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Nightmare Came True by BradRockZ

The Mysterious Monkey Paw

A/N: this is a rip off of a folklore long forgotten, only one cult object used in this story is from the folklore but the whole plot is mine.

Maybe it'll have two or three chapters I dunno.



Nightmares, Childhood fears and phobias are just something that every child gets when they were young.

They eventually stop when the child grows, and the child may also stop to think about it.

Now when the child grows his brain begins to think in a different way.

He begins to wonder what were they?.

The childhood fears,

They were a kind of feeling developed inside the brain of the child.

It's something that's been created by others.

Could be made by scary stories or an image of a thing that is a disturbance to the brain.

For example fear of dolls, clowns. Some kids enjoy playing with them but most don't.

And the phobias,

Some childhood fears fade away when the person grows but some stick with the person and develop in to a phobia for the rest of his life.

Now only that person knows how he's passing his days and nights.

We all can define phobias and childhood fears, but did you ever thought about nightmares?

Where do they come from and why?.

Everybody gets nightmares, they're not only for children they are for everyone.

Usually we get it when we watch a scary movie or read a scary story,

You need not to worry about that.

But some nightmares has no connection to the real world.

In some nightmares you see things that you have never saw in your real life, not even when you were a kid.

So where do these come from?

.......Sorry, no answer.........

These are those kind of nightmares that shouldn't come true, May it be a person or a thing you saw in it and they tend to be more scary.

Your worst fear is them coming true.....

But what happens when you find a chance through which you can make it come true?

The obvious fact is, curiosity gets the best of you and you get yourself in trouble along with the people living with you.

Then desperately try to get away from it when you were the one who helped it come true.

After They do come true, some become successful and keeps themselves alive but some die trying.

Take a look in the life of a person named 'Joe Hahn'.

He has been known as the best DJ in his college, but his friends know the different side of him.

He has a wild imagination, almost demonic.

He has the ability of expressing his dreams, nightmares or just thoughts on a paper, take a look at his drawings you'll know what kind of person he is.

He loves unreal stuff or maybe they are real, they're just beyond our ability to see them.

He also has a fascination for demonic and cult stuff.

He knows stories and legends that once happened.

If you hear those you'll say it's purely made up, but no, they once happened.

Exorcisms are best example.

And his fevorite cult mystery is of The Mysterious Monkey paw.

A story he has been hearing from his childhood and seeing recently in his dreams.

He looks at it as the best option for their circumstances.

The six of them are in full effort of publishing their first EP.

Their bassist is temporary, since Phoenix, the one who was supposed to be is touring with Tasty Snax.

And their singer is a mismatch they need a talented one, they heard someone by the name of 'Chester Bennington' but they were told by the manager that they'll only meet him after getting themselves labeled.

They need money, they need more money than expected.

So this is what brought Joe Hahn to think about the Monkey Paw.

The Monkey Paw is like a genie but the difference is it has a connection with the cult black magic and a genie is more of a spiritual thing and is considered mostly at the side of being untrue.

The Monkey Paw will make your three wishes come true but with a warrant that something bad will happen to you or to the people with you.

But it's worth giving a shot when you have it in your hand or if you got an opportunity to lay your hands on it.

Joe had known that, where Mike's new house is, in the quiet almost eerie district, there somewhere is the oportunity of getting that object of cult.

Mike has moved in a small new house from his old apartment which he used to share with Brad.

He is in hope that Anna his girlfriend of five months will move in with him, but the chances are very less.

Now that he'd known that he can get it, why not try?.

And so he decided to have a talk about it with Mike.

Because he knows that Mike won't turn it into a silly joke and laugh at it, he knows he'll listen to him completely before making it a silly joke.

So he looked for the best chance and fortunately he got it.....


It a night.........

Anna hasn't moved in yet, so Mike decided to have a dinner with his 3 friends who lived in one apartment near their college, Mark and Kyle their temporary bassist were out of town.

Mike kept the telephone down and plopped in front of the TV, he just called his friends over for dinner, they said they'll be there In 10 minutes.

But 10 minutes seemed like an hour to him, he really missed Brad's company and Anna has been showing signs of moving in but that's not gonna happen soon.

He moved in a totally new district.

It's quite in the mornings and begins to eerie by nights.

He feels lonely and sleepless and he's thinking that he should let Brad stay with him until Anna finally decides.

'Riiiiiinggg............'the doorbell rang jolting him out of his thoughts.

He hastily stumbled his way wanting to open the door quickly, cuz' the miserable ear shattering bell won't stop ringing!.

He finally reached the door and pulled it open.

And Joe removed his hand from the bell.

The three of his friends stood on his porch with smiling faces and smiling hearts and Mike was very happy for the first time in a week.

Joe greeted him with a handshake before stepping in and Rob and Brad gave him a tight hug.

They've known him for years now and they know that he is in need of a hug right now.

"how are you Mike?....." Brad said pulling out of the hug but held his shoulders.

he had seen Mike after almost a week, it's not like they meet everyday in college, they go to separate collages and right now he wants to know about his wellness more than anything.

"I'm fine." Mike replied but his voice clearly said that he is in tension and not so well.

"you're lying....don't worry i'll make you spit your emotions in no time" Brad said and moved out of the way for Mike to close the door.

He can lie to everyone but not to Brad. He's like a freaking lie detector, he knows Mike too well.....

They chatted, laughed and had silly fun.

Mike really missed these events, and he has decided that he'll ask Brad to stay with him after the dinner.

Time for dinner came and they decided to have Italian food, of course Mike can't cook so he had no preparation like always.

And the nearby restaurant didn't had home delivery service, so Rob and Brad agreed to bring it.

And Joe thought of this as the best chance and stayed with Mike.

"Mike." Joe thought of starting the conversation slow......

"yes Joe" Mike has been Joe's friend a year now, so he knows when Joe starts any conversation slowly it means he's gonna talk about strange or weird stuff.

"i know you, me, we all are in deep problems and concerns.

We want some money, what if you can get rid of all this problems?"

Joe said and it raised some interest in Mike.

"i would really like to get rid of all these problems if possible...." "it is possible" these words from Joe made him create eye contact with him and he awaited for him to speak.

"I know you haven't heard about the mysterious Monkey Paw, but I know where to get it, it makes your wish come true, for real!, but it will do something bad."

Okay, joe told many stories but not in this way, not like it's a 'fact'.

Mike stared at him and tried not to frown.

He didn't believe in the single word that Joe said, but he knew that Joe has this weird fascination towards it.

He drew pictures of it and one time said it's haunting his dreams.

Mike decided to humour him.

Because Joe is not saying it under the influence of drugs he knows what he's saying.

" Joe, you know sometimes you really scare me -"

He was intrupted by the doorbell.

He stood and went to open the door and Brad and Rob stepped in with filled paper bags.

They began to serve the food and Joe kept looking at Mike all the time for the answer.......and he got a nod from him just as they sat on the table.



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