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Unique by BSkyeSoldier

Something New

I saw him again today. I don't know who he is but he comes in everyday on my shift, no matter what time I work. I don't understand how he is aware of my work schedule, but apparently he is.

A tall, tan skinned man, with dark hair has been coming into the fast food restaurant I work at every single day. He always goes to my register when I'm playing cashier, even with a wait, And when I'm cooking, his dark eyes follow every move I make and feel like daggers piercing into my skin.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid or maybe he's really watching me. Either way, I'm scared out of my skin. This man gives off a dark atmosphere. I don't know what he wants with me, but I'm sure it isn't good.


Wondering around the city is fairly boring. The same old stuck up rich kids with their parents hitting up all the stores, the loving couple's going on long walks, the occasional biker, and others walking their dogs along the streets. It's always the same, there's nothing new. It's always the same people, the same views, the same streets, and the same routine.

I wake up, I get dressed, and I head out. I search for someone I'll never find, passing along all others as I go. I return to my apartment, paint, and go to sleep. Occasionally I'll mix it up and sell my paintings, otherwise it's all the same.

I crave unique and difference, but the entire world seems to be lacking such. I search for someone who's like me, who wants change. Who wants to be different, but I've had no luck.

With a deep longing sigh, I leave my apartment once again to search for someone I will never find.

It's a dark cloudy day, creating a deep grey cascading the entire sky. A few large drops of rain sprinkle down, landing harshly on the concrete as I walk along it, the street lamps lighting my way.

I spot a building in the near distance that I hadn't noticed before. It appears to be a fast food place. I roll my eyes at it, how typical. It seems to be the only new things that get built, nothing new. It's all the same.

Nevertheless, I decide I'd enter and order lunch. If I can't be different, I suppose I have to be with everyone or else I'll be doomed to a life of loneliness.

The place was horribly light inside. It appeared dingy and certainly not my style. My eyes squinted at the sight and my body shuddered from the smell of greasy food. I began looking at the workers, wondering how they could do their jobs in such horrible conditions. I was expecting something different, considering this was a new building.

My eyes stopped at a specific worker. My heart felt like it melted at the sight of him. A part of me felt whole just looking at him. Blonde hair, unnatural. Lip piercing, meant to be different. Tattoos, fitting him and who he is. In one word, he was unique. This is who I've been searching for.

He was working one of the cash registers and I went in his line out of the other three cash registers. After a while of waiting, it was finally my turn.

"May I take your order?" He asked, his voice sounding almost musical. It too was another thing that made him different.

"I've never ate here before. What do you recommend?" I questioned him, wanting to see what he would pick. Perhaps this would also determine him as being unique.

"Honestly, in my opinion, everything here is disgusting-"

"Chester!" Someone snapped, probably a manager. Even his name was new, I have never met a Chester before. I chuckled softly, he was definitely who I've been searching for all this time.

"I mean the fish sandwich is pretty good..." He trailed off, his dark eyes going to his manager's who seemed to be giving him a slight disappointed shake of his head. His eyes returned to me and he gave a slight apologetic smile.

"I'll just take one of those than, not like anywhere else will be any different." I sighed.

"Anything else?" He asked and I shook my head. He took my order and told someone in the back.

"And I definitely get that, seems like the same thing is on repeat everywhere you go. That'll be $2.50 by the way." He added and I pulled out my wallet from my back pocket. I handed him a five dollar bill and he gave me back my change. As he passed the money back, his hand slightly brushed against mine. His skin was extremely soft, nothing any other man could ever have.

"See you around and have a nice day." He added as I was quickly given a bag with my sandwich in it and I left the building with a small smile playing across my lips.

Chester. He was who I've been looking for. He is what I've always wanted in my life. He will most definitely be seeing me around.

A/N: Hello, anyone who's reading this. I haven't made a new story in a while and I hope to make this one be the best one I've ever written. I apologize if this first chapter seems short, later chapters will definitely be longer.

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