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A Ghost Of Hope by BradRockZ

A/N: this is the standalone that was bothering me and its my first attempt on a 'first person' story. I had to catch his thoughts, emotion and scene in one time, i tried my best though........

And this is based on a poem that i wrote a year ago but couldn't share it and now i'm so happy to share it here, on this wonderful heavenly site.


I talk the truth, but i never got the reply.

I walk through, as far as a million mile.

To get to you, the only one i can rely.

When i found you all you left was the echo of your cry.

Then i left myself on the path of stray.

Thinking when i walked to you, why you had to pray.

And told me to burn in hell, when i asked you that i need your help.

Now Im alone, talking to me.

Giving my ownself the hope that i need.

Which i clearly had known it never exists.

A Ghost of Hope is what i walk with.

Its something i don't Want to resist.

I came to a hollow space, which somehow i recognize.

Far away on the Wall, that Cross is embedded, which shines by the sunrise.

As i went closer.

I feel those eyes on me,

They open a book and threw words at me.

The same words that i used to chant,

And now i tried but i find that i can't.

I can't take another step.

The words they say are stopping me.

They're saying me to go away.

They're telling me to fade away.

Telling me to leave them alone,

Telling me that this is'nt my place........

The words began to hurt me.

I tell them to stop in vain.

Because I can't take more of that pain.

I don't know why those words are making my ears bleed.

Don't know why i feel the strong urge from those words to fleet.

I felt harshly being pushed away,

So i closed my eyes welcoming the black day........

Somewhere I recover from that unexpected faint.

I gaze around and i see a trial of red paint.

Ending at a certain grey carved stone.

When i saw that, is when i began disbelieving in the Ghost Of Hope.

Cause i finally realised.

All this time I was the Ghost In Hope........


When the realization hit me, i gained back a part of my past memory......now i remember what happened...........


"Okay, good job Chester!" I watched from my place on the couch in the recording room, as Mike stood in the controls area and gave Chester a 'thumbs up'.

He returned it from inside of the recording booth.

We're in the the NRG studios, recording our second album, which Mike Said he would named it 'Meteora'.

"Now....what should we name it?" Mike Said looking at me.

"i dunno.....Numb?" I shrugged,

I ain't good at naming, you can ask it to Brad for a name. He's good at it, besides he's the one who came up with the epic name 'Hybrid Theory'.

".....'Numb' that totally matches the main point of the song, we're using it!."

He agreed with it?, that name is'nt artistic at all!, i didn't even thought about it.

I leaned in the couch folding my hands up to my chest.

I began to stare at the ceiling for no reason i also am not thinking about anything......more like, trying not to think about any thing.

I sighed being less attentive of myself.

And i think it was audible for Mike.

"Rob, are you still worried about that drum part?."

..........and.....i was right.

I picked my head and saw the obvious look of realization on him, he has known that i'm thinking about something.

Let me be honest with myself.

My brain is not blank, its bringing disturbing thoughts.

Its not about the drum part.....but yeah, because of me the song easier to run is pending.

Gotta admit that drum part is kinda hard.

"Yeah Man, i should probably go and practice now." I stood up and gave him and chester a fake smile, i realise now that Chester is the controls area with Mike, he must've gotten out when I was staring at the ceiling.

I made my way and stepped out the room, closing the door behind me.

I walked aimlessly down the stairs and out the main doors of NRG studios, i dont know why, but it didn't matter. Cuz' my brain is clouded enough to care about it.

.......And yes, i lied to Mike. I wasn't worried about the drum part, i can master it in a few tries.

What's bothering me for real is that news that we got from our manager a few days ago.......about doing a photo shoot at the Ambbassador Hotel.

Couldn't They choose any other place?, i mean its obvious that its occupied supernaturally, it tends to happen after a place has Been shut down for so many years, tell to others and they'll laugh at you..........Okay, no, seriously, why did i thought like that?, There won't be any ghosts or flying objects!, now i feel like laughing at myself!.

And i shook my head at my stupid self.

We're going after 15 days, why am i thinking about it now.

where am i?, i stopped and focused on my surroundings.

I've Been walking around the studios all this time and am in the vast ground of the parking lot.

I glanced at the only Tour bus in the parking lot and that's probably ours, the rest of the lot is empty.

