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Nails by LinkinParkisLove


Author's Note: I actually consider this somewhat humorous in an ironic kind of way but classified it under drama as it's not full-out comedy. I hope you enjoy.

Chester's nails dug into Mike's back and dragged down as Mike thrusted steadily into him. The two moaned in harmony as Chester tried to push further against Mike's cock. Mike came inside Chester once his nails dug a little deeper, drawing a bit of blood.

Mike kissed Chester's shoulders and Chester shifted upwards slightly with a moan and came on both of their stomachs.

"Fuck," Chester swore and Mike pulled out, smiling lightly, he loved Chester's unnecessary swearing because it was something he did often. It was apart of him and Mike loved that.

"We probably have to go now before the guys call." Mike said, falling next to Chester on the bed. Chester sighed and cuddled up next to Mike, making him inwardly groan. Chester was always wanting to snuggle and Mike knew he couldn't say no to those deep brown eyes.

The two were merely lovers although they each wanted more. Neither knew the other was deeply yearning for something more than sex with the other. The short cuddling and make out sessions induced from each side was proof they were trying to push for more but they were so focused on trying to show it, they couldn't see the other's attempts.

It all started when Mike followed Chester back to the tour bus. Both had been apart from their wives for far too long and craved sexual contact. Chester wasn't in the greatest mood and Mike wanted to know what was going on through his vocalist's head.

"What's up with you?" Mike had asked him when they both ended up in the tour bus. Chester simply sighed and sat on the couch in the back of the bus. Mike had followed and sat beside him. "Tell me what's bothering you."

"It's nothing, it's stupid." Chester grunted and Mike rolled his eyes. It was typical for Chester to act this way sