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Fool-Proof by BradRockZ


A/N: first and foremost I would like to give a very big thanks to YAJNA or @Brad'sAfroHair on Twitter, for collaborating with me on this fic.

It wouldn't have been here if I hadn't had that chat with her, I was having a horrible writer's block over this plot.

And again it's based on HT times, now how could you not write about good times huh?.

Well, writing this was very much fun and it's supposed to be funny....and it's also my first try at writing something funny pure from my mind so I don't know if it's actually funny...probably not....yes, it's not funny it's drama...

NOTE:The voices in the background and the sound of cell ringing are in Italics

And this '»»»»»»' means 'the following day'

April Fool's Day Fic


I came in my room and threw my jacket on the bed, then stood by the mirror to cheak my beauty and fixed my already fixed bleached spikes.....i look so perfect.

In the mirror i saw the reflection of the calander that's hanging on the Wall above the bed and realised there's only five days for April!

I jumped over my bed and sat on my knees to confirm the date....yes!, April is very near and the guys will try to get the best of me!.

I know i'll be the victim this time, because i'm away from my home and they're probably living in it right now.

They'll call me and tell me stuff that'll scare me and make me come back, and when i'm fooled enough to go back they'll laugh their asses out.

Like we did to Rob last year....poor guy he was truely scared.

But i will not be fooled!, this year I plan to be the person you can neverfool!

I'm sure one of them will call me tommorow.

They'll try to be very horrible but I won't be fooled and will return home after my work here is done, that's exactly on 1st April!

I know something will happen tommorow, on March 27.......


Alright today is 27, the call will come and for now i'll watch a movie and enjoy some snacks!


Aha!, i knew it! See? Imma psychic!


"Hey Chaz, its Mike, as you're away and Sam is alone She told us to stay with her, is it okay?"

"yes, i don't mind it and you guys should look after her when i'm away."

"Thanks Chaz, Bye!"


And i disconnected the phone, he's probably calling from his apartment and they aren't going to stay at mine.........

Ahahh! I've figured their plan!.

They'll say that they're staying in my home and pretend they are trashing it so I would get worried and return!.

But i'm not gonna be fooled easily..........


28 of March, i saw it in the corner of the magazine i'm reading while relaxing on my bed.

It's evening, when will I get a call?

Don't bother chester you'll get it soon...and i smirked at myself while turning the page.


And i sure did!, i took my cell off the lamp table and answered.


"Hello! Its Phoenix, Sam was very happy that you let us stay with her. We are heading to your house right now and She insisted on driving us!"

Did he just said Sam is driving?!

"But She can't drive!"

"WHAT!?, wait lemme put it on Speaker...okay, say it again?"

"She . Can't . Drive!!"

I heard a few gasps and Brad saying "Let's give each other condolences", then suddenly a loud car screech and the connection died......

That....sounded real....but no, they must be thinking that i'll be fooled and call back.

And from when did Sam learned how to drive?, or maybe She alrady knew it, She was fooling me by saying she can't!

Now i'll wait for their call, and I won't call them, cuz' i'm resistant from being fooled!



See? They did call......after two hours that is......

"hey Joe, what's up!, everything's fine?"

"Umm...kind of....well, let's just say your car got a tiny scratch -"

"Tiny scratch?, seriously?"

That was Rob's voice in the background....

" Dude!, your headlights broke!" Brad yelled in the phone.

"Hey!, Shut up!, gimme that phone!!"

I think Brad and Joe are fighting over the phone and it disconnected.

They know I can never imagine my sexy car getting a scratch.....and that's why they planned this!, i knew they would do the horrible!.

But i won't return!

They know i'll kill them if they mess with my car, they would'nt dare it........


29 of March......and i'm waiting for their drama to begin while having some extra sugary coffee,

but they did'nt called and its getting dark....

Maybe i should call them and see what's going on.....so i dialled Mike's number and the phone rang....and rang....and rang.

What the hell!, why is'nt he picking up?!.

oh, he must be planing something, lets try Sam!.

I dialled her number and it kept ringing forever! Whaat?.

I see she's with them too....i'm gonna have to talk to her later.

Somebody pick it up!!, Brad?

Ring, Ring, Ring

"Yo....", Finally!!

"hey Brad, what're you guys doing now?"