I saw a familier head near the bus. He has a cellphone up to his ear and a pair of headphones in the other hand.

He lifted his head and acknowledged my presence then raised his palm at me with a smile, holding the headphones between his thumb and palm.

I figured it was a greeting.

I greeted back in the same way and forced to make my smile as true as his.

I began to cover the preety long

Distance between us and in the meanwhile he's done calling.

I watch as he keeps his cell in his pocket and walks up to me.

"hey Brad, what're you doing out here?" I asked even after knowing that he obviously cane for those headphones......

"came to fetch these." He said holding up the headphones slightly, then he continued.

" guess who called?" He Said smiling ear to ear, i can say he's very excited.

"......umm, your mom." I said again with out any attention.

"very funny......" He said and shook his head.

He began to walk back to the Studio whilst talking and i followed by his side.

"No!, it was our manager, he Said we're going for.the photo shoot next week. Aren't ya excited!" He Said and punched me on the shoulder playfully.

"I can see that you are, which is probably not good....." I shouldn't have said it like that, now he figured that i'm feeling a bit scared, that's probably why he's narrowing his eyes at me with a smirk.....

"i can't wait to see what's there and we gotta be careful, cuz' I've heard many stories ya know....." And that smirk turned into a mischevious smile. There would've been an evil glint in his eyes, but its evening and the Sun is quite dim and now i'm thinking that I shouldn't be worried about any ghosts but be worried about him scaring me out there.........

"Like, what kind of stories?"

The fear subsided inside me for some time and i became curious.

"umm...okay, i'll tell you one about what happened with the Watchman."

He halted and so did I. Cuz' we're by the end of the parking lot, if we turn by the corner we'll in front of the main doors.

So Brad turned to me and motioned behind me. I look over my shoulder and realised that he's telling me to sit on the boundry of the parking lot.

I nod and walk upto it and sat, he did the same and sat beside me.

"it's just a small incident that happened with the bodyguard of the Ambbassador Hotel.

After his night shift, when he was heading home he locked the main gates and walked to his car and opened the door to the driver's seat, When suddenly the gates unlocked itself. He went back to lock it properly, shutting the car's door in the process........

He locked them again and turned around to the sound of the doors of his car swing open.

He looked at his car and it's doors, hood and trunk were all Wide open and he felt a weird cold vibe, then suddenly several cats came out from the near by bushes, hissing and making scary sounds at his car. He was scared shitless, he didn't spent another minute.there. He closed all the doors and drove off......."

He stopped looking me in the eye and whispered loudly " He was lucky enough to be alive....." then he stood up and said brushing dust off his back.

" C'mon!, Lets go n' tell the news to others."

I stood as well and walked with him around the corner and to the main doors.

" And did you know. In a photograph of that pantry area of the hotel's main kitchen in which Robert.F Kennedy was assassinated. A man's face was caught in the corner, i wonder what we might catch!" He Said to me while pushing open the doors.

And I just sighed at him.

He's getting way too excited and right now I don't wanna give much thought to that story of his.......


Here we go........

I step out of our van along with everyone.

We are In front of the gates and the driver is taking the van away for parking.

"Those are the gates i was talking about." Brad stood beside me and whispered.

" Come on boys!" Our photographer, James told us to follow him as he lead the way.

He took us by the pool and we shot some photos there. James instructed us to sit on the step inside the pool.

After snapping that pic we all scattered here and there,

Exploring and examining the area.

But not me, I stay in the pool cuz' something caught my attention.

There's this big hole near Phoenix's feet when he sat between Mike and Chester for the photo.

Maybe its the drainage hole but its as big as a manhole, anyone could fall in it.

I lean a bit closer to see that its pitch black inside.

I began to wonder what's down there......

"A pretty girl died down There."

"AHH!" I was startled "Brad!, I'll kill you!" How the fuck did he got here?!, i didn't even heard his footsteps!. Its like he just teleported!.

"Sorry....." He Said grinning and being pretty much less apologetic.

I hope he's happy by scaring me. Look at him, so pale, he can blend in with the ghosts preety well, they would'nt dare scare him.

"Now lemme guess there's a story behind it?" I asked sarcastically and i think he'll make one up right now......

"maybe, i dunno, i jus' know a girl fell in there." Good, atleast he's being honest.

