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Took what I hated and made it a part of me by .ray

Chapter 01

Disclaimer : LP is not mine. sadly never will be *sigh* this is fiction.

Title : Took what I hated and made it a part of me (long huh?)

Author : Ray

Rated : NC-17

Pairing : C/M

sory if i got grammar mistakes... i make a lot. mike angst.. teehee. umm i hope ya like. ^.^

Chapter One

I thought he was the best thing that ever happened to me. That thought was over exaggerated.

Two years ago, I came out of the closet. To my family, the band, and the crew. No one had a problem with it. They were always saying “we don‘t care if you were straight, bi or gay. You‘re still the same Mike we know”. It was support like that that made me a bit more confident in my sexual preference. Everyone agreed never to let it out to the world. If anyone did, Chester agreed to deal with the person personally. To my surprise, people still think I’m still straight. People never ask how Anna and me are doing. They never question about the fact that there are no pictures of her posted anywhere. They just assume I’m going out with her and that she’s my girlfriend. Funny how that is.

The same week I came out, Mark, one of our crew members, came out to me. I never thought about him that way before. He asked me out and so as not to hurt his feelings, I agreed. I quickly fell in love with him. He was a heart throb and a charming guy. He was a kind and gentle. He worked out but he wasn’t over built. You can tell that he was strong.

No one knew we were going out until six months later. We walked in to NRG studios on one of our recording days-holding hands. Everyone was very supportive and was happy for us. They thought we made the cutest couple. That day I could have sworn I saw hurt in Chester’s face. I guess it was just me because after he was so happy for us. Always asking me what Mark and I did. Of course I didn’t tell him, it was a secret.

That was all then. Now I realize it was all a mistake. Behind closed doors, Mark is an abusive mad-man. He would hurt me and punish me for everything. After he gets tired or sees that I bled enough, he would stop and tell me how much he loved me and that he was sorry, only to repeat it a couple of days later. I felt like nothing to him. Every time we made love he wouldn’t care about my pain, just his pleasure. I doubt it’s even called making love, it’s more like rape. I never told anyone what’s been going on. They ask about the bruises but I lie and tell them I had a little accident. I’m amazed that they believed everything that I spat out to them.

If I was to ever tell anyone the truth he promised he would kill all the people I cared about. I didn’t believe what he was saying thinking that maybe it was just a joke. It was all a joke to me until he pulled a gun to my head. I froze as he repeated his words. I kept my mouth shut, never letting a soul know what’s been happening. To this day I’m still with him. I don’t feel the love for him anymore, but I got no choice.

“Fuck!” he swore, ramming into me harder, deeper, and faster. “you’re so fucking tight Mike!”

I laid there pain surging through my body. I had tears in my eyes, I always did every time he fucked me. But he never noticed or cared. I sobbed the first time he fucked me like this. I yelled at him to stop but he held me down, he was a lot stronger than I was.

He came and rolled off of me. He lay beside me panting. My body was numb, I couldn’t feel anything. He hugged my body as he slept. I squeak as he hugged me tighter causing me to feel more pain. Feeling slowly crept through my body, making me feel all the agonizing pain.

I slip out of his tight embrace as he lay there snoring. I slowly try to walk out of the master bedroom door and into the living room of this hotel suite. The lower part of my body was aching.

I walk my naked form to the small kitchen and open the small fridge taking out a bottled water. I unscrew the cap and gulp the water down. I hiss in pain as I sit in the dark looking out the window into the deserted streets of whatever city this was.

Tomorrow will be another day. What do I do? I never get use to the way he fucks me. He never listens to my cries and pleads. I finish gulping the bottle down and head back to the room. I lay my body farthest away from his and cover myself with the blanket, slowly forgetting the pain and drift to sleep.


I hear him talking to me. I try to zone it out as I rest some more.

“Wake up!” he yells slapping me in the face. My eyes shot wide open. I look at him holding the phone. “Chester’s on the phone”

I took the phone from his hand and put it against my ear.

“Hello?” I asked half tired.

“Mike... you okay?” a worried Chester asks.

“I’m fine... I just woke up that’s all”

“Why did he yell at your for then... are you sure your okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine don’t worry” I said while Mark looked, disgust in his eyes. I knew that if I said something to Chester now, something terrible would happen to him.

