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Fallout by BSkyeSoldier

Points of Authority

A/N: I'm more than certain you guys are sick of my constant new stories I keep making and I apologize! It's so hard to keep inspired with the same old stuff that losses it's edge and interest in your own brain. I plan on completing every story I've posted but I'm really hoping this one sticks and continues to interest me as I further write it!

Mike's POV

Everything was happening so quickly. I didnt understand what was going on. One moment, we were Xero with Mark still with is, the next we're trying to replace him for Hybrid Theory. I don't want to replace Mark. He helped us get so far, but then he just gave up. He was my best friend and the greatest companion I've ever had. No one can replace what he brought to the band. He brought feeling and passion that cannot be mimicked by anyone. Unfortunately, the remainder of the band decided to travel to find our next lead singer. I refused to take part, but they dragged me along anyway. I already hate the new guy, without him even being there yet. There's no way anyone could change my mind, no matter how amazing they sing. They can't replace Mark in my mind. Now we're in dusty Phoenix, Arizona. Phoenix, decided it would be great to pull the bus over and take a picture of the sign that says 'Phoenix'. Doesn't he know there's about a million other signs out there that say the same thing?

"Oh, Mikey, cheer up!" Brad, spoke to me with a joyful voice. Why is he so happy?

"How can I cheer up? My best fucking friend just ditched us to try to find some other band to join!" I snap and hurt gets written all over his face. I instantly feel bad, but I don't stop. "We can't just replace him with some nobody!"

"But we're finding somebody. They aren't a nobody if we can get your stubborn ass to pick them! We've done over ten auditions in five different states already and found some great guys, but no, Mikey can't replace his Mark! Quit being so selfish and help us pick someone before our band crumbles!" Brad yelled back at me, which was definitely a surprise. He's never as so much risen his voice at me before.

"I'm sorry for stating the truth! No one can replace him! He was perfect for the band and I'm not about to warm up to some stranger! They could be a serial killer for all I know!" I barked back roughly and he groans, shaking his head.

"Mike, we aren't even there yet to place the auditions and you're already being irrational. Sure, Mark was a great singer, but he's gone and he isn't coming back." Brad spoke calmly, attempting to keep his cool.

"I told him he could come back whenever he wanted!" I growled and his jaw dropped.

"What?!" He snapped. "You can't just do that! He left and that's final! What if we find someone better than Mark and all of a sudden, he comes back? What are we gonna do then?"

"Let him back in! He may have left us in the dirt, but he's still my best friend!" Confused tears sprung into my eyes and Brad's features soften. He comes closer to me and puts an arm around me.

"Look, Mikey," He said quietly. "I know it's hard replacing your best friend. I don't think I could ever replace you if you left, so I understand, but you have to be strong. You have to help us help the band or else there won't be a band. Mark's gone. He betrayed us. I'm not letting him back in if he does come back. I'm sorry."

"Okay," was all I could choke out. He rubbed my back briefly before yelling at Phoenix to get back into the bus. Then we were off again, going to our destination to hopefully find a new lead singer. As much as I won't like any of them, no matter what. About an hour more of extremely slow driving, we arrive at a small disgusting building. Great.

"Alright, we start auditions in ten minutes, at exactly one pm." One of my band members shouted, I didn't bother seeing whom. I rolled my eyes and sat down at the long table that was set up for us. The metal chair painfully rusty, making me gag when I sit.


Chester's POV

I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing. I look at the caller ID and sigh deeply. I'm really not in the mood to talk to him, but damn will he murder me if I don't at least pick up. Groaning, I answer the phone.

"What the fuck do you want, Sean?" I ask flatly. He's a member of my old band, Grey Daze.

"Just making sure you're awake, sweetie" He purrs. God, he disgusts me. I can't believe I agreed to be in a band with him. He fucking destroyed my life.

"Fuck off," I growl and hang up the phone. I toss out of my bed. 1 pm. Damn, I woke up late. I sigh as I change my clothes and quickly but lazily spike my blonde hair. Not important enough to truly be bothered with. After taking care of other necessities, I head downstairs and see my ex girlfriend, Samantha. We still live together, both of us are too poor to move anywhere else, so we agreed to at least be friends.

"Sean bugging you again?" She asked me after taking one small glance at my face.

"Just like any other day," I answer with a sad sigh and she gives me her sympathetic eyes.