"Actually I came to tell you that we're going 'Inside' the Hotel, c'mon!"

"okay....." He just had to emphasize 'Inside' no?

I watch as he walk away, i turn around to take one last look at the hole.

And am stuck with curiousity, i really want to know what's down there or what could be....

Suddenly i feel the vibe around me change, its getting kinda cold.

Its just black inside but i still kept staring in it.

I again began to lean closer, this time not out of curiousity.

Its something else, its strange, i can't say what.

I witness the appearence of something in the dark, it looks like two white leaves lying beside each other horizontally.

I began to scrutinize it, trying to to figure what is that?.

Is it an illusion caused by the Sun?. I dunno but i saw that it flicked one time and i notice the difference.

Between the white leaves a black marble appeared, the Sun made it shine and it blinked twice.

For a second there i thought that i looking in someones beautiful eyes......but it dissapeared when I blinked. Maybe it really was an illusion......

"Rob!, you really wanna find your girlfriend down there?!"

I heard Brad call out to me, i turn around and saw that he had climbed out of the pool and I decided to neglect his comment cuz' he's already far away to be caught......


Here we stand in the Hall which was once known as 'The Cocoanut Groove Nightclub', the place where there were parties, enjoyment and happiness now its the total opposite......

We take a few shots here and went for the other floors, surprisingly the elevator works.

We took some here too.

And i gotta say some of the guys are being an ass or Asses?.

Specially Chester and Mike.

They're trying to scare everyone!.

Poor Brad, he thought he'd scare me, now i can see he's being cautious and protecting himself of being scared and also to avoid screaming like Chester just did when Joe got the best of him.

And i think i'll go and explore that kitchen in which Robert.F Kennedy was shot, its just down the corrider.

I began to walk towards the kitchen. Others were busy being little school kids but not Brad I guess.....

"I thought you would'nt dare!, i'm comin' too!" He Said and caught up with me.

We walk down the corrider and i pushed the door, it swung open with a creek which echoed in the hollow corrider.

Brad switched on the flash light, it was smart of him to bring that.

He slowly sent the light in all directions, examining.

Then stepped in, i followed as well and he found the light switch fast enough which was behind the door and switched it on turning off the torch.

We look around the dusty kitchen.

There's pieces of glass scattered everywhere and there's also some rusted knifes and large butcher's blades.

The paint on the walls, the expensive once I assume are cracking and falling off and the smell around is quite unpleasant.

We saw the door to the pantry area of the kitchen. The exact place where Robert.F Kennedy was killed.

We both looked at the door then at each other and I wanted to be the first one to tell.

"Go open the door....."

"Why me?, you go." He said with out any intention of opening that door in any case.

Then he turned around still looking at me and went to explore the cupboards.

And i went to see the sink area opposite and Yes i don't Want to open that door just standing near it are giving me cold chills.

"Dude....look at that."

I turn around and saw what he was talking about, it appears to be a backbone of a human leaned in the corner of the cupboard.

"That reminds me of the killer, he got away with 17 murders and lastly killed himeself."

He Said, i walk over to him and i realised that there's an unstable chandelier on the ceiling.

I walk from under it and i think i was lucky it didn't fall on me.

Just the second i stood behind him i began to hear footsteps and i think he did too cuz' he turned to me with caution, then averted his eyes in the direction of the opened door frame.

The footsteps are getting faster and louder..........

"Oh, you guys already came here!?" Chester stood in the door way and hear Brad's breath..... wait, he was'nt breathing? Is he easy to scare?, maybe that's why he came along with me.....

"Did Phoenix came here?" Chester asked to us.

I replied "No....."

"wait, you lost him?!" Brad asked almost glaring at him.

"No, he's being an ass and hidind in corners and rooms to scare us, i know he's on this floor in some room" then we watch as he opened the door beside the kitchen, peek inside and step in, then we see the light inside switch on.

"they're worst than 10 year olds" i heard Brad mumble.

"yeah......" i sighed, of course it was getting annoying.

"its getting dark Dude, we better get with the others" he said glancing at the only window in the kitchen, it sure is getting dark.....We were looking out the window and it slowly swung open by itself letting in an unlikely cold chill.

I notice the difference in his features. His eyes went a little wide and he simply began to leave, when the thought of leaving came to my mind as well the door slammed shut with a loud bang before Brad could stop it.