“umm... okay then, well I was just calling you to tell you that we have sound check in 2 hours and then we got the concert”

I looked at the time. Almost noon.

“Oh yeah... I totally forgot all about that”

“Well... I’m always here to remind you”

“And I thank you for that” I smiled.

“Well I gotta get going man... I’ll catch ya later Mikey”

“See ya later...” I said before turning off the portable phone.

“What the fuck did he want?” I flinched at the way he said ‘he’.

“He was just reminding me about the sound check we have in an hour” I lied. It was in two hours but I’ll lie my way through getting out of this dump. I knew I could get away with this for he never actually comes to the sound checks we have.

I headed into the washroom locking the door behind me. I turned on the shower and took off my clothes. I placed a hand inside the check if the water was warm enough to go into. Satisfied, I moved in slowly under the shower head.

I spent about 20 minutes in the shower and another 30 perfecting my hair. I brushed my teeth and got out of the washroom.

“Took you long enough, what the fuck do you in there” his voice cold. He went up to me looking at my hair.

“Why do you always spike it. You look ugly” He placed his hand on top of my head and ruffled it up making it more messy. I bit my lip. 30 minutes gone to waste.

“There!” he exclaimed. He pushed me back into the washroom to show me my new hairstyle. “you like?”

I hesitated before answering. “Y-yeah... I like it..”

“Good now go to your stupid sound check” he said pushing me out of the washroom and slamming the door behind. I stuck my middle finger at the door and mouthed the words ‘fuck you’.

I went to the car and fixed my hair back up into spikes.

“That stupid fuck...” I sighed.

It didn’t take long to arrive at the place where were holding our concert. I was greeted by the rest of the guys. I can tell everyone was eyeing at my newly formed scars. No one asked, I was thankful for that. Chester frowned, he was going to ask something when Joe finally blurted something out.

“WHERE’S FROGGIE!?” he cried. Everyone laughed at him “I lost HIM!”

“Where did you see him last?” Brad asked.

“If I knew that he wouldn’t be lost now would he” Joe said looking frantically around.

“We’ll help you look” the guys said in unison.

Chester looked back at me. He smiled and the opened his mouth.

“Where’d you get the scars this time?” he said sarcasm in his voice. “you fall off the toilet seat and accidentally the bathtub?”

He was probably looking at the scar I have at the side of my neck.

“Or did something come and nibble at it at the middle of the night while you were asleep?” he said mockingly.

“That’s not funny...” I said staring him coldly in the eye.

“Then why won’t you tell me what’s really happening” he said tilting his head.

I brushed pass him before he grabbed my hand. I stopped and looked at him.

“Let me go” I whispered.

“Tell me what’s been going on Mike..”

“It’s none of your business” Is said trying to shake his hand off. “now let me go”

He maybe a bit skinny, but he’s as strong as well built muscled up man. I whimpered as a shot of pain surged through me while trying to get his death grip off. He reluctantly let go hearing me whimper.

I walked off leaving him behind me. I could feel his stare behind the back of my head.

“I found him!” Joe exclaimed hugging the stuff frog tightly. “trying to run away from me huh?”

I looked at the others trying to hold in a little chuckle as Joe waved his forefinger in front of the frog like a little kid that did something bad.

“Can we do this already?” Brad asked irritated “and why do we have to come in so early... we don’t start the show till like... night almost”

“Who’s idea was it to come in this early anyways?” Phe asked looking around the rest of us.

“Sorry...” I said looking down at the ground. “I just... I thought we might need some... time...”

I bit my lip trying not to look at everyone’s gaze upon me.

“Hey that’s alright Mikey...” Rob said slouching down on the couch beside Joe who was holding his frog tight against his chest. “we forgive ya”

“Yeah... I’m just glad it wasn’t Joe’s idea... else he’d be dead right now” Phe said jokingly.

“So I guess we could rest until later tonight then?” I asked more than a statement that a question.

“Would you guys mind if I left back home then?” asked Brad. “I still got the snoozy in my head... and it’s beating my brain telling me to sleep, sleep, sleep”

“Yeah me too..” said Phe “can you hear them chanting Brad?”

Brad looked at him funny.

“How about you Joe? Rob?” I asked.

“I’m probably just gonna stay here and rest on these comfy couches” he said sitting beside Joe outstretching his hand.

