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Broken by BSkyeSoldier

Chapter One

Chester's Point of View:

I trembled terribly in my bunk as the tour bus continued to push forward down the wet roads carefully. It was early in the morning, roughly two a.m, and I had woken up from a horrible nightmare. The other guys thankfully hadn't heard me cry out when I snapped out of my sleeping state and now I sat alone, recalling the nightmare that only had to do with all my paranoia. Tonight's nightmare was by far the worst one this week. The guys and I were together and we were rock climbing. We had no equipment, just each other, and we were holding hands, but one by one they would slip away and fall to their deaths. It scares me so badly even though I know it'll never actually happen. I'm terrified of letting the guys down, I don't want to hurt them so I hurt myself.

I'm always feeling so much pain on the inside that I feel like I must make it external to perhaps make the pain go away. It actually works, but not for long and then I have to do it all over again. Eventually, self harm becomes addicting and suddenly you're always thinking about it and it just gets worse and worse until you can't go a day without doing it. Thankfully my tattoos mask the scars I make on my wrist while the other ones are simply placed on my legs. I'm worried about the guys finding out, they will surely hate me.

I know my bandmates and best friends are getting tired of dealing with all my shit. I'm just the baggage that they don't need. Always telling me that they will be there for me when really they're just saying that to try to make me feel better or to shut me up about all my problems and issues. Except, they will never to away. They are permanently etched into my brain but for the majority of my life, I've been able to protect myself by staying in denial of everything. After years and years of avoiding it all, I had to break and it was horrible. I became so self destructive with the drugs and cutting, but it came to an end when I found the band that saved my life.

When I joined Linkin Park, I had no idea that these guys would not just help me pay my bills, but become my best friends and the people that meant the most in my life. They welcomed me into the band as though I was family and we all stuck together perfectly, thanks to Mike.

Mike was always the glue that held the band together. Whenever we were in a silly argument, he'd step in and end the fight before it could get out of control. Of course we have arguments with him too occasionally, but he'd always put his foot down and show his dominance. Not to mention he's always there for me when I need him. When I joined the band, he took me under his wing and we became the closest pair of friends ever. He's always sticking he's leg out for me and I feel as though he does too much for me.

"Chester? Are you awake?" Mike asks me, peaking into my bunk. I nodded my head and he sighed. "Can't sleep either than, huh?"

"Nope," I reply, not wanting to tell him about my nightmare.

"Do you want to do something? The bus is about to park in a few minutes for about an hour so the driver can take a break," He informs me. I nod my head and he takes my hand, pulling me out of the bunk. Thankfully he hadn't touched my scars over my tattoos so no pain came to me. He tossed me some of my clothes as he begins changing into his own. Mike was right as always and the bus parked soon after we both got dressed.

"Hey, Bob. Chester and I are going to go do something for a while. Don't leave without us." Mike tells the driver as we exited the bus.

"Alright, we have to take off soon so don't be long," Bob tells us. We leave the bus and step into the rain. Of course I forgot about the weather. Mike takes out a black umbrella and opens it, covering both of our heads. I thank him, grinning. Mike always seems to think of everything.

"Where are we?" I ask him. We randomly stopped and I hadn't been paying attention, but knowing Mike, he'd definitely know.

"Somewhere in Europe," He answers, which baffles me at how vague his reply was.

"Are you feeling okay?" I question him, sensing something was up.

"What makes you assume something's wrong?" He attempts to shove off my question. I give him a glare and he rolls his eyes. "Fine. If you must know, Anna and I are getting a divorce."

"What?! Why?" I ask him quickly, confused. Anna and Mike appeared to be the perfect couple. Of course that's what people thought about Talinda and I but that ended horribly.

"She cheated on me," He answers bluntly, clearly not wanting to talk about it further. We walked along for nearly a half an hour in silence.

"I'm sorry I asked, Mike-"

"We should get back," he interrupts me and walks away, leaving me alone. For the first time ever, he just left me. I wanted to help Mike. I knew how hard it was to get through a divorce. I've been through it twice and he's acting like I don't understand. Except the band doesn't even know Talinda and I aren't together anymore. By the time I made it back to where the bus was previously parked, it was gone.

"Fucking hell," I swore to myself at my luck. Mike had taken the umbrella with him and I found a bench to sit on while I became completely soaked in rain water. Knowing with how easily I get sick, I'll for sure have a cold tomorrow.

Mike's Point of View:

I stormed back towards the bus, taking the umbrella with me. Immediately guilt washed over me for just leaving Chester there to get drenched in the down pour, but I couldn't prevent myself from going back to the bus. I arrived and tapped on the door. Bob allowed me to enter and didn't even ask where Chester was. How dare he? How could he not care that Chester didn't come back on the bus with me? Ignoring the lack of interest Bob had in Chester, I wondered back by the bunks and laid on a couch nearby, not feeling comfortable enough to go to my bunk as my eyes instantly closed. I feel asleep in moments without meaning to.


