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A Road Untraveled by BradRockZ


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The sky is dark navy blue with no stars, far away the moon shines on it's fullest, wild grass is growing on both sides of an endless road and one tour bus is heading for it's destination.

Inside the bus the lounge is glowing by a dim yellow bulb, and the bunk area is completely dark providing peace and cozyness to its six occupants.

Everything is content and peaceful.

But one person isn't feeling that peace. He's tossing and turning and trying to sleep, but he just can't.

Finally he gave up and sat in his bunk, he put the pillow on his crossed legs and leaned his head against the vibrating wall of the tour bus and he thought why can't he sleep.

He feels very disturbed, is it because of the games he's been playing till late night?

No it can't be!, he's done that many times but never felt like this.

One of his senses kicked in, he feels thirsty and tries to swallow his spit but his mouth is dry as well, he needs to go and get some water.

He places the pillow back in it's position and slowly scoots forward and removes the curtain of his bunk.

He hears slow sounds like wheezing and snoring from other bunks and thought (everyone sure is half-dead...)

He slowly descendes from his bunk trying not to make any noise and heads for the small fridge under the microwave.

He takes a cold bottle of water, opens the lid and begins to drink. When his thirst is replenished he keeps the bottle back and turns to leave.

From the corner of his eye he saw the curtain was moved. He walks to it and slides the curtain and gazes at the beauty soothing his eyes.

The sky is whitish blue and there's fresh grass as far as he can see.

He thinks to himself a little surprised (Wow, it's almost morning and so beautiful and we're still on the road), then he heard a voice in his head saying {Hey Joe, lets watch the sunset....} Joe answers in a whisper "Remy?, i thought you were asleep?" {I tried but i can't, something feels disturbed in the time being}, " yeah, it's wierd....i would like to watch the sunset too, but I feel like this is'nt the only sleepless night, there's gonna be more....", {I agree, lets try to sleep then, there's no way you'll wake in 3 hours}.

Joe quietly went back to his bunk,

It's still dark in here due to unmoved curtains.

He climbs up and eventually sleeps.....


It didn't take too long for three hours to pass....

"MIKE!, breakfast is ready, go wake EVERYONE!!", "Chaz, I'm just 4 feet away from you, i can here even if you whisper." And Mike leaves the kitchen area to do what he was told.

Mike walks in the bunk area clapping, Making as much noise as he can and yelling "WAKE UP GUYS!!, IT'S NINE ALREADY!!".

Mike removes the curtain of Joe's bunk "wake up Joe, Man you should've been the one waking us" he says giving a tap on Joe's shoulder then moves the curtain to Phoenix's bunk

"c'mon phe-oh you're already up". Phoenix is'nt in his bunk instead he was standing by the end of the bunk area, holding a toothbrush in his mouth,

looking furiously at Mike, ready to pin him down and beat the shit oughta him. Obviously that's the result of waking in a shock by someone's scream from a deep slumber.

"Tell Chester not to shout his fucking head off early in the morning or this goes down his ass!"

Phoenix holds out the toothbrush then turns and stumbles to the bathroom and slams the door, suddenly a startled gasp is heard from Brads bunk followed by a chant of "Fuck you people, fuck you people, fuck you people....." then it slowly went back to slight snores.

Mike decided he will not wake Brad, he already have Phoenix to deal with and besides he doesn't want this day to go in the hell of unbearable sarcasm, so he heads for Rob's bunk.

He slightly moves the curtain and asks "Hey Rob, wanna wake up?", "Nah, wake me by 12"

He mumbles while turning over.

Mike then heads back to the kitchenette followed closly by a normal Phoenix and a sleepy Joe.

Dave and Chester sat arcross Mike and Joe.

Three of them is preety fresh except Joe.

Who is staring heavy eyed at his plate.

"Joe, Man, whats wrong?, didn't sleep well last night?" Mike asked giving Joe a light nudge.