"we're heading to the Store to buy gun props"

"Real guns Brad, not props", that was Phoenix's voice....

" is Phoenix with you?"


"Who's driving?"


"in who's car?"


"But you said the headlights broke?"


Ugh!, stop that!, i hate it when he goes in 'one word answer' mode!.

"Teeheehee, Mike stop it!"

I think i heard Samantha giggle and Mike is with them too!

"i heard Sam's voice and Mike is also with you?"

"yeah Man, they're smitten in the back seat"


Hey! Shut up!, shut up!"

That was Mike.....he cut the line.

Okay, i admit i'm going to explode with fury!.

Mike is smitten with MY Sam!....or Brad could be fooling me.

and they're going to buy guns!?, but Brad said they are props.....and Phoenix said they are REAL!, WHO SHOULD I BELIEVE!?!?

Okay, i should belive Brad......why would they have a death wish.

But about Mike!, Ughh! I really Want to go back now.

No, no, no i will not be fooled by you Mike, or Brad, or whoever!


Yawn......the movie just ended, its 10:25pm and my eyes are badly strained.......i need to lay down and relax.

I went to my room and layed closing my eyes, and began to think what Brad said.....( they're smitten in the back seat), and now my brain can't stop coming up with images.

I opened my eyes unable to sleep and stared particularly nowhere.


Did my phone just rang?, who would call at this time?.....the ID read 'BBB'....that's weird.


"Hey Chester, Brad here, you gotta return..."

Ooooh, now he's requesting me to return so he can fool me.


"it's about Mike and Sam, you-"

Brad got interrupted by a knock on the door......

" Hello Chester, Rob came, Rob tell him what they did."

"About Mike and Sam, oh no, i dont want to talk about that", i heard Rob say.

"Dude, you must be told, but we just can't"

Wow, i did'nt knew Brad could act so well, he must try an audition for 'Heart Break Kid part 2'.

Then i heard another knock on his door and voices of joe and Phoenix.......that means, its a group plan huh? Smart Asses.

"Guys, tell Chaz about them"

Brad said then Phoenix took the phone.

"Chester you must return home, its not something that can be told, you need to see it...."

And he disconnected.

Nice try losers but i'm not fooled yet.



Uuugghh, i did'nt slept the whole night yesterday, now i was trying to take some peaceful nap.....and suddenly.

God!, i'm starting to hate these guys!


"Hey Chester" Brad again "Sorry to disturb you but-"


"is that the sound of a shot gun?!"

"yeah, apparently Mike got a little too much drunk and decided to play Call Of Duty, for real"


that sounded like Phoenix!

"Chester! You have to come back!"

"Fire in the hooole!!" THUD!, "MAYDAY!, MAYDAY!",

"Brad!, stop hiding!, you MUST attack!!", that was Mike for sure.....

"Fine, There",

"A pillow?, seriously Dude"




.........he disconnected.......

I stare at my phone, jaw dropped.

What the hell was that?.....

They crossed the limit, well obviously to get me,

But i'm still not going.

Try all you want! Play Call Of Duty or Tea Party.

i ain't getting fooled!

And that was for 30th.....lets see what they'll do on 31st, the last day......


Today is the last day!.

i'll be here flipping through channels and waiting for their call.

Its 4pm, my cell will ring anytime now.....


Wow, i think i should open a small booth and start predicting others future.

"yes Brad"

"Hi Chaz, Ow!"

"what happened?"

"my hand got a small shock by your fridge"


"i'm sitting on it....."

"You're sitting on my fridge?!, Why?"

"well, lets say you're house is super slippery and oily.....because we decided to oil skate"

My eyes went wide at that, like they would fall out, oil skating???

" And?"

"And Rob is on the upside down couch while i'm on the fridge, we might crack our Ass bones if we step down so we're just watching as Mike, Sam, Dave and joe are figure skating and -"


"I'M FINE!!".....that was definitely Joe.

" And doing that...."


"The girl is heavy!"

"Sorry bout' that, you're coming tommorow right?" Brad asked.


"Have a safe ride, bye"

"Thanks, bye"


"no, not the Shlog!, ahhhh!"

"hey, the fridge has wheels"

"Don't touch it!, noooo!"

That's what I heard before the connection died.

How the hell did they make it sound so real!, still I'm not falling for it and Brad is so good in keeping up the act that's why they kept him in transferring the news, of course, We did that last year too!.