"Miiikkeee," An irritating voice pounded into my head. I groaned and tossed over on the couch. "Mike, get your ass up!"

"Go away," I moaned, grabbing a nearby pillow to cover my face.

"Mike, come on! We don't have all day, we're almost at the next venue." The sound I recognize as Brad stammers. I instantly sat up, eyes wide and breath caught in my throat.

"We're what?!" I yelped, remembering Chester was left behind. Tears sprung into my eyes. What if he's hurt? He's always getting hurt. Oh god, I bet he's already got a cold!

"We're almost at the next-"

"No! Where's Chester?!" I interrupted poor Brad who looked increasingly terrified at my outburst.

"What do you mean? Isn't he in his bunk?" He asked, obviously extremely confused.

"No, no, no! Turn the bus around!" I yelled, hopping up off the couch and towards the front of the bus to Bob. "You have to turn the bus around! Chester's not on the bus!"

"What? I thought he came on in front of you! I could loose my job, that thoughtless asshole!" Bob snapped, pissed off at the fact that Chester wasn't on here but he was upset for all the wrong reasons.

"Don't you dare say anything like that about Chester again! I left him behind, I thought you noticed he wasn't here! Oh, god! Please let him be okay!" I cried out, allowing the tears to break free. I didn't care if anyone saw, my only worries were of Chester. Bob made a U-turn and pressed on the gas. I grabbed my cell phone and dialed his number.




Please pick up, please pick up!

"Mike." A voice said on the other side that soothed my worries.

"Oh my god, Chester, I am so sorry! Please forgive me, I didn't know you hadn't gotten back on the bus," I attempted to excuse myself but he just sighed deeply in return.

"Mike, it's okay. You didn't turn the bus around, did you?" He asked, I could still hear the hurt pricking his voice as it strained slightly.

"Of course I did! We need to come get you, Chaz!"

"I'm already at the venue, you better tell Bob to go back around," He said bluntly before ending the call.

"Bob, go back towards the venue, Chester's already there." I told Bob with an aggravated sigh. Bob grunted but did as I said and turned back the right direction. Roughly twenty minutes later, we finally arrived at our destination. We were playing an indoor stadium this time and it was in a large dome with stairs in front of the building. Chester was seated at the top, looking utterly miserable which re-triggered my guilt. I quickly jumped out the bus and raced towards him.

"Chester, I am so very sorry! I didn't know Bob took off without you! Are you hurt? Do you have a cold? We can cancel or postpone the concert if you're not feeling wel-"

"Mike, stop it. You don't actually care about my well-being." He sighed, saying something under his breath that I couldn't quite make out.

"Of course I care about you, Ches! It was just the whole thing with Anna was pinching a nerve. I am so sorry." I apologized, willing to beg for his forgiveness. I silently prayed that he wouldn't ask more about my divorce with Anna. I know that if he knew what happened, it would crush him.

"What exactly did happen with you and Anna? You said she cheated, who did she cheat on you with?" He questioned, my prayers going unanswered.

"I don't want to talk about it," I decide to respond with, instantly regretting that choice as I felt him rise with suspicion.

"Was it someone in the band?" He asked, trying to push me into to revealing the truth. I shook my head.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," I huffed, silently begging him to drop the subject.

"Mike, please just tell me!" He shouted, rising from his spot and tightly gripping onto my hands as he made eye contact with me.

"I-it... It was with Talinda," I sighed, revealing the doubtful truth.

"That slut," Chester murmured, shaking his head and letting go of my hands.

"What? That's your wife you're talking about! How come you're not surprised?" I shout at him as he walked towards the tour bus. He turned and looked back into my eyes.

"Ex wife, Mike." He simply said before entering the tour bus. He and Talinda got a divorce? That's impossible! They were so happy together - or seemed to be. Did he know that Talinda must've been cheating on him at the time but didn't know with who? Billions of possibilities flooded my mind as Brad and Phoenix walked up behind me.

"Mike, what was that all about?" Phoenix asked, setting a soothing hand on my shoulder.

"Uh - it was nothing," I stuttered, not wanting to speak about this again. I just wanted to find Chester and apologize again and again until he forgives me.

"It didn't sound like nothing, Mike. What was that about Anna cheating on you with Talinda?" Brad asked.

"It's just how it sounds," I sighed, eyeing their disbelieving. "I have to go apologize to Chester again."

"Did Chester say they got a divorce?" Phoenix asked me as I tried to pull away. I nodded my head briefly and escaped his grasp. "He didn't even tell us. He must be miserable,"

"He can't be too bad if he's made it this far on his own," Brad countered which then lead to an argument between the two over Chester. Normally I'd cut into the fight but my only concern right now is for Chester.

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