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Sunday Morning by LinkinParkisLove

Sunday Morning

Authors Note: I've never written any slash before so I decided to try my hand at it. I also think I may of figured out how to do italics, bold, and underline, but if I'm wrong, please excuse me for my mistake.

Sunday Morning

"Hey, Chazzy," I purred as his eyes slowly peeked open. He smiled softly when he saw me looking directly at him as we laid on the bed.

"Morning, Mikey," He greeted me back, kissing my cheek faintly. Before he could pull away, I grabbed him by both sides of his face and pressed it towards mine, locking our lips together firmly.

The kiss became heated very quickly as we both snapped our eyes closed securely and leaned in even closer. My tongue ran across his bottom lip, making him moan in between our lips, parting his slightly. I took the opportunity and pushed my velvet tongue into his burning mouth. Our tongues twisted around each other and ran across one another as Chester fell on top of me.

His light body made his presence barely noticeable, making me want to press closer. I flipped the both of us so he was on the bottom as my hands greedily devour his body. Our kiss became sloppy as he moaned again when I continued to grope him. He began tearing away at my shirt, buttons breaking free. His legs surrounded my waist and he began lightly pushing my pants and boxers away with his feet before returning their place around my midsection as his hands clawed at my back.

My hands raised and made their way under his shirt, pushing it up and over him. My head instantly fell and began kissing his chest and lightly nibbling at his nipples. He grabbed both sides of my face and raised it back to his lips, while running his hands into my hair roughly. He pressed against my lips hard and raised his lower half, pushing his erection into mine, making me moan passionately.

Immediately, I tore off his pants and began rubbing our bare erections together, making mine strain from how heavily turned on I am. He somehow managed to flip us over again and began kissing a trail down to my navel. He slowly pumped me before kissing the tip and swirling his damp tongue around the sides, toying with me. I let out a low growl before whimpering as he took me in entirely.

He slowly pushed his tongue around my pained erection, sucking lightly. I lost control briefly and thrusted heavily into his mouth, yelling out in pleasure as I hit the back of his throat. He began bobbing his head up and down, his hands moving faintly up my sides, as his velvety mouth circled tighter around me. I panted, my hot breath pressing into his ear making him groan. I pushed his shoulders back, making him stop his mouth movements. I flipped him over onto his stomach.

"No...lube," he panted before I could do any more movements. "I just... Want to... Feel you."

"Okay, baby. Tell me to stop if it hurts to much." I gently stroked his face as he nodded. I stuck a single finger in the entry first to prepare him before adding more until I thought he was ready. I grabbed his erection, making him gasp as I pushed slowly into him. I began to pump him dryly as I further pushed into and out of him slowly.

"M-Mike, h-harder," He begged and I obliged instantly. I thrusted roughly into his opening as he screamed out in pleasure. He tightened around my hardness as I hit his spot. He gasped repeatedly as I continued to roughly press into him. I came violently, yelling out in shock. I pulled out and shoved Chester back on bottom. I kissed his lips densely before running my hands up and down his body, making my way down to his aching erection.

I spared no time as I ran a tongue over his tip, tasting his sweet pre-cum from when I was previously pumping him. I tightened my hot mouth around him as he pressed his hands on the back of my head, pushing me down more. He hit the back of my throat and came instantly. Immediately I swallowed and pulled back, licking my lips.

My mouth found his once again as I pushed my tongue into his mouth, letting him taste his own cum. I went deeper and nearly stuck my entire tongue down his throat. We both sat up and his legs were once again around my waist. I lifted his light weight off the bed and slammed his body against the wall, pressing myself entirely into him. He continued to push back from the wall, adding more pressure in between our bodies.

We heard a low groan from inside the room and our movements stopped. I slowly let Chester's bare form slip off mine as our gazes turn to see Brad enjoying himself on a blow up mattress in front of the door. I forgot he was sleeping in our room tonight.

"Don't stop at my expense," He huffed, seemingly out of breath. I looked to Chester who raised his eyebrows. I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly before diving in on Chester once again and pressing him back to the bed.

Time for round two!

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