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I've always been there we're like Brothers by Bourdelsonloves

The adoptions

Hello, yas me and BlueMidnight4 made this we thought it would be really cute to make it so, we hope you enjoy it and tell us what you think. c:


"Rob, I'm so happy we're finally doing this!" Brad said as he squeezed Rob's hand.

Rob smiled as he turned a corner "I am too sweetie" he said.

Rob and Brad have been together for four years and married for only two. When they started dating they were the happiest couple there could be, the would spend every minute together

And when Rob finally proposed they knew what they wanted to do.

They wanted a family, to hear little feet run around in the house, a baby boy.

"Alright, sweetie this is the place" Rob said as he parked their car. Brad smiled as he stud out of the car he looked to a building with a sign reading 'Hills Adoption Center' Brad had such joy with becoming a family with the man he loved.

Rob reached his hand out towards "ready?" He asked, Brad smiled as he took Rob's hand as they both walked into the building


"Hello gentleman, how may I help you today?" The lady at the front desk said.

"We're here to adopt today.. to adopt a baby" Rob said smiling. Brad stud next Rob with his arm locked with his.

"Of course, sir. Right this way Jamie will help" Brad looked to a smiling woman holding a little baby with a bow in their hair "just in this room are the babys gentleman" Rob nodded and took Brads hand and followed Jamie to the nursery.

Rob softly laughed as Brad let go of his hand and walked to a crib.

Brad looked around with a few baby cribs smiling. He looked to one crib with a little baby boy, with little bits of red hair on top of his head.

"Robbie, come look" Brad said, Rob smiled as did as Brad told him to do he stud behind Brad resting his hand on his shoulder "look how cute he is" Brad said, Rob nodded "he is a cutie" "would you like to hold him?" Jamie said as she laid the baby she was hold down in a crib.

"Oh, may I?" Brad asked smiling, Jamie smiled and picked the red headed baby boy up and wrapped him in a blue blanket "careful, he might get fussy" Jamie said as she softly placed the baby in Brad's arms.

Brad looked down at the baby boy in his arms and smiled, the baby yawned as he slowly opened his eyes, he looked up at Brad and smiled.

He had hazel colored eyes and adorable little baby smile.

"Oh Robbie he's perfect" Brad softly said, Rob smiled and nodded "can we take him home?" Brad giggled.

"You may take him if you like, we had a family that wanted to take him before and we had the paper work ready, but the father thought he would cost to much" Jamie said.

Brad sighed "oh Robbie please" Brad begged, Rob laughed and nodded.

"Wonderful, I'll get the paper work, all I'll need is your signatures" Jamie said as she had towards the door "oh, and his name is David some of us here call him Phi, Phi short for Phoenix" Jamie smiled as she left the nursery


Are we there yet?” Chester asked, sounding like an impatient five year old.

“Yes honey, we’re almost there.” Mike replied.

“Is that it?” Chester asked pointing to one of the buildings.

“Yep, that’s it.” Mike replied, parking the car and getting out, soon to be followed inside by Chester.

Once inside, they were led by someone to the nursery where they could look to see if they’d want to adopt. Chester moved across the room and looked in of the cribs. A baby boy with a full head of black hair was sleeping.

“Would you like to hold him?” One of the workers asked.

“Can I?” he asked, and the worker smiled and nodded, reaching into the crib to pick up the sleeping baby.

The baby then opened his eyes, noticing he wasn’t in his warm crib anymore, and started to sob.

“Oh why must you do this now?” she said, handing the baby to Chester.

“Sorry, he’s a little fussy after being woken up.

Chester smiled. “It’s okay.”

He rocked the baby back and forth, trying to calm him down.

“Shh, it’s okay.” He said.

The baby quickly stopped sobbing and looked up at Chester with big brown eyes and giggled.

“Aw, Mike he’s so cute!” Chester said.

“His name’s Joseph, although we mostly call him Joe or Joey.” The worker said.

“Joey huh?” Mike said, looking down at the baby who smiled at him.

“Joey.” Chester repeated.

“Let’s adopt him.”

“Really?” Chester said, smiling.

Mike nodded and smiled.

“Wonderful! I’m going to need you two to sign a few papers and then you can take him home.”

The two followed the worker out of the nursery where they signed a few papers and then took the baby in a portable car seat to the car.

Chester set him in the back and buckled him in before getting in the front.

“He’s so cute!” Chester said.