“Me too” said Joe with a yawn. “if I wake up and this frog of mine is gone... I’ll have a bone to pick with you Rob”

He glared at Rob.

“Why me?” asked Rob.



“Because because..”

“Because because?”

“Because because because”

“Alright this will go on for a while” Brad said standing up heading to the door.

“Yeah we’ll see you guys later” Phe said following Brad.

“Come back at around 6 or something” I said to them.

“Yeah” they said together.

“So you don’t hear the voices?” I heard Phe say to Brad.



“You’re paranoid”

They shut the door and turned around to see a missing Chester. He probably went home to. I never even asked him if he was going to stay or not. I’m such a selfish asshole!

I turn back to look at Joe and Rob.

“Because because because because because....” Joe continued off.

I could see Rob stare at him trying to count how many times Joe was saying because. Rob was always determined to win. No matter what or who it was that he was playing.

Well I definitely won’t be able to stand this. I left the room and headed to the stage where we’re gonna perform hours from now. I wasn’t going to go back home.

‘Pretty big stage’ I thought to myself moving to the centre of the stage.

I looked at where the equipment was set up. Joe’s DJ stuff are at the upper right of the stage, while Rob’s drum set was at the other end. A couple of huge speakers directed to the equipments. Phe’s bass guitar was sitting on a black school looking chair as was Brad’s. A piano was near the centre and two sets of microphones were a little closer to the edge of the stage. Four speakers that will be blaring at us, two on each end at the edges. I looked out into the empty flat ground that will be soon packed with crowds of people jumping and singing to the song. I look farther ahead to see lines of chairs slowly escalating up. This place was big.

I went to the edge and sat there overlooking at an empty audience. I remember when I use to be so scared of performing in front of so many people. I always had the butterflies before we got out. Then Chester would scare them away. Telling me that it’s just the excitement. He would always rub my tummy and tell me to relax. I always tickled and helped me get over the nervousness.

The thoughts were pushed aside as I heard footsteps behind me. I looked behind me to see the blonde nearing me. I turn back again to the invisible audience, hoping I was one of them.

“Hey” he whispered.

“Hey..” I whispered back.

He sat beside me and put his hands in his pockets as we both stared at nothing.

“Big place huh?”


“It’s goin to be really packed... I hear we sold a lot of the tickets”

“That’s cool” I didn’t know what to say. Usually I wouldn’t get so uptight about our little conversations. Suddenly he made me feel uncomfortable.

“Mike?” he whispered again. I saw his face turn to face me.

“Yeah?” I said not returning his gaze.

“Please don’t shut me out”

“What do you mean?”

“If something’s wrong you have to tell me”

“I don’t have to tell you anything if I don’t want to Chaz” I said now looking at him.

He smiled. What’s he smiling about, I’m being serious here. I put on a confused look on my face.

“That’s the first time you called me Chaz for a long time” he said as if reading my thoughts.

I blushed and look away into the empty space in front of us.

“Okay so you don’t have to tell me, but I’m always here if you need someone to talk to you know that right?” he said.

“Yeah...” I said forming a smile on my lips. “yeah I know”

“Wanna get something to eat?”

“Yeah... my stomach is groaning”

“Let’s go shut it up then” he stood up and I followed.

We headed back to the room before to see a sleeping Joe and Rob.

“Look at those sleeping beauties” Chester chuckled.

“They’ve been going at it for a while... I could tell”

“Going at it about what?”

“They’ve been saying ‘because’ to each other, competing, and they were both determined to win their little duel”

“I wonder who won” the blonde said.

“I wouldn’t know... they’re both as stubborn as hell”

Chester chuckled.

“What?” I asked.

“Look at Joe... he’s holding on to the Frog like there’s no tomorrow”

“They look so funny” I giggled so as not to wake them up. Indeed it was funny. They were both sleeping on the same couch, Joe on one side, Rob in the other. Joe’s foot in Rob’s face, Rob was practically breathing in the scent of Joe’s socks. Rob’s foot was over the top of the couch while the other was resting on the ground. Joe’s other foot was jammed somewhere behind Rob’s back. Joe held the stuffed frog as tight as possible to his chest. While Rob had one had draping to the ground and the other on his forehead, looking like a drama queen.

“C’mon let’s go look for a place to eat.. let’s not disturb the princesses” He chuckled. I joined in as we headed out the door.

We decided to take his car as we went roaming around the streets of the city looking for a place to eat. There were a lot of fancy restaurants that we could have gone to but crowds will just start to swarm us. So we just decided to go drive thru with Mcdonalds.

We ordered our meals and headed to where they ushered us our food. The young teenage girl gasped in belief as she stared at as.

“Oh my god... ohmygodohmygodohmygod” he girl said.

Chester laughed and I smiled at the girl.

“Can I please get both of your autographs” she said handing Chester the bag of food and giving it to me.

“Sure” Chester said taking the piece of napkin and pen from the girl. Chester signed it and handed it to me.

Hey there spunky girl! Thanks for the food. Thanks for being an LP fan. Mike. I handed it back to Chester as he gave it back to the hyperventilating girl. She shrieked in joy. Chester said his good-bye and I waved to her. Last thing I saw was her head disappearing behind the small counter. Did she just faint?

“I think she fainted...” I said eating at a french fry.

“We should’ve taped her and put it as our music video then” he joked. “hey you’re eating without me”

He looked at me trying to make the best possible puppy dog eyes while driving.

“I’m sorry” I said. I dug my hand in the bag and pulled out a few fries. “open up”

He gladly obeyed. I put the fries in between his mouth. He closed it just as I pulled my hand away.

“Thanks” he said smiling while chewing on the fries. I grabbed for some more fries and stuffed them in my mouth.

I heard him whine. I rolled my eyes and took out some more for him. He already had his mouth open. I moved to place them in his mouth, but he moved forward and caught the fries and my fingers along with it.

“Hey..” I chuckled. He was smiling. He let go as he felt me struggle my hand to get it out.

“Sorry” he giggled. “they just tasted so good, I couldn’t resist”

“Well no more fries for you” I said as a chuckle escaped my mouth.

We came back to the large building. Amazing how a building like this could have such a huge underground stage. I would have never guessed it had one. Looks can be deceiving indeed.

We went to one of the unoccupied rooms and started eating our food. He sat on the other end of the couch, the food between us and me on the other side. We took out our food and he flicked on the TV.

He turned it on to MTV.

“Oh leave it there” I said under a full mouth. Adema was on. What was this song called again? I think it was called ‘The way you like it’. I loved this song. We were friends with the band so Chester and Joe got a guest appearance on it. I didn’t want to be on it, I was too shy. So the both of them agreed to. I forgot where the other guys were that day.

“I still remember the time Mark fell off the stage” Chester laughed after sipping at his drink.

The name Mark, made me cringe. I didn’t hate Mark, just the name. Why does my stupid fucker have to have the same name.

I faked a laugh.

“Look there I am” he said pointing.

“I’m not blind silly..” I said.

“Well ya know... just in case you were” he grinned.

I stuck out my tongue to him as I sipped at my drink.

“AHHHHHH” I heard Joe shriek from down the hall. I quickly stood up to go check what was going on. Rob came up to me and handed me to the frog, and kept running farther down the hallway.

“huh?” I said confused.

I turn my head to see Joe running right at me. He jumped me as I was knocked down on the floor.

“Ahh!” I screeched. “Joe!”

“Oh Mr. Froggie... I’m sorry... I’m sorry” he said rubbing the frogs cheek against his. “I’ll never let Robbie take you again... I pwomise”

“Joe would you mind getting off me” I said frustrated.

“Say please”



I rolled my eyes as he got off of me. I dusted my self and straightened up my clothing.

“What was that all about?” asked Chester sipping at his drink and leaning against the door frame.

“Robbie stole my frog, and I’m going to go rip his head off” he said madly. “anyone wanna join me?” he smiled. That was freaky.

“Uhh.. no thanks” I said, he looked at Chester who also shook his head.

“Well it’s both of your loses...” he said heading off to where Rob ran to “me and Froggie here will have a great time pulling out his guts... isn’t that right Froggie?”

“He can be so odd sometimes” I said shaking my head the turning to face Chester.

“Don’t need to tell me” I heard the suction he made with the empty cup.

“Stop that” I said passing him to go back to the couch.

“Stop what?” he said slurping at nothing but little drops of the melted ice cubes.



“You know what I’m talking about!”

“No I don’t” he said continuing his slurping. I groaned and pulled the cup from his mouth, his lips left with the straw.

I put it down on the cup tray on the couch, took my cup, pulled out the straw from his mouth threw it away and handed him mine.

“There... now stop it” I groaned lying back on the couch as I stared at the music video that was currently playing on the TV.

“Your so nice to me Mikey” he said almost in little girlish voice. “Mark must be so lucky to have you”

“Yeah... lucky” I scoffed.

“Hmm? he isn’t?” he said, moving the things from the couch and sitting to where they were before. “are you too naughty?” he mocked.

I didn’t answer. I didn’t want to talk about him. I’m just glad to stay as far away from him as possible.

“I’m sorry Mike I didn’t mean to say that”

I gave no response. I was still fixated on the TV pretending like he said nothing to me.

He sighed and put his drink down, and stared at what I was staring at.

“It’s him isn’t it?” I heard him say after a few minutes.

I looked at him. Confused written on my face. What the fuck was he talking about.

“He’s the one who’s causing you all of these bruises”

No shit sherlock. Everyone should know by now. Why the hell do they listen to my lame ass excuses anyways. Even I’m getting sick of my dumb excuses.

I looked away and suddenly felt vulnerable. Feeling like I was about to get jumped at.

“Your excuses may have thrown the guys off, but not me” he said shaking his head “nuh uh... I’m not that oblivious”

“Chester...” I whispered.

“What happened Mike?... Why won’t you tell me? we use to tell all our crap to each other” he whined.

“Chester... this is different” I said looking down.

“How’s it different..?”

“It just is okay... I don’t ... I don’t wanna talk about” I heard him sigh in defeat. “I’m gonna go take a nap”

I got up and walked over to wherever it was I was going. Where am I going? I suddenly remembered the room Bob told us about if ever we needed to sleep. I just forgot where he told us it was. I sighed and kept looking around, down hallways and peering into rooms. Aha! success. This has to be the room. There’s three beds after all. In between the beds were baskets full of goodies. Still full. I guess Joe hasn’t come in here yet. Maybe it’s best that he doesn’t find this room.

I sprawled my fully clothed body on the bed that was farthest from the door, looking up at the ceiling. What’s wrong with me? I’m starting to push Chester away. I guess it’s for the best, for both of us. If Mark’s sees me doing anything... sexual or anything close to that... I wouldn’t really like the site of a dead Chester. I sighed as I closed my eyes, forcing myself to go to sleep.

My guess is that it worked. I hear Joe telling me to wake up.

I groan and roll over to turn my back on them, curling my body into a ball.

“Leave me alone... I’m tired” I grunt.

“C’mon Mikey... it’s almost sound check, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon” he said nudging at my sides.

I groaned even louder. I turn to face him and notice him with pixie sticks stuck in his mouth while Rob was eating other junkies on the other bed.

“Rob, why did you have to lead him here?” I said sitting up. “now he’s going to be hyper for the rest of the night”

Joe got off the side of the bed and went to the basket Rob was tending at. I sighed and rubbed the back of my head. I needed the rest. My mouth felt like crap. Eck!

“Is there any gum in there?” I asked.

“Yeah... I found one a pack... in here... earlier” Joe said rummaging through the basket. “...FOUND IT!”

Joe’s sudden outburst startled both me and Rob. This dude is sugar high. I sighed and caught the pack he threw at me. Excel. The tune played in my head. Excel, excelerate your breath stupid song.

“Thanks Joe”

“No problemo Mikey boy” he said with a broad smile. He sat beside Rob, basket on his lap and started unwrapping candies. I rolled my eyes and got up to head to the door. I turned around and looked at them.

“I thought we’re starting sound check?”

“Nah... we start in 30 minutes” Joe grinned.

“You have no idea how hard I’m trying to keep from killing you Joe” I said clenching my fist. He simply smiled and went back to the candy treats.

“I told him not to wake you until it was really time... but.. I couldn’t stop him” said Rob chewing on a twizler.

“Thanks anyway” I said and got out of the room. I sighed. What the hell am I suppose to do for 30 minutes?

“I don’t remember a poster there” I whispered after about the fifth corner I’ve turned. Fuck. I’m pretty sure I was lost. Man this fuckin building is big. I notice a door. Well that has to lead somewhere, out side maybe. I opened it and headed into the dark.

Huh? what is this. Fabric... kinda rough. I notice a light and head towards it. I notice Joe’s scratching equipment. Oh I must be on the stage. Hmm.. I didn’t know there was a side door there. Oh the fabric is the curtain. I mentally slapped myself on the forehead. I’m such a retard.

I started to move, not noticing the wires underneath me, my shoe hooked on it and I tripped, face down first on the wooden stage. OW!

“Ah...” I said rubbing my forehead “that... really hurt”

“Man Shinoda... you’re the biggest clutz I’ve ever had the chance to meet” the spiked blonde said, appearing from somewhere.

He lent me a hand and I took it.

I winced in pain at the side of my ribs. Fuck! He noticed my reaction and held me by the waist, supporting me up.

“You okay?” he asked as he flopped my hand over his shoulder.

“Yeah... yeah I’m alright” I said trying to stand without his support. I released my body from him so as not to make him think I’m weak. “thanks..”

He didn’t say anything. Just looked at me. I can feel his eyes burning through my skull, trying to find out what’s wrong with me.

“Really.. I’m fine Chester” I said standing properly now.

“Let me see it”

See what. What was he talking about?

“The bruise at your side... let me see it” he said answering the question I had in my head.

“There’s no bruise there... It’s just how I fell” I said trying to cover it up.

“Mike... I’m not stupid... now show me it and let me help you, or I’ll get Joe”

He wouldn’t dare! If Joe knew I had a bruise.. he would go crazy... he would call the ambulance and create a huge scene. If not that then he would act like a mother treating a newborn baby. He may be hyper at times but he could be the gentlest and most caring person you can find.

“You wouldn’t..” I whispered glaring at him.

“Yes I would”

“Fine!” I said pulling up the side of my shirt to reveal the bruise there. I hate it when he has to use Joe to defeat me.

“Mike...” he said moving closer. He traced a finger on it as I flinched at the touch. He pulled his hand back. “Jesus Christ... what’s he doing to you”

“I.. It’s really.. my fault” Why am I covering up for him anyway? Oh yeah.. dead Chester = bad.

“C’mon..” he said holding my hand as we walked into the room where I entered in this morning.

“Sit” he commanded. I sat on the couch. I watched him move into some closet area thing and coming back out holding a first aid kit. How does he know this place so well anyways?

He sat beside me and opened the kit. I avoid looking at his face. He’s gonna be disgusted of me.

“Take off your shirt” I hesitated and slowly took it off. I heard a slight gasp escape his mouth. I bit my lip and avoided looking at him.

“Mike...” he whispered softly. “..look at me”

I refused to look at him. I had tears welling up at the side of my eyes. I felt his hand touch my chin. He slowly moved my face so that I was looking straight at him. He had hurt in his eyes.

“Why do you let him do this to you?”

I tear rolled down my face. He wiped it off with his thumb.

“You can’t let him do this to you...” he whispered “Mike.. it hurts me when I see you like this”

“I’m sorry” I cried.

“Shh.. it’s not your fault” he pulled me into a hug and rubbed my back.

He pulled back and reached into the first aid kit to pull out a bottle of... what is that? He also took out a cotton ball.

“This might sting a bit” he poured some of the liquid into the cotton ball.

I hissed as it made contact to my bruise. I closed my eyes in hopes of it to go away. He moved on to another bruise. The same stinging pain. I closed my eyes through out the whole process. He finally finished. I looked at him as he was pulling out a roll of white bandage from the box. He wrapped it around my ribcage area.

“Thanks” I said after he finished. He simply sighed and put the things back in the box before putting it back to where he got it. I put my shirt on. The door suddenly flung open. It was Brad. Holding Froggie. These people are so cruel to Joe.

“Oh my gawd... where do I hide!?” Brad stammered. He slammed the door behind him. He ran out the other door heading to the stage. I turned my head just as Joe popped in where Brad just came from.

“Where is the mother fucker!” he said looking around the room. “I’m going to murder his big fat ass!” he looked at me, I pointed my thumb behind my shoulder to the other door. He nodded his head and sprinted after Brad.

“C’mere you motha fuckaaaa!” I heard Joe yell his war cry.

“What was that about?” asked a confused Chester.

“Brad has Froggie”

“Ah I see” the blonde said understanding quickly why Joe was so outraged.

Dave popped in through the door just as I stood up.

“Hey guys” Dave said hoping on the couch. “do you know where Joe got the sugars?”

“Uhhh.. no sorry” I said lying. It was bad enough that Joe was hyper.


Rob ran in slamming the door shut behind him. He laid his back on it.

“What’s going on?” asked Chester.

“Uhhh” Rob said.


Everyone was suddenly startled by the loud hit on the door.

“Well...” Rob started. “Joe... kinda...”



How’d he get there so fast? Boy... can these people run.


“I thought Brad had the Frog?” I asked.

“Yeah... he did... *bam!* Joe caught him... and well... Brad said it was my ide- *bam!* ..idea.. and now he’s after my ass” he said stammering.

The three of us looked at him and started laughing.


“Would you guys mind helping me out?” Rob asked under gritted teeth.

“No way man... this is your problem...” Chester said shaking his head.

“Yeah you brought this upon yourself” I said also shaking my head. Dave simply chuckled also shaking his head.

“Well thanks you guys... you guys are the bestest friends a guy could ever have”


“ROB!!!” Joe yelled.

“IN A MINUTE!” Rob yelled back over his shoulder. “okay... in the count of 3 I’m going to run for the stage”

“three!” said Chester. And like a Cheetah Rob flew to the other door. Joe flung open the door. I laughed. He didn’t even count from one.

Before Rob got through the door, he bumped into Bob. They both hit the wall. They’re lucky that there’s padding behind them. Why? I really wouldn’t know. Rob hid behind Bob.

“What’s going on?” asked a confused Bob.

“I’m after that asshole behind you!” Joe said trying to get behind Bob. But Bob was moved by Rob from behind, blocking Joe from getting to him.

“Rob?... you got anything to say?” Bob asked Rob.

“Yeah... do you want a live drummer? or not?”

“Okay you guys stop it” I finally said. “this is stupid, you‘re acting like little kids... Joe you got your frog back and Rob... stop stealing it from him”

Joe stopped trying to catch Rob’s ass as he sat his beside Dave. Protectively hugging the stuffed animal. Rob moved away from Bob and stood beside him by the door. He wasn’t going to let his guard down that easily.

Just as Bob was about to speak, Brad came in with an ice pack on his forehead.

“Aww what happen to poor little Braddles waddle” Chester said childishly.

“I see Joe really got your ass” Dave laughed.

“Nah... wasn’t me...” said Joe. “it was his stupidity”

Everyone looked at the both of them confused.

“I tripped over the wires on the stage...” Brad pouted. Everyone burst out laughing.

Chester made eye contact with me, remembering the trip I had not too long ago. We both smiled at each other.

“Anyways...” Bob started. “let’s get sound checking cause the show is almost here... we don’t wanna keep our fans waiting now do we?”

The sound check was nothing but jokes through out. Everyone kept making fun of Joe, and being the nice person that I am. I always defended him. It was nearing show time and the butterflies flew in my stomach in record time.

I shook my body “I feel so giddy” I said.

“Butterflies?” asked Chester.


Everyone else was busy with the playstation, not seeming to care that we had a performance soon.

Chester moved to where I was leaning against the wall. I looked at him as he stood in front of me.

“Want me to fix it for you?” he said eyeing me.

“Sure..” I smiled.

He quickly jumped me and started tickling at my stomach. I fell to the floor with his hand behind my back. I laughed as he refused to stop tickling me. He kept tickling me as I tired to push him away.

“CheSssttTtteeeEEERR” I laughed. He pulled my shirt up a bit as I was lying on the ground and he buried his face in my stomach. Making fart noises as he blew. I started laughing more hysterically.

“Stop...” I laughed “ stop ...”

He stopped as someone stood over us and cleared their throat. I pulled my shirt down, and looked up at our one man audience.

“Mark..” I said alarmed. I stood up and smiled at him. “h-hey... we.. we were just... uhh”

“Playing around” Chester finished with a straight face.

“Y-yeah... getting rid... of my butterflies in my stomach..”

Mark glared at me. He wasn’t buying it. How deep in the shit did I just bury myself in.

i hope this first chapter doesnt suck... well as always... tell me what your thots are... cause i dont know how crappy a job i did.. alrighty..?

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