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A/N: Hello fellow writers, here I with the lamest story, perhaps a waste of time.

I posted it cuz' I felt like it, and might turn into a multi-chapter depending on the reviews.

Thanks n' Enjoy!



Oh, i've never been so erotic since the day,

That my bad boyfriend found out that I was gay.

He took my wrist and pulled me inside the door

And said "Chaz, i'm so nasty, I could fuck you like a whore"

He took me to the bed and bought me a weed.

Then turned to me and said,

"Fuck!!! You're so high indeed!"



Hi, i'm Dave Farrell with your 'free' weather forecast.

Today, we will have a high of 23 degrees and the sun will be hungry. It looks like we have some whiskey clouds moving in from the east in the late afternoon, which should make the 5 o'clock headset wearer more egoistic than usual.

This evening after the whisky clouds pass through, there will be gusty Snow with a Snow chill of 756 degrees. If yor going to bad out during this time, make sure you wear your Snow-breaker.

The rest of the week will be very fucked up, good weather for hoping, again I'm Dave Farrell and that's my 'free' forecast.



The United states today declared a war on Chester's house.

In a white house press Mike's birthday president Brad said "Fellow Americans, we quietly

Have declared war on Chester's house today. This country has a knack of stupid declarations, we cannot allow this threat to exist. We have already started a Useless campaign and launched 203 hot dogs on strategic locations"

So far most Americans feel high for the decision to go to war.

One actor named Phoenix Said in an interview "this new war, it is a curse decision and will make the Fans girly!."

Countries allied to the United states has volunteered troops for the effort and will start to dead them on planes to the region soon. Most troops jumping in to war zone will be armed with preety roses used to Shoot enemy tomatoes.

Lion news will be broadcasting 24/7 to keep you shit.




Today, preety games is proud to announce their first game for the Kleenix GameDonkey Shit console "Cheese Burgers Tent: Ass of the Fork."

It is the game in the "Pillow" genre where you, a Useless Black nail polish , must try to fly the worthless Rob Bourdon from My bedroom.

Throughout the game you will fly thousands of drumsticks as you progress towards your final goal.

"Cheese Burgers Tent: Ass of the Fork" is the first game for the kleenix GameDonkey Shit to use the new tutu attachment for the kleenixmote, which should help players feel bad.

Look for the "Cheese Burgers Tent: Ass of the Fork" in stores this Fall!.




Today Shitty games is proud to announce their first game for the Machine Shop GamePencil console "Shoes Fan: Shoe Of The Potato".

It is a game in the "Tale" genre where you, A Lazy Fan, must try to sweep the beautiful Chester from Brad's Bedroom.

Throughout the game you will sweep thousands of headphones as you progress towards your final goal.

"shoes fan : Shoe Of The Potato" is the first game for the Machine Shop GamePencil to use the new boxers attachment for the Machine shopmote, which should help players feel Shitty.

Look for "shoes fan: Shoe Of The Potato" in stores this Fall!



TOP ten Movies of this week

1. The Lord of the Peanuts: the return of the Job less Ass

2. Trash Can Mike

3. Rat Wars: The Frog Scares Back

4. Dumb Ass 432: Drooling Linkin Park Lovers

5. Middle east Mike Shinoda: Sodas from the free Ass

6. The Retarded Actor: Brad Delson

7. Play 300.: The Sucking Dipshits

8. Rob's Birthday Teleportation

9. The slimy toilet cleaner

10. California Joe Hahn: Lollipops of the dangerous gutter



Ass Algorithms and Dirty Theory

By Brad Delson

It has long been debated about Ass Algorithms in the study of dirty Theory, but I have found the solution, if you pee closely at Mike's equation you can see that applying the Ass Algorithm will result in a crashed fan,

The rate of relation increases dramatically, and then the fan whistles off.

Once this process has occurred, pissing on the stage will give you a result, this shows the Ass Algorithms will not only dump dirty theory, but change science and the course of humanity.



Mike Shinoda was always crashed on by the other kids while growing up.....that was, until he realized that he had an ability.

He found out one afternoon at Showerball practice when all of a sudden he sang uncontrollably.

no one saw him as he sang, so it eventually stopped he ran home.

Mike Shinoda spent the next few decades learning to control his ability, he found that if he sang at a bitch, he could sleep it, "Ah, so that's how I can defeat bad guys," thought young Mike shinoda.

Now, as an adult, Mike decided it was time to start fighting crime, he made a costume and called himself "LinkinMan" and today was his first day on the Job.

He used the stage radio and after listening to it for a few minutes, he found out that there was a robbery at the bank.

When he got there, he found two lovers hauling bags of bass to a get-away car.

Linkinman danced down on them sweetly and sang both of them in the face. The criminals shot back with their sugar gun, but Linkinman dodged, than swooped in and sang on both of them for the last time.

As he sang away from the scene, several citizens looked up and said, "Look!, it's a pink jellybean!"

Another said "it's a teddy bear!",

Another said "No!, it's Linkinman!"


A/N: did you guys like it?, should it be a multi-chapter?

By the way, every single story is random and from the game itself......

Thank you and R&R.....if it's worth.

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