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The Doodler by BSkyeSoldier

The Doodler

Disclaimer: The Doodler is an actual serial killer. He did indeed draw men in a gay bar before bringing them somewhere secluded and performing sexual intercourse with them. After that, he'd slaughter them and only three people had survived but never spoke out as they were afraid of letting out the secret of their sexual orientation. Other than that, this fiction is completely fake. Enjoy.


Mike lazily watches the crowd of people in the gay bar. He doesn't care if they see him, they won't say anything. Anyone who walks in and out of this bar refuses to admit their sexual orientation. This happens to create the perfect place for perfect crimes.

He spotted three individuals he once called his victims. The men had started talking to each other and grouped together, never leaving each other's side. They're the only ones who had gotten away.

Brad, Rob, and Phoenix. All three men were widely respected amongst the town. One even had a family, wife and kids. There wasn't a chance they would speak out about what Mike had done to them, that would mean telling the truth.

Mike realized the men were staring at them. He looked over and gave them a little wave, tossing them a wink. They each scowled but Mike laughed to himself at that. He didn't care what they thought of him now.

His eyes danced around the familiar faces in the room. He was tired of seeing the same men over and over again. None of them were what he wanted, none turned him on. That's what he was looking for, a perfect victim who he wouldn't mind getting a fun and kinky time from.

As if an answer from God, the door opened and a short, skinny figure stepped in. He found his way to the bar and Mike caught himself glued to this new boy. He sat at the edge of the bar, close enough to see him but not too close to draw his attention.

Mike pulled out his notepad and a pencil and began sketching the man, focusing on his details. He had very pale skin but lots of tattoos to help him seem slightly darker. His creamy soft looking skin melted perfectly with his bright blonde hair. The dark eyes he contained added emphasis onto his face as well as the bright pinkness to his cheeks.

Mike's eyes trailed down to his frame as he continued drawing. The petite man wore fairly baggy clothes, all black. It certainly made him stand out. He had on skinny jeans that fitted his legs perfectly and made Mike's pants grow tight. He didn't know what it was about those legs that made this man seem irresistible.

The man rose and began heading towards the bathroom, his heavy fashion appearing black boots thudding gently on the floor. Mike huffed but thought he needed to begin shading his drawing anyway.

Brad, Phoenix, and Rob were watching the man and Mike closely and knew this guy was in horrible danger. They gave each other a knowing stare before following him.

"He's definitely next." Brad murmured as they stepped into the bathroom. Rob frowned silently.

"Hi," Phoenix began after a moment. The guy was just finishing washing his hands and turned around as he was drying them. He gave the three men a soft smile. "I'm Phoenix and these are my friends Brad and Rob. Can we speak to you for a moment?"

"Hey, I'm Chester. Sure, we can talk. Let's find a table out of the bathroom." Chester began towards the door but Phoenix pulled him back.

"No, we need to talk in here." Phoenix insisted and Chester's face seemed to mask with worry.

"Hey, dude, if that's what you mean by talk-"

"No, no, I don't mean it like that, Chester. It's just complicated." Phoenix sighed and Chester seemed to relax a little.

"Oh, okay. Sorry, it's just... I've never been to this bar before and I've not had good luck in others." He looked down to his feet, running a hand through his hair. All three men knew Chester must've already experienced something horrible, they didn't want him to get further harmed.

"Sorry if we gave you the wrong idea, trust us, it's nothing like that." Rob chuckled awkwardly and Chester just shrugged.

"The past is the past, man. What do you want to talk about?" Chester smiled again. Brad scoffed Mike silently in his head for targeting someone who seemed to be far too kind to deserve anything like this.

"There's this guy at the bar who's watching you, drawing you... To social media, he's called The Doodler." Brad began and Chester stayed silent.

"He draws his victims to flatter them and then brings them somewhere secluded where he draws you more which leads to sex. He, then, kills his victim and gets rid of their bodies." Rob took over and Chester just continued to look at them.

"How do you know this is the guy? Who knows, maybe others draw other people to flatter them and maybe he's not drawing me." Chester shrugged. His voice wasn't rude in anyway, just purely doubtful.

"We know it's him because... There has only been three survivors and that happens to be us." Phoenix explained slowly and Chester's eyes seemed to widen.

"Why haven't you gone to the police?" He asked quickly but the three sighed.

"I have a wife and kids, this would tear my family apart if they knew I had a gay side." Brad frowned and Chester's features heavily softened, he understood that.

"And we have great jobs. Our bosses are homophobic, they'd fire us instantly." Phoenix explained and Chester nodded.

"Just be careful, Chester. Don't let him get to you. Become a survivor. It's obvious he's drawing you. Just wait, he'll come up to you when you step out of here and sit back down." Rob said softly and Chester carefully nodded. "Will you be careful?"

"I suppose. Thanks." Chester sighed and left the bathroom without another word. He couldn't believe a killer was after him but what those guys didn't know was that Chester wasn't as happy as his smile made him seem. He became horribly suicidal after his last visit at the last gay bar he went to.

He had went into the bathroom and was followed by a man who was harassing him at the bar earlier. The man noted nobody else was in the bathroom and locked the door. He then proceeded to rape Chester who would never recover from this experience.

