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Cannoda by LinkinParkisLove


Author's Note: Considering the fact that it's taking me so long to update my story Dark Lust, I decided to create a brief one shot.


The Hunting Party tour with Linkin Park has been in effect for quite a while now. Soon, we'll be traveling around the States once again with another band, Rise Against. All the guys in both bands have really gotten along, it's truly amazing how down to earth the other band is. Fame hasn't struck into their minds and they don't treat us like they're superior. While my band mates spend most of their time with the other band, I've been bonding with their vocalists, Chester and Mike.

I've already learned how close those two are to each other. It would be impossible to tear them apart, they really are best friends. Apart of me wonders if they're even something more. The way they flirt all the time and seemed to be almost always touching each other raised suspicion. Another piece of me feels stupid for even thinking like that, but I couldn't help but wonder.

"Hey, man, we put on a pretty good show tonight." Chester beamed as he walked towards me backstage. I smiled at him and nodded my head in agreement. I've found so much new respect for the guy, it's hard to figure out exactly what I want to say.

"You guys totally killed it, we couldn't even compare. Did you hear that crowd?" I chuckled and he shrugged his shoulders, grabbing a towel nearby. He had taken off his usual white tank top during the show and now all his colorful tattoos stood out on his body. They were honestly marvelous, I couldn't help but admire them.

"The crowd loved you guys too." He smiled supportively and began clearing the sweat away from his skin with the towel. "Your band has some really amazing music and fans, I'm more than happy that we're touring with you guys."

"It's honestly an honor to be on tour with you guys. I don't mean to be humble and all but seriously, it's just a privilege to be able to preform with you." I grinned brightly at the older, skinnier, man. I've also learned Chester is young spirited, it feels like he's younger than I am.

"You don't mean that, we're not that good." He laughed and I just stared at him like he stabbed a cat. When he stopped laughing, a smile was still written across his lips and he came over to the couch I was sitting on and sat down next to me. "But anyways, how are you liking the tour so far? Ready to travel around America again?"

"This tour is such an amazing experience, I feel like we've learned something from you guys. I'm actually excited to go back to the States, I like that I've seen so much of it." I tried to simply answer but he just nodded his head anyway. I was about to ask for his opinion, when Mike came into the room. He looked strangely upset and glanced at Chester, who also seemed puzzled by Mike's facial expression.

"I don't mean to interrupt, Austin, but I kind of need to take Chaz from you." Mike said, adding a chuckle and a small smile after to try and hide his previous mood. Chester rose and Mike tossed him a shirt that was in his hand. Chester slid it on and went towards Mike.

"I'll see you later, Austin. It was nice talking to you." The vocalist said behind his shoulder.

"See you guys later." I called back and watched the pair leave. I felt a tinge of curiosity burning inside of me and rose off the couch, heading the direction of the other guys. I saw them in the hallway and nearly gasped when I saw Chester pressed up against a wall with Mike's lips pressing tightly against his as Chester's hands pushed Mike's body even closer to his own. They broke the kiss off but continued to share small, quick, kisses.

"I told you," Chester murmured in between kisses. "I'm yours and only yours."

"I just can't help it, Chaz. You know how I am." Mike responded with and shoved his lips against Chester's again but holding it there longer. Both their eyes were sealed shut and they seemed to be breathing roughly. Mike slowly pulled away and let Chester back away from the wall. Their eyes opened and simply looked into each other's as if it was their first time meeting.

"I swear, Mike, nothing's going on." Chester said firmly but softly. Mike sighed deeply and took hold of Chester's hands and rubbed the backs slightly.

"I trust you. It's just hard not getting jealous sometimes." He exhaled sharply and began chewing on his bottom lip. Who would Mike have to be jealous of?

"I swear Austin and I are just friends. You've been there every other time we hung out together, you should know this." Chester shook his head and looked to the ground. My eyes bulged and I felt my legs grow weak. Mike's jealous of me? He thinks Chester and I are a thing?

"Let's go back to the tour bus, Chaz. Oh wait, it's a little chilly tonight. Take my hoodie, I don't want you getting sick." Mike smiled softly and unzipped his sweatshirt, gently wrapping it around Chester who hugged it in return.

