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Dark Lust by LinkinParkisLove

Chapter One

Authors Note: I've been absent lately and I apologize. With this story, it's currently a one-shot but it can easily become a story if it's wanted.

Chapter One

My eyes slowly opened as I felt a presence in my room. I didn't move, thinking it was just my nerves and anxiety. I saw how dark it was and realized it must've been roughly two in the morning. I moved slightly and sighed to myself, I'm always having trouble sleeping. I opened my eyes a bit wider and saw the a shadow of a tree that was in my yard stretching through the window. A full moon was out and shining brightly into the dark room, bringing a sense of life to it. I felt something - or someone - settle on the bed next to me.

Hands found their way up my front and I stiffened. My first thought was that it was Talinda but when I grasped the arm connected to the hand, it felt muscular. Plus Talinda wasn't even supposed to come home today. My eyes widened and I was turned to face the ceiling. I calmed down a little when I saw who was touching me.

"Mike-" I couldn't get any further. He took duct tape out of his pocket and slammed it over my mouth, slowly running his thumb smoothly across my lips after. His hands pressed tightly against my forearms to the bed and I struggled against his grip. His head dipped down towards my ear and I took in a shaky breath.

"Stop," He whispered and I did as he said. My limbs settled but it didn't relax my nerves. He pulled out a knife that was coated in blood and I felt my eyes tear up in fear. "Don't scream at any point of this, understated?"

I quickly nodded in response and he took off the duct tape. I heard the knife fall to the floor. I felt my body tremble as he helped me off the bed, his hand slowly rose up my back under my shirt and before I knew what was happening, he had me pressed against the wall. His lips met mine and I struggled against him but he held me firmly. His tongue rolled under my bottom lip and he bit down, drawing a bit of blood from my lip.

"Everything about you is so sweet," He murmured and ran his tongue over my bleeding lip, making it sear in pain. His hand left my back and went to his belt buckle and I felt myself trying to back further into the wall. I heard his pants fall to the floor with a small ding noise from the belt. He spun me around and forced my stomach towards the wall and he straddled my hips from behind. I let out a small sob and his movements stopped. He spun me back around and looked me in the eyes as I raised my hands protectively in front of myself. He grabbed my arms and kept looking at me directly as he kicked his pants off his ankles.

He lead me out of the room and down the stairs, to the basement. The scene before me made me drop to my knees and took the breath away from my lungs. Talinda was lying on the floor dead, blood surrounding her lovely frame. Her throat was slit from one side to the other and blood was already drying on her tanned skin. A note covered in blood sat on top of her unmoving form. I remained still from shock as Mike let go of my arm and walked towards the body, picking up the note. I looked down at my shaking arms and saw Mike left an already forming bruise on my arm from his tight grip.

I fell to my knees and allowed the tears so spill out of my eyes from the thought of never seeing my beautiful wife again. She's gone... Forever. Mike returned to me with the note and handed it to me, bending over, not saying a word. My trembling hands took the note from him as I glared at him hatefully. Before I could begin reading the blood coated note, he spoke.

"She was coming back tonight to slip this under the door," He said, crouching next to me and sliding his hands up my inner thigh. "I was here too, coming to surprise you. I ran into her and took the note from her. She kept yelling at me as I was reading it about how much she loved you and that it's not her fault. This note pissed me off and I raised my knife to her. She didn't even have a chance to scream. Don't worry, she didn't suffer."

"Y-You..." I stuttered but he instantly gestured to the note. Tears found their way down my face as my blurred vision focused on the small piece of paper.

My dearest Chazzy,

I love you more than words can describe, I really do. Don't let anything make you think differently, especially because of what I have to say. I wanted to tell you in person, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm leaving you. I've been threatened to leave or else he'd hurt you and I didn't want that to happen. I couldn't let that happen, Chaz. I'll miss you but I have to go. You are and always have been my one true love and I will always love every piece of you. I don't know how I'll be able to live without you but I'll have to try. After this mess clears out, I'll come back to you. I love you, I love you, I love you. I can't say it enough times. Please look out for yourself and stay safe. Mike's lost his mind.