"yeah....it was maybe six when i slept" upon hearing that Chester Said " Damn, are you not feeling well or somthing?", "No, i don't know it's weird, i mean....nevermind".

Mike then said "No worrying Man, everybody gets those nights" and went on to Finnish his breakfast.

Joe thought to himself ( it's not what you think Mike, it's confusing and hard to explain.....)

After they're done Chester washed the dishes.

Mike sat in the work area with his laptop and Chester plopped beside him.

Phoenix sat across them reading kerrang magazine.

Joe went back to the bunk area and sat in his bunk scribbling in his notepad.


It's 12:20 Brad and Rob are awake.

They walked into the work area.

"I really Want to go to a nice resturent now" Brad said not knowing.They are still on the road.

He looks at the window for about 5 seconds, it took time to register the scene in his brain, then his weary eyes turned in to an angry glare while his brain finally said (we're still on the road),

"WE'RE STILL ON THE FUCKING ROAD!!" He yelled making everyone jump.

"Damn Delson, you almost gave me heart attack" Mike said holding a hand up to his chest. Brad ignored him and Said obviously pissed "we've been on the road, in the middle of fucking nowhere for about TWO DAYS! AND THIS IS THE THIRD!!", "Exactly what Brad said, it's strange" Joe came out of the bunk area. "two days?...i didn't notice" Chester said adjusting his glasses

" Two days?, i thought the driver said it takes one and a half day to reach...umm...past Fairhill" Said Mike probably not sure, Rob corrected him " what.do you mean by 'past Fairhill', we were heading for West Philadelphia!, you guys don't even know where your going!"

"Oh my god, i need a map and there's no Internet so we can't use google maps...." Mike shut off the laptop and walks to the lounge followed suite by others.

All of them settled in the lounge área with a big map spread on their laps.

"okay, so maybe we are here" Chester said pointing at a gray line between two green lines

beside it is written 'Fairhill'. Then Mike said "And this certain road is taking more time then it should", "Do you think this new driver is taking us elsewhere to kidnap us" Chester whispered , Brad chuckled "don't be silly dude", "what? it could happen" Chester said looking at Brad beside him who shook his head and leaned in the couch then said "ya' know, I am hungry". Phoenix Said who sat across him "i think there are some snacks in the cupboards, go get it"

Brad folds his arm up to his chest and lazily Said "Rob, i'm sure your hungry too, go get it" Rob looked at Brad "Do i look like a dog to fetch it for you?", "that's not what i meant dude!", "fine".

Rob goes in the kitchenette and takes some snacks from the cupboard.

At his way back to the lounge he sees something that doesn't belong their and it's not yet the time for him to understand it so fate lets it slip off his mind and he does'nt gives much attention to it.

"Here" Rob tosses a bag of chips to Brad "Thanks, and yeah, that's what I meant" Brad grinned "dude, you got him!" Mike laughed and gave Brad a high five.

"GUYS!, pay attention" Chester said as if he really has a plan and asks Mike "So what to do?", "well i dunno, i'll cheak with the driver"

Mike says and leaves.

Just as Mike left the lounge area,

Without warning the bus came to a sudden halt,

Making Mike loose balance and fall.

The other guys came out to the front of the bus.

Joe asked concerned "what happened?",

Mike stood rubbing his back "i dunno..."

The guys heard sounds of someone walking outside the bus then the door of the bus slowly opened and their new driver stepped up the steps with something shiny in his hand.

He stands in front of the guys, They look at the shiny thing, then back at the driver and he says

"out of fuel..." and keeps those shiny keys of the bus in his pocket.

"Ah, great!, now we're stuck in the middle of fucking nowhere!" Brad says shoving his hands in his pockets, frustrated.


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Suspense points:

1. What was that Rob saw in the kitchenett?

2. Why is Joe feeling like something is wrong?

3. Like Mike said, why is that certain road is taking more time then it should?.

4. Do you think Chester right about the new driver?

Wait for it in the next chapter......

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