"You just don't want me to get sick because you wouldn't be able to kiss me." Chester giggled and Mike rolled his eyes as the pair walked towards the exit.

"You know I'd still make out with you if you were sick." Was the last part of their conversation I could hear as the pair left. I stood behind the corner and just stared off into the floor in shock. All of this was way too much to take in.

Firstly, I couldn't even comprehend the fact that Chester and Mike are actually a thing. I'm starting to get confused on whether they want to remain a secret or if they're just waiting to be caught because they were really easy to catch. The fact that they were kissing out in the open made me question their choice on how open they are about their relationship.

Also, Mike's words were causing me to ponder my feelings for their vocalist. I'll admit I felt some sort of attraction towards Chester, but who wouldn't? Everyone has to admit he's good looking or even an adorable guy. I've found myself admiring his looks from afar but I hadn't thought sexually about the guy. In my mind, he's designed to be admired, not to have sexual intentions with him unless it's forced upon him, which definitely shouldn't happen.

Mike, on the other hand, I felt as though he would want sex. He seems like the type of guy who's up for intercourse at any given time. I've even noticed how sexual his actions can occasionally look, especially with Chester. The weird thing was, they seem like an odd couple.

At first, I felt like they already were a couple but after it became confirmed, I'm beginning to realize how odd it actually was. They're complete opposites and yet they fit together perfectly. Mike's the type of guy who would probably rip Chester's little body to shreds, while Chester seems to be the type who would want to take it slow. I can't help but be curious about their love life.

The biggest concern at the moment was whether or not I should tell Mike and Chester that I know about them. Being the guy I am, I knew that if I was in their position, I'd want to know. It didn't take long for me to decide I needed to tell them.

I left the building to go to their tour bus but I had this odd feeling in the pit of my stomach. I attempted to shrug it off but it remained. Ignoring it as best I could, I approached their bus and knocked on their door. Complete silence surrounded me other than the distant noise of traffic. The dark sky was roughly brightened by street lamps and a few lights inside nearby buildings. I believe the others in both bands had gone out to purchase beverages, leaving Chester, Mike, and I behind.

After receiving only silence as a response to my knocking, I prepared myself to alert my presence again but paused my movements as I heard someone talking. I let my hand drift down to my side and I pressed my ear against the door, listening as best as I could.

"Mike, you're a real piece of work sometimes!" Chester's voice yelled as I heard loud clattering of something falling to the ground inside.

"Yeah, well you're a real piece of shit all the time!" Mike's deep vocals boomed, giving me a sense of terror. If I were Chester in this moment, I'd be absolutely horrified.

"You're the one who went off on me just a fucking minute ago for something I didn't do!" Chester protested and the sound of something hard crashing against a body erupted as Chester yelped in pain. "Mike!"

"Sometimes I wish we never met! You're a real low life, cheating on me like that!" Mike yelled and I heard something that seemed like slapping as Chester cried out.

"Mike, stop hurting me! I didn't cheat on you! Austin's just a friend, I'm serious! Don't forget you're the one who went off with Ted fucking Stryker the other night!" Chester retorted and silence filled the air once again. Ted Stryker was a radio announcer who seemed fairly close to Linkin Park. They'd all met up a while back and I recall seeing pictures of them. I remember thinking it was odd how touchy he was towards Mike and Chester in the pictures.

"Chester, look. It's different with Ted." Mike said, more softly this time. Chester snorted and I could tell he's rolling his eyes.

"Please, Mike, please tell me how you fucking Ted is different than me not even fucking Austin. What gave you the right to even raise your hand at me?" Chester huffed, clearly done with Mike and his reasonings already. I felt instantly chilled by the fact that Mike had actually raised his hand to Chester. They're definitely a couple, but seemingly an abusive one.

Why would Chester stay with him? Thinking back a few moments earlier, I remember Mike giving Chester his sweatshirt and seeing the love twinkling between them. It's no doubt they truly care about each other but Mike is stepping out of line with him.

"Chaz, I love you. I love you so fucking much." Mike swore and I stepped away from their door, looking towards their window. I could see Chester's back and Mike's shadow hovering over him.