Mike is your best friend and I know you won't believe me but he's gone crazy. He's insane and he's obsessed with you. He said he'd rape you if given the chance and that he will if I don't leave. Be weary of him, he loves you but with a dark twisted passion that will get you hurt. He doesn't love you like I love you, he loves you in a murderous lust craze. Confide in the other guys, please don't keep this a secret. If it all blows over quickly, please contact me.

I love you and I'll always love you.

Your love, Talinda.

I felt weak from pain of loss as I dropped the note and rushed to Talinda's side, ripping my body away from Mike's hand. I crashed next to her body and held her in my arms, tears and pained sobs erupting from me.

"I love you, I love you, I love you. I can't say it enough times." I echoed a line from her small letter. Arms circled my waist and ripped me away from Talinda. I cried out and reached towards her lifeless body as Mike struggled to pull me away. "No! No! Let me go! Talinda! I love you! I need you! Please!" I screamed, my vocal cords ripping as I sobbed heavily.

"Stop it!" Mike barked and pushed me roughly into the wall beside us. I landed in a heap on the ground and curled into a ball, crying hard. I could barely see Mike's abstract form through my eyes as he sneered towards Talinda's dead body. "You should've fucking kept your mouth shut, you fucking slut!"

"Don't talk about her like that!" I yelled loudly, catching Mike's attention. "She's dead, she's dead! Why can't you just leave her alone? She's dead! Are you fucking happy?"

"Actually, I fucking am." He boomed and came towards me, hands surrounding my throat. I choked and instantly tried to break away from him but he sat on my waist and kept closing his hands tighter around my throat.

"S...S...St," I tried to breath and speak at the same time. My eyes rolled back slightly and my hands rose to try and pry Mike's hands off my neck. Suddenly he let go and I inhaled sharply, grasping my pained throat.

"I fucking love you," He sneered and yanked my pants down and off my ankles. He ripped my shirt off my body and bent to kiss my collar bone as his bare knee rose between my legs. Tears kept falling down my cheeks as I kept trying to pull away from him.

"Stop!" I begged him but he ignored my pleads and pressed forward with his actions. I struggled away from him and stood up, completely bare. Before I could make it back to the stairs, he rose behind me and grabbed me from behind, forcing me backwards. He pushed me down, face first and sat on my legs. I twisted my head and was met with Talinda's face. I bursted into more tears as I felt Mike hover behind me.

"P-Please d-don't," I stuttered, again attempting to beg. He ignored me once again and he slowly entered his erection into me. I screamed out from pain and his movements didn't stop.

"I told you not to scream," He reminded me and shoved into me again. I choked on sobs and felt him begin to speed up his pace, skin ripping inside of me as our skin roughly met. I felt myself bleeding and I continued to beg him to stop as tears made a small pool in front of me before seeping into the floor.

"Oh... Fuck," I heard him mumble and he roughly pushed into me again, making me feel more blood. He lifted my body slightly so I was on my knees and he put his arms around my lower waist and forced my body backwards so he could push in deeper. He thrusted quickly into me and I could feel he had completely entered me.

"So... Tight... Fuck," He swore and kept pumping into me. I held in my cries as he roughly came inside me. He moaned pleasurably and relaxed slightly before sliding out of me. I collapsed onto the ground, weak. I cried heavily and heard him rise. He rolled my body over so I was on my back. He laid down next to me and kissed my cheek, his hands sliding down my stomach. "I love you,"

He closed his eyes as I shook terribly from fear. Tears kept pouring and my mind was buzzing. I couldn't believe any of this actually happened, it was far too bizarre. I don't understand why Mike would do this or why he would ever even think about murdering my wife or hurting me so badly. So many questions are building in my head but for now all I know is that I will forever live in fear of my best friend.

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