." He yawned again and laid down against my shoulder as I drove. We were on our way back from the doctor. It was nearly impossible forcing Chaz into going but I was worried after two weeks of constant sneezing and exhaustion.

"Why do I always have to take care of you?" I whined, even though I fight with the rest of the guys to be the one to take care of Chester. I can't help it, I just don't feel right when I don't know how he's feeling or where he is.

"You know very well why, Shinoda! You throw a fit bigger than the sun when someone e-else helps me when I'm sick!" He grinned brightly that forced a smile onto my own face when I looked over at him. We turned to our home street and pulled into the driveway. Chester lifted his head off my shoulder and goes to open the door, but I don't unlock it. He looks to me and tilts my head.

"If you're so sick, you shouldn't be walking!" I smirk and quickly open my door while unlocking the other and made my way over to Chester's. I picked him up and carried him like a groom would to his bride into the house. He was giggling slightly, which caused the smile across my lips to widen.

"Mike! Chester!" Brad beamed as I carried Chester inside. "I haven't seen you two for a week!"

"Yeah because he insists on stealing my husband when he's sick," Talinda laughed as I set Chester down on the couch, who's rolling his eyes. Everyone understands that I need to be with Chester when he's sick or not feeling good ever since Anna left me. The house is lonely without my family so I take any chance I can get to kidnap Chester and hold him there against his will for as long as I can. It's oddly comforting for me.

"Mike and Chaz are here!" I heard Phoenix yelp excitedly as the rest of the guys rush up and jump on me and a groaning Chester who's still on the couch. They act like excited puppies who cry and squeal when they're accompanied by people whenever I steal Ches for a while and randomly show up.

"I'm surprised, I didn't think you guys were stopping by!" Talinda smiled brightly before going to Chester to kiss the top of his head gently. She looked to me, her lovely features brightening the longer her husband is by her side. "Mike, thank you for taking care of him while I'm busy with the boys. It means so much to our family,"

"It's no problem, Tal, I love taking care of him or else I'd let the other guys help!" I chuckled dryly as Chester sat up on the couch, Talinda automatically putting an arm around him. Jealousy fumes through me, my brain begging me to take Chester back to my place, away from his wife. Those feelings came out of no where one day when both our families went out for dinner once together. For some reason, they just continued to bubble and overtake the space in my head. When Anna left, everything became clear.


"You love him, admit it!" She sobbed, clutching onto my arm desperately. My eyes widen and my breath fades away to almost nothing. I knew exactly who she was referring to, but I couldn't admit anything.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about, Anna!" I defended myself. In turn, she sobbed harder and let go of my arm. She looked into my eyes and chocked on her words before managing to get them out.

"M-Mike, I love - loved - you. Don't you think I've seen the way you look at him? The w-way you fuss over him? I-I've noticed, Michael, and I don't w-want to be more hurt than I a-am right now! S-so I h-have to l-leave you." She cried horribly, her beautiful face full of hurt.

"I... Anna, I-" My words wouldn't go on as she left the room and grabbed already packed bags for her and Otis, who looked confused but not hurt which relieved my aching heart. She was right about to open the door when she looked back at me and glanced into my worried eyes.

"I'm s-sorry, Mike, but I can't k-keep waiting for y-you." She sobbed once again before shaking her head briefly and leaving the house, closing the door firmly behind her.


"MIKEY!" Joe boomed into my ear, causing me to flinch remarkably, I could hear Chester yelling and yawning at the same time, telling him to be quiet. Poor Chazzy, he must be exhausted.

"Jesus, Joe, turn it down a notch," I groaned and walked towards Chester who still remained on the couch. Talinda had gone into the kitchen and I had taken her spot next to him on the couch. He gave me a soft smile in return as he rested his head down on the armrest and closed his eyes.

"Dude, you were totally spacing out!" Brad whispered, trying to keep quiet so Chester could sleep. I nodded my head and sighed softly, but smiled when I felt Chester move slightly beside me. He sat up, eyes remaining closed, before laying down, putting his head in my lap. I put a possessive hand on his back, rubbing it gently.

'You two need to get together already,' Brad mouthed to me when the other guys began to quietly converse. I roughly shook my head and bit at my bottom lip.

'He doesn't feel the same,' I silently said back to him. He gave me a doubtful look before rolling his eyes.

"Mike," Talinda said, looking at me. Panic rose through me, in fear that she may have seen the silent conversation between Brad and I. "Are you taking Chester back to your house soon or is he staying here?"

"I would like to take him now if you don't mind. It's so quiet and lonely," I sighed deeply and looked into her lovely brown eyes. She nodded, showing she understood and left the room, not even bothering to say goodbye to Chester. I began poking him, to wake him back up.

"Mikey," He whined as I got up from my spot, knocking Chester off of me and onto the floor. I immediately felt bad and helped him back up, apologizing.

"I'm sorry you couldn't sleep longer, Ches, but we should get back to my place," I told him. He nodded and leaned against me as we walked side by side back to the car.

"I should say goodbye to Talinda and tell her I'm leaving," He says once we get in. I shook my head slowly and sighed, running a hand through my hair.

"She knows," I informed him. He looks at me oddly with confusment. "I told her I was taking you back to my house again."

"And she didn't want to say goodbye?" He asked, hurt pricking through his voice. I nodded my head briefly and he let out a long sigh before leaning back and closing his eyes.

Anna had left me and took everything but the house. She got the most custody over Otis but I still get to see him whenever I want when I'm not touring. She had tried telling Talinda that I was in love with Chester, but I refused everything when Talinda had asked me about it. She seemed doubtful of my answer and even told me she thought Chester loved me the same way as well. I continued to deny everything and she eventually gave up on asking, except she began keeping a closer eye on me, as if I could steal her husband away from her forever.

Anna even told Brad, considering the fact that he was my longest friend. He came to me and I couldn't lie to him like I could to Talinda. I told him that I think I'm in love with him, but I wasn't certain. Being the supportive friend he is, he helped me discover how I really felt and even found some proof that Chester may love me in return. Again, I denied the thought of his love for me and Brad hasn't stopped pestering me about it ever since.

I can't help but feel guilty every time I think about loving Chester. I don't want to hurt his marriage and send him down a dark road that he's already been down before. It hurts so much that I'm practically addicted to being around him because it just reminds me about my love for him that doesn't feel the least bit misplaced. It feels so right but my head is telling me it's wrong. I take any opportunity I can manage to keep him by my side without rising suspicion. Of course Chester and I have always been really close, even before I recognized my feelings, but my paranoia has been through the roof since I discovered how I felt.

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