"No, Mike. Not tonight." Chester said firmly and suddenly his back was pressed up against the window, Mike's hands claiming every part of him. I snapped out of my gaze towards them and quickly went back to the door. I ripped it open and rushed inside.

"Mike, stop!" Chester cried out and I saw they had moved away from the window. Mike now had him pressed against the floor, Chester's legs spread out as he pushed against Mike.

"Mike! Chester!" I gasped and Mike stiffened and quickly stepped off Chester. I made eye contact with the vocalist and could see the gratefulness written in his eyes. His face looked slightly bruised even and sore.

"Austin, leave. You don't know what's going on." Mike said firmly and looked between Chester and I.

"No, Austin, why don't you stay here and show Mike what he wants to see?" Chester growled before I could get the chance to speak. He was sitting up, his elbows propping him up as he looked between us, eyebrows raised.

"What does he want to see...?" I asked unevenly and Chester fully sat upright and patted the ground beside him. The love that used to be in his eyes when he was looking at Mike previously, was now filled with a burning hatred when he glared at him. I did as he asked and sat down, watching his movements carefully.

"I'm sorry I'm getting you involved with us," Chester said softly, looking to the ground as his hands raised to reach my face. I looked down on him, his small body seeming younger with every second.

"I'm sorry you've gotten hurt from him, that's not right. I want to help you." I whispered and Chester's hands slowly fell down to my chest. I surprised myself when I felt the urge to lean in as I saw him doing the same and our lips intertwined with each other's. His softly textured lips slightly opened, allowing my velvety tongue entrance. I explored the other singer's mouth, getting lost in the taste of him. I was starting to forget Mike was still in the room, but Chester pulled away before I could.

"You fucking whore!" Mike yelled, stepping towards us. He bent down and roughly pushed Chester to the ground, shoving him on his back. He hovered over the frail singer, ignoring me completely.

"You wanted to see that, I know you did! Look at the fucking tent in your pants!" Chester snapped back and I saw what he was talking about. Mike's hands went to his pants and I heard his zipper being undone. Chester's eyes lit up in lust as his gaze went from Mike's to mine.

"Care to join us in a threesome, Carlile?" Mike asked, seemingly casually. I looked to Chester and easily saw it was what he wanted. Mike climbed off of Chester and helped him sit up right. He pulled the vocalist's shirt off over his head and instantly began kissing his chest, gently nipping at his nipples, causing Chester to groan in pleasure. Chester and Mike both stood up and Mike's pants fell to the ground. He kicked them away and pulled his boxers off as well.

He backed Chester into a wall and kissed his lips passionately, Mike's hands fluttering down to his pants and pulling down his skinny jeans. Chester began pulling up Mike's shirt and broke the kiss briefly to completely take it off. The pair stood completely nude, kissing each other as though it'd be their last. Their bare erections rubbing into each other as their hips grounded together. Their kisses became rougher and quicker as the couple grew harder.

Mike moaned loudly as Chester grabbed his throbbing erection and began pumping him dry. Mike's hand went to his and stopped him before coming back to Chester's head and shoving him down to his knees. He pushed the back of Chester's head towards his crotch as Chester's mouth engulfed Mike's hardness. Mike guided Chester's pace as he directed his mouth to continue sucking him off as he thrusted in and out of his hot mouth.

I felt myself becoming aroused by the scene in front of me and felt myself become instantly hard. Mike moaned loudly as he thrusted rougher into Chester's mouth, causing the smaller singer to nearly choke. Mike pulled his pre-cummed erection out of his mouth and looked to me, his eyes full of pleasure and wanting.

He took charge like he seemed to normally do and walked towards me, taking off my clothing. He gave a sly grin when he freed my own paining erection before taking my shirt off me. His eyes danced over my tattooed skin as his hands searched my chest and stomach before pulling me close to him, causing our erections to meet. I couldn't stop the moan from reaching my lips as he grounded our swollen cocks together roughly.

He grasped Chester's nearby hand and took mine and lead us to the back of the bus to the couch. He let go of Chester's and kept mine. He lead me to the couch and forced me to lay down. He grabbed Chester's head and pushed it down onto my throbbing erection, causing me to gasp in surprised pleasure. Mike's fingers dove into my mouth and swirled around before coming back out and surrounding his cock in my saliva. He pumped himself slightly, making sure he was lubed enough.