After that day, Chester couldn't help but feel empty inside. He didn't care if he died and frequently abused drugs and alcohol to try and recover from what happened to him. He didn't want to step foot in a bar ever again but he got sick of drinking at home alone and came here.

Mike was pleased when his next victim took his seat back where he was. He didn't even notice Brad, Rob, and Phoenix had come out of the bathroom just behind Chester. He was far too enticed by Chester's beauty. He was by far Mike's favorite subject up to this moment. He didn't know why but there was something about Chester that just latched him onto him.

Mike looked down at his drawing and decided it was perfect and moved to the seat next to Chester's in one swift movement. Chester didn't notice and stared down his drink. Mike smelt the fresh scent of lavender coming off of Chester. As odd as it may seem for a male to smell like lavender, it somehow worked for Chester. Mike's heart felt like it was pounding in his head.

"Hi, I'm Mike." He finally spoke, catching Chester's attention easily as he looked up. Mike saw something in his eyes and his body language seemed tense. He quickly saw that Chester was afraid of him.

"I'm Chester." The skinny man replied and looked back at his drink, clearly wanting nothing to do with Mike at all.

"Say, I, uh... I noticed you from across the bad and... Well, you just seem so... So... I can't explain it. I just can't but I felt I had to draw you." Mike pulled out his sketch and Chester looked at it. He seemed surprised and shocked by how good Mike's quick sketch was.

"You just carry your notepad around with you?" Chester asked after a moment and Mike realized Chester was more of a fighter than he seemed. For a while, his demeanor said he was sad or deeply troubled but now he has this fire burning inside of him that Mike wants more of.

"Yes, yes I do." Mike said honestly and Chester looked into Mike's eyes which made him off ease. He felt intense under the smaller man's stare.

"I'm not interested in you." Chester said bluntly and Mike felt like he was hit by a bus.

"And why not?" Mike countered with somewhat sourly. He had never been turned down before.

"Because you use the same line on every guy you try to pick up. You draw them, and say: "Oh, I happened to bring along art supplies to a bar and I thought 'hey, if I draw that guy, maybe he'll let me fuck him' so here I am! Wanna go to my place or yours?" And I'm not going to be another one of your little fucks." Chester snapped, carefully not saying anything about Mike being The Doodler. He rose and began walking away but Mike grabbed his arm and pulled him back.

He pressed Chester against a wall and forced his lips against his. Mike couldn't take it anymore, he needed to feel Chester. His anger flared heavy lust into Mike and he was loving the resistance Chester had over him. His hands searched up Chester's outer thighs and rested on his hips. Chester wasn't kissing back but Mike didn't care. He was going to have Chester no matter what it took.

Mike tightly held onto his hips and bit Chester's bottom lip when he tried turning his head away. He led Chester out the back door of the bar and towards his car. Mike was becoming lost in pleasure as he felt up his forced lover's back.

Chester, on the other hand, was in absolute panic. He couldn't do anything about this and he didn't care about his life anymore but he did care about getting raped again. He made it clear he wanted to part on anything sexual with Mike but he was being assaulted again.

Chester's hands made their way up and pressed against Mike's chest, trying to shove him away but Mike didn't notice his attempt. He had a firm grip on Chester and wasn't about to let him go.

"Stop!" Chester cried out when Mike accidentally lost his lips. Chester pushed and strained against Mike but again, he wasn't being let go of. Mike's hands caressed Chester's back. "Please stop!"

"Why? Why don't you like me?" Mike asked in a soft tone that made Chester stop struggling. He looked into his eyes and Mike instantly knew why Chester was so resistant. "You were raped before, weren't you?"

"Stop." Chester pleaded once again but Mike couldn't let go of him. He eyed Chester's body carefully.

He thought about earlier that night when he was admiring the way Chester looked. He thought about the drawing he made of him and then recalled his current wanting to have everything Chester had. Mike looked into those deep haunting eyes and saw the pain behind them. He realized he didn't want to hurt Chester, not even to get what he wanted.

"I won't hurt you." Mike said in a small voice and Chester appeared confused. "I-I'll admit I wanted to... But I can't. You're already hurt. I don't want to see you in pain. Ever."

Chester teared up and started to cry and shake. Mike hugged him tightly and rocked his thin body back and forth. Chester closed his eyes and leaned against Mike's shoulder, gripping the bigger man back.

"I need to tell you something." Mike paused. "I'm The Doodler. The serial killer all over the papers and in the news."

"I know." Chester said in a small voice and Mike tensed up.

"You did? You knew I'd hurt you but you didn't runaway?" Mike asked, extremely confused. Chester nodded.

"I don't care about life anymore." He said in a rough voice and Mike felt tears whelming within his eyes.

"Stay with me." Mike whispered into Chester's ear. His soft breath gently heating Chester's ear. "Please... Stay with me. I won't hurt anyone ever again if you just stay with me."

"Okay." Chester breathed out and Mike hugged him tighter.

"I knew there was something about you."



Author's Note: I don't particularly like this fiction all that much. I feel it lacks realism as most serial killers are either driven by insanity or a purpose that makes them want to kill again when their "cool periods" end.

But let me leave leave you with this: Just because I stopped writing, doesn't mean the fic is over. Think about where Mike and Chester would be years from now. Do you think Mike would really stop killing? Do you think he'd never hurt Chester?

I hope you enjoyed this fic and this left you thinking. ;)

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