"I miss you, you know." She says quietly. I know she's drunk whenever she says that. It happens every time.

"You should really lay off the drinking," I mutter and she giggles like a little girl.

"You should really lay off the coke," She counters with and smirks.

"It's not like I go out and get high every day, Sam." I tell her with no emotion. We haven't completely patched everything up, but it's much better than it was when I first broke it off with her. She attempted to lock me in my room so I couldn't leave her as she shouted at me through the door. Eventually, after a few days, she finally cooled down and let me out.

"It's more like every other day," She grunts and spills into a frenzy of laughter. "And somedays you even go with the more serious drugs! You could die!" She's really laughing at this point. Tears are spilling down her cheeks and she's loudly screaming with her girlish giggles.

"Whatever," I roll my eyes and head towards the door. She suddenly starts crying and grabs my arms and hugs me tightly.

"I'm so sorry!" She sobs into my chest. Again, I roll my eyes. This happens so often, I don't even try anymore. She won't remember a thing. Occasionally, she'll even attack me and it'll get to the point where I have to hide in the bathroom until she sobers up, then she'll ask me what I'm doing. It gets tiring with the same routine happening over and over again. I finally break free of her grasp after she tried kissing my neck and slam the door behind me as I left the house.

I have this audition for some band called Hybrid Theory or something and I'm actually late, but luckly the building's near by. I walk in and find a seat. There's about twenty other guys here and one of them decides to sit down right next to me. Great.

"Hi! Hi! Hi!" He greets me. I simply look at him, showing no emotion in my face. "I'm Joe!"

"Hi," I speak quickly and stop looking at him. I look down to the floor and try my hardest to ignore him as he rambles on about some nonsense. I begin spacing out when he nudges me roughly. I look at him and he tilts his head.

"Don't talk much do you?" He asked. I give in to his social demand and shake my head. "How are you supposed to audition for a band if you don't speak?"

"I'll speak when I get in there," I continue speaking barely over a whisper. He gives me an odd look and my phone rings yet again. It's no surprise who it is. "Will you leave me alone?" I snap into the phone when I pick up. Joe decides it would be a great idea to lean closer so he can eavesdrop on my conversation with Sean.

"No," He simply said, then laughed. "Chazzy, where are you? I went to your house and found Samantha passed out. I brought you something special!"

"What?! Get out of my house!" I yell then groan in frustration. "What he hell do you want?"

"You," he simply states than chuckles darkly. "But come back, I have something I wanna give you! I don't want some unknown fucking band stealing you away from me anyway."

"Fuck off, asshole!" I snap than hang up on him. He tries calling again and I turn my phone off.

"Boyfriend?" Joe asked raising an eyebrow.

"What? Oh heaven's no! There's not a chance in hell! I fucking hate him." I groan with frustration.

"He seems creepy," he noted and I nodded, agreeing.

"Yeah, he was in my old band and won't leave me alone." I tell him, not sure why. He doesn't need to be bothered with me.

"Man, did you quit and that displeased him or something?" He asked looking quite concerned. "He seemed possessive over you, if you ask me."

"Fuck yeah he is, but it goes much deeper than just quitting their band." I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. "Oh, I guess I didn't tell you who I am." I laughed briefly and he smiled kindly. He's not as bad or as annoying as I thought. "I'm Chester Bennington."

"Oh! You're one of the people here for the audition! My friends and I are really excited to hear from you especially, well except my friend, Mike. He's not gonna like you just because he doesn't wanna replace his old friend, the ex singer for us, but don't worry about him! I think you'll do great and I thought you sounded awesome over the memo!" He rambles on and on and on...

"You're apart of the band?" I ask and he nods his head.

"Yup! Joe Hahn - the DJ! I'm surprised you didn't realize that." He chuckles. I did know all their names.

"Yeah, but there's so many Joe's out there! Well, it's really nice to meet you!" I say as happily as I could, even though I'm dying inside. "Why aren't you listening in on the auditions?"

"Oh, I took a break so I can meet some of you guys, in case you end up as our new singer! But it's fucking awesome meeting you too!" He smiled really brightly. God this man is probably the most happiest person EVER. "I should get back, I'll see you when it's your turn!" With that, he left and after a few minutes, it was already my turn. Fuck, am I ready for this? I've sang with plenty of other small bands before being with Grey Daze, but when I joined that band, I really didn't have a choice.

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