He stuck a dry finger into Chester, causing his beautiful vocals to strain in a moan. The vibrations from his throat caused me to groan in pleasure. The dryness of Mike's fingers would create a bonus pleasure for Chester when he shoves his wet cock inside of him. Mike stuck a few more fingers inside of him before pulling back out and directing his cock to aim at it's target.

He carefully and slowly shoved his erection into Chester, moaning as he went further. He began thrusting into the singer, causing his body to move forward with the thrusting.

Chester's mouth did it's work on my cock as if Mike wasn't even there, thrusting inside of him. His tongue swirled around my hardness, probing around its tip. He suddenly took me in completely, causing me to let out one of the loudest moans I've ever mustered. I hit the back of the throat and tried as hard as I possibly could not to thrust forward. I began breathing quickly, my body trembling in pleasure. My hands folded into fists to try and resist the urge of harming the singer deep throating me.

"Oh, fuck." Mike gasped, his thrusting into Chester becoming much quicker. His hands gripped onto the sides of Chester's hips, pulling him backwards more so he could shove even deeper.

His movements suddenly paused and his eyes rolled up, his body stiffening as he roughly came into Chester.

Chester just continued sucking me off, as though Mike hadn't finished. His tongue caressed my erection as his head began abruptly bobbing. I gripped his hair, giving in to my wanting of thrusting and gave one quick movement before coming into his mouth. He didn't let me pull out yet as he swallowed and swirled his tongue around my erection to be sure he got all of my cum.

Finally pulling out, I panted for breath like Mike was doing.

Mike inhaled deeply before flipping Chester over on the couch. He looked me in the eye before his gaze grazed over Chester's still hardness. Mike went up to Chester's face, kissing his lips and neck, going to his chest occasionally. I looked down at Chester's cock and approached it with my lips.

I took him in, hearing him gasp and stiffen, but it was muffled by Mike's lips. My lips tightened around his sweet tasting erection as my tongue claimed every part of his skin. I bobbed my head, mimicking his previous movements on me. I lapped at his pre-cum and twisted my head to reach every part of him I could. It didn't take long for him to cum inside my mouth and I sucked away all the sweet excess.

The three of us sat on the couch, catching our breath and reminiscing over the previous event that just took place. Mike stood up and kissed Chester's lips once again before giving me a quick nod and heading to the bus' shower.

"So... That's it?" I asked the vocalist uneasily.

"What do you mean? Were you expecting more from a threesome?" Chester giggled with a cute smile painted over his lips. I shook my head.

"No, I mean, he was about to beat and rape you when I first came in!" I gasped and Chester shrugged his shoulders.

"It happens sometimes but other times it ends up like this." He answered briefly.

"Why do you stay with him if he hurts you?" I asked quietly and he looked me in the eyes.

"I love him," He replied and gave a small smile, hopping up from the couch. He handed me my clothes, which I slipped on quickly. "You better get going before the guys come back."

"What if they come back and see the mess?" I asked, propping up an eyebrow.

"Oh, they know about Mike and I." He grinned and I blinked my eyes a few times in shock. He showed me out the door before placing a small kiss on my cheek. "Thank you, for not just the sex."

I smiled at him, glad I helped him in more ways than one. I saved him from what might've been a beating from Mike. It seemed so messed up but I couldn't help but think that Chester was more than okay with it. I felt like Mike could be rough or tender with the singer and Chester might live for the tender moments but is determined to see them by going through the rough ones.

I had to admit, I was jealous of Mike. He didn't realize how lucky he was to have someone love him that much. Someone who's willing to go through years of torture from the person he loves most just so he can stay with him. I admired their love and was yet horrified of it.

The remaining parts of the tour of when we travel back to America will probably be awkward, but I plan on keeping a close eye on them. I also couldn't help but hope to experience this moment once again. Seeing the way they are, I'm sure it's bound to happen.

The two seem in love but it may possibly be lost in lust. If only I had the answers to what was going on within their minds. Perhaps I could them, they truly do make a good couple.

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