He began to pull madly at the knob whilst yelling "CHESTER!, OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!!"

Now our doubt directly went on him since he was here just a minute ago and I really hope it is him playing with us.......

I was just about to go and help him when suddenly the chandelier fell striking more panic in our hearts.

I was just an inch away from it, one broken bulb scratched my face, barely leaving my eye.

I stumbled backwards and successfully breaked my fall.

Brad stopped pulling the door and tossed the broken knob leaning against the door on his back.

"Are you alright?" He asked his voice wavered slightly.

I nodded, thank god I'm not hurt badly.

I looked over at him, he looked very scared I tried to think of any idea and it struck me when my eyes rested on the open window.

can't we jump out of it?.

I walked too it and stuck my head out and that's when my idea backfired, its a suicidal idea, the land is very low, we can't reach it without breaking our heads.

I can see the pool from here and I glance at that hole.

I can't believe what I saw, horror and fear strucked my heart, I saw a girl crawl out of that hole and limply stand near it.

Her transparent apparition was seen clearly under the dark blue sky.

She lifted her head and met my eyes. The feeling was the same when I first saw those eyes in that hole this morning.

Now I had to belive that there are ghosts here and we're going to die........

I won't tell it to Brad, I don't want to concern him.

Instead I'll tell him another idea, I thought as I spot some big butcher's blades lying down near the sinks.

I walked around the chandelier lying on the floor and picked two blades, I handed one to him as he came to take it and we both charged at the door brutally.

He stuck the blade in the gap near the lock and tried to break the lock from inside while I head for the hinges.

Sticking the blade in the gap didn't work so he began break the whole wood piece on which the lock is embedded,

And I had loosened some hinges so I gave it a hard kick and the door broke down.

We let go of the blades on the spot and ran for the elevator, but before we can reach it the lights went out plugging us in darkness, luckily there's a window beside us it's providing us some light that's coming from the street light.

We can only see each other standing in the little illumination and we only hear our breaths.

And the only thing I wanted to see was not her appearance but it was......she's right there just a few feet away, giving me a smile which looked somewhat flirty.

" Brad, can you tell me how that girl looked?" I asked just to confirm that it might be her.

"Why?" He said, it seemed like he forced his dried throat to speak.

"just say it......" I said and he realised by my voice that I'm serious about it.

"I-I saw her picture, she was a teenager. she had long black hair, black eyes and-"

"she wore a full sleeve white gown......." I said what I saw and his description is also matching.

"h-how do you know?" He said in small voice looking up at me,

I see, he can't see her, she only chose to be seen by me......

We look at each other, she and me, eyes locked, her smile widened and I felt a sudden throb in my chest and I felt like I lost my voice.

Then a strong taste like iron came in my mouth, I let it drip down the side of my mouth because it was flowing out of my throat too much.

I began to feel dizzy so I lowered my head and saw a puddle of blood near my feet.........

"Rob!, what happened?!?!"

Brad's voice echoed in my ear, I felt like I'm in a shallow space.

I lost control and fell on my knees closing my eyes when the side of my face hit the ground.

"Rob!!!" His voice was the last thing I heard........I don't know what happened next, to me or Brad................


I did woke and met my friends and family also met Brad, he's fine, we both are fine but the difference is he can feel and touch things and I can't.

He voice can be heard by others but not mine.

He feels exhausted if he walked too much, but not me, i don't feel tired or hungry and i can walk through walls that's how usually travel and he can't.

one time I went to meet my family at night and my sister saw me in the mirror, she yelled and told me to burn in hell.

I can't go into churches, the priests there can see me and they threw words at me which hurts.

So I was astray in hope or with a ghost of hope that doesn't actually exists.

But that was till i was drawn towards my grave by following a blood trial thats been put there by her.

And now that its true that i'm the ghost in hope and i can't do anything.....

I sit here beside my tombstone

Maybe someone might visit, Mike came just yesterday he told me to stay happy.

Umm.....i think theres someone behind me cuz' i can feel the presance, i looked up over my shoulder and its her, She's the one who did this to me, we met in ambbassador Hotel and at that time she'd wish to stay with me forever and She made her wish come true......She just needed my company and the only on i can talk too..............


A/N: How was it?

The story that Brad Said is actually true but not the murderer and faces in photos and the girl........


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