Grrr!, I really want to go home RIGHT NOW!!

but I swear I'll not get fooled this year.

They will not GET ME!!

I'll return tommorow evening at my fixed time.....although they've done a good job of almost getting me.

I know they haven't done any of the things they've told me all these days, they're probably sitting in Mike's apartment and giggling....

Well!, I need to pack my stuff and this year I'll be the one laughing my ass out at them!!


I'm all ready!, I've packed my bag and pulled a beanie over my head and sat in the hired car to head home.

I know the guys will yell 'April fool' and through water balloons at me the moment I open the door, I must be careful.

The ride to my home is pretty short so in 25 minutes the taxi stopped by my house.

And I saw something I had no intention of, the four of the guys stood chatting in the front yard.

They acknowledged me as I got out of the car and proceeded to greet me casually when I entered the fence gate....

What the hell?, have they forgotten today is April fool's day?

But still it's better if I keep my guard up.

I suspiciously look around and notice two things.

one, Mike is not with these guys. two, there's a grave with flowers on it and a small maple branch with leaves settled in the ground by hand, behind the headstone, and it's in my yard!

"Why is there a grave in my yard?" I asked them and Brad answered.

"your headlights are buried there."


"We played Call Of Duty and Phoenix died-"

"but he's standing right here"

"he died by a water balloon and Mike really wanted to bury him instead we convinced him to bury your headlights...he was drunk."

"he mourned and did a funeral ceremony over your headlights, it was really something to watch, hahaha" Joe said and laughed.

"where's my car?"

I asked turning back to Brad and he replied.

"Down in the garage"

Did these guys really messed with my car?.....I'm so gonna kill them.

"where's Mike" I kept forth my another question.

"Probably with Sam, I told you about them, I wasn't fooling you about anything"

My eyes went wide at what just Brad said.

They weren't fooling me?.....about anything.

He looked innocently at me and said "I told you to come back"

Then I turned on my heels towards my house without a word.

On my way I stopped by the headstone and it read,

"here lies Chester's headlights - (199blah,blah - 2001)"

I smacked my forehead with my hand, they don't even know when I bought it.

I shook my head and resumed walking to my house.

I kept my hand on the knob and opened it and said goodbye to my sanity.


The whole house is trashed!

The sofa's are upside down and the fridge is in the bathroom!?

I took one quick step and fell hard on my ass.


I can't stand without a support!, there's oil everywhere!.

So I crawled to the sofa and tried to stand, I did somehow and tried to walk but instead I slipped my way to the other side of the house and landed on my butt again.


"having fun Chester?" Joe called out.

Having fun!?, is he fucking kidding me!!??

I looked beside me and saw a shot gun, its real!.

I took it and I know if I try to walk I'll fall again, so I slid my way on my ass, to the main door and stood safely on the grass beyond the porch,

Then decided to break in to hysterics.


The gun was loaded! It shot in the sky!



Another Shot!


"Ahhh....he lost it"

I heard Rob say and swiftly averted my blood shot eyes at him.

His eyes went a little wide and he quickly turned on his heels, he pushed Phoenix out of the way and ran down the street.

"Hey!, wait for me!!" Then he ran too.



And that's when Joe and Brad jumped over the fence and ran like rabbits.

"YOU CAN RUN!, BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!!" I yelled out the all too famous movie dialogue and ran to chase those suckers!.


Mike and Samantha walked to the front yard from behind the house.

"He didn't come like you said he would" Samantha said with her hands on her hips.

"yeah, I said Brad the car is in the garage cuz' I had a surprise for them all down there"

Mike replied with a frown.

"well, you're plan backfired"

"yeah, and poor guys, they had to put up with Chester.

Even though they weren't fooling him but I fooled them all.

and good job Samantha, they thought that it's a 'Fact' that we're having an affair."

And Mike flashed the 'Shinoda grin'.

"Thanks, and my Chester didn't fall for your prank, in the end he did succeeded in not being fooled somehow....."


A/N: again hopefully that was at least enjoyable...I hate self doubts.

and many people are reading my stories but not leaving their opinion.

And I'm starting to think you guys don't like my stories and I'm a crappy author but then you do read them.

So guys tell me what you think I like knowing what people think of my work like all the other authors here.


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