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Nightmares by Bird Girl


I'm not entirely sure where I want to take this... Or even if I want to continue it. This was just a little horror scene I wanted to write from some sudden inspiration. Please tell me what you think!

I suffer from chronic nightmares. Not every few nights or even most nights. Every night. They plague me, haunting me even in my waking hours. I am afraid to fall asleep and afraid to wake up because I know I will have to go through it all over again. I am trapped in this endless cycle. There is no escape in sight.

My only solace, my only escape, is him. When grief and fear weigh down on me, he is there to comfort me with warm arms and loving kisses. He makes it all go away, if only for a little while. He is quickly becoming my addiction.

I love it when he grabs me and pulls me tight, and I can feel his heart beating steadily. His strong arms grip me in a the right places. Somehow, he takes away all my problems, brushing them to the side as if they were an insignificant speck of dust.

He has a name. Michael. Michael, Mike, Mikey. There are countless synonyms, but they all are him. He loves me. He keeps me safe and warm and happy. If only he could always make me feel like that. Maybe it's because at night, when tendrils of sleep encompass me, he is no longer real. Sleep takes him, too, but to a different place. A happy place. A place where I want to be.

Sometimes I forget what he looks like. Sometimes his face flickers in and out of reality. That is when I remember that this is not him. It is some imposter, posing as him.

He is but a figment of my imagination.

He is my nightmare.

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