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What happens when summer ends by bourhahnfan1

The Sad Truth

So heres a new story for you guys but just to let you know its a sad romance i got the idea for this from a film but instead of a boy and girl its boy x boy oh and one more thing its a slight crossover one of the characters is from another band but i can see these two as a cute couple and sorry if you think i always do romance stories but its what I'm good at so enjoy plz R&R


It was the last week of school before summer break and all of my friends broke up early Chester and his boyfriend Mike went on holiday together with Mikes uncle and brad and phoenix have gone camping together and as for Joe he skipped the last week but at least i still have one friend here

"Hey Rob you wanna come over to my house after school?"

"Yeah sure"

My friend Andy rarely missed days where as i missed weeks because of my poor health but he would always come to visit me and bring me notes from class

"Are you well enough to come over i mean you don't have to if its too"

"No its ok I'm fine really"

(After school)

"Hey Rob over here"

I met up with Andy after the school bell rang and we walked to his house it was only a five minute walk from school

"My parents are in Nevada for a few weeks so i got the place to myself"

We went in and i sat down on the couch

"Hey Rob wanna watch a movie"

"What did you have in mind?"

"There's this one movie i like it's called *What happens when summer ends* it has a really good storyline but its a 3hr film"

"I don't mind"

(2 hours later)

Rob had fallen asleep leaning against Andy then Robs phone started to vibrate it was a text message from his mother Andy noticed and looked at it


"What she seems panicked...Rob"

I could feel Mr arms being shaken then i woke up too a worried face

"A..Andy....whats wrong?"

"I could ask you the same thing whats wrong with you i mean are you sick or something please tell me"

"I umm i"

"Rob are you trying to make me worry?"

"Do you really wanna know the truth?"

"Yes i do please no excuses tell me why your always missing from school"

"Well ok so here goes........Andy.........i have cancer and umm....i don't have much time left"

Andy's face dropped blank of expression his eyes seemed distant as he pulled me into his embrace


He took hold of my chin and pulled my face towards his kissing me gently


"Rob I've always stuck bye you and helped you out so now i think you should give me something in return"

"Andy I don't"

"Rob will you be my boyfriend?"


I was utterly lost for words i didn't know how to react i mean Andy's always been a dear friend to me i looked up at his blue eyes that were so full of hope

"Why?....Why ask me something like that after what I've just told you!!"

"Because i.....I LOVE YOU ROB"

"Y..you love me?"

"Yes i do!!"

"Ok then I'll be yours Andy....IF!! you promise me one thing"

"What is it"

"promise me you won't beat yourself up in the End"

"We'll walk that road when it approaches ok"

"Ok....d..do you really love me?"

"Yes of course I do I've never stopped loving you not ever"

Andy smiled as he held me close to his chest....i could hear his heart beating fast....But you know id never given it any thought About liking Andy until now

"I think i love you too"

He smiled once more as he looked down on me

"So who else knows?"

"About the cancer....Well apart from my family your the only one I've ever told"

"I'm really the only one you've told..and how long have you known"

"Well as you know I've always been ill growing up but they found the cancer two months ago but it was already in it's late stages"

"Late stages?"

"basically it means its too far to cure....i was told that i wouldn't make it to the start of the next school year does it put you off of meeting me?"

"....NO..I'll stay by your side until the end!!"

My phone started to vibrate..i looked down to see my parents were trying to call again

"Maybe you should answer it they will only get worried"

I nodded at him and smiled as i put the phone to my ear


"THANK GOD!!!! are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine I'm at a friends house I'll be home in an hour"

"You missed your appointment at the hospital"

"I know and I'm sorry but Andy's a really close person in my life and he knows"

"Did you tell him about th"

"Yeah he took it quite well and he's very supportive"

"I'd really like to meet him why not ask him over for dinner tonight"

"Ok i will bye mom"

"Goodbye honey"

Wow id never think my mom could sound so excited about meeting my friend..i looked over at Andy who was leaning against the kitchen counter

"Soooo how did it go"

"My mom wants to meet you she's invited you to dinner at are house tonight are you coming"

"Of course I'll go"


Andy took me in his arms again then kissed me passionately his kisses then trailed off down my neck it felt kinda ticklish

"Ah..Andy what are you"

"Shhhh Robby relax and enjoy it"

Andy was standing behind me with his arms around my waist i could feel his warm breath at the back of my neck as he kissed me....he then moved one of his arms so it was now going up my shirt


His right hand glided over my nipple then started to toy with it pinching it


He then began to unbutton my shirt starting from the bottom and worked his way up he then began to kiss me again starting from my neck then my collar bone he then without warning pushed me down on the couch

"Rob do you wanna stop here?"

I threw my arms around his neck and smiled

"Don't stop!!"

Andy smiled then continued kissing me but stopped when he reached my abdomen

"Haa haa"

Leaning over me he put a hand in my underwear (I'll leave the rest to your imagination hee hee)

(Some time later)

I woke up on Andy's couch i sat up and looked around and my clothes were neatly folded up on the table in front of me there was also a mug of coffee i picked it up and took a sip

"Ummm that's good and just how i like it"

"Looks like i know you better then you think"

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