“He’s perfect.” Mike smiled, and then drove off.


"Robbie, grab his bag please" Brad as he carried little Dave in his arm inside.

Rob grabbed Dave's bag from the trunk smiling. "I'm sure he needs to be fed sweetie" Rob said as closed the door behind him.

"Oh you're right, hold him while I make his bottle" Brad smiled as he handed Dave to Rob "but Brad, what if" "just for a few minutes" Brad said as he kissed Rob's cheek.

Rob watched as Brad walked into the kitchen, Rob sighed and looked down to the smiling baby in his arms. Rob always wanted to be a father but was always scared that their child won't like them, but as he held Dave in his arms he knew he would try his hardest to be the best father he could give his child.

He rocked from side to side smiling to Dave in his arms "you're really going to like it here buddy, I promise you" Rob said.

Brad leaned onto the wall smiling as he listened to Rob talked to Dave "and your daddy, boy you should of seen him when we came and got you" Brad softly laughed as he walked up behind Rob "let's take him up stares and you can feed him before he takes a nap" Brad said as he handed Rob a warm baby bottle.


"Sleep little baby don't you cry daddys gonna buy you a mocking bird, and if that mocking bird don't sing daddys gonna buy you a diamond ring" Brad softly sung. Rob smiled as he rocked back and forth in his rocking chair "good night, Phi" Rob said before kissing Dave's forehead.

Rob gently handed Dave to Brad wrapping his blue blanket around him and softly laying him down in his new warm crib.

Rob stud behind Brad with his arms around his waist he rested his chin on his shoulder "he's so cute when he's asleep" Brad said as he leaned his head against Rob's as they both watched Dave sleep.


“Clearly you’re occupied.” Mike smiled, walking into the baby’s room where Chester was sitiin gin a rocking chair holding Joe.

“Sorry.” Chester said.

“Don’t apologize honey, I know you love him.”

Chester smiled.

“He’s probably hungry though so you need to feed him.” Mike said, handing Chester Joe’s baby bottle.

“You feed him,” Chester said, placing Joe in Mike’s arms and handing him the bottle, “You’ve barley got to spend time with him.”

Mike smiled and held Joe up in his arms and started feeding him the bottle.

Chester walked around behind Mike and put his arms around his stomach and rested his head on his upper back.


“He looks so cute.” Chester said, looking over the crib down at Joe who was sleeping.

“Yeah, he is.” Mike replied, hugging Chester from behind and kissing him on the cheek.

“You seem tired.”

“I am.”

“Then go to bed, I’ll be there in a minute.” Chester said, returning the kiss on the cheek.

Chester then sat down on the floor, and looked in the little bars of the crib.

Joe was sleeping soundly, with one of his arms up and his hand next to his head.

Chester smiled and whispered goodnight, and left to go to bed.

When Chester walked in their bedroom, Mike was already asleep, with one arm up which made his hand rest right beside his head.

Chester smiled because he looked just like Joe.


Brad softly laid in his bed with Rob's arm safely wrapped around him. He opened his eyes to the sound of crys, he lifted Rob's arm off of him as he sneaked out of their bedroom.

Brad opened the door to Dave's room and smiled at a teary little Dave "oh, what's wrong sweet pea, are you hungry again?" He said as he picked Dave up still wrapped in his blanket.

Brad rocked side to side and walked around in Dave's room with Dave in his arms. He looked down laughing at the little faces Dave make in his arms.

He soon frowned when he smelled an awful stench.

He looked down to a sobbing Dave "oh, sweetheart you need to be changed huh?" Brad smiled


Brad laid Dave down on the changing table grabbing a diaper from the shelf above the table. "Pew, your baby butt smells like poopy" Brad laughed.

Dave began to giggle as Brad lifted his legs up "alright sweetie, I have to wipe your little but and then put nice clean diaper on you" Brad smiled as he grabbed another clean wipe,

Brad wrapped Dave's clean diaper around him.

"Alright buddy, lets get you back to sleep" Brad said as he sat down in his rocking chair.

"Sleep little Phi, don't you cry daddys gonn-" Brad yawned as he sung "buy you a mocking bird and if that mocking bird don't sing, daddys gonna buy you.." Brad looked down to Dave peacefully asleep, he smiled "a diamond ring" he finished placing Dave in his crib pulling his blanket to his tummy.

"Night angel" he said making his way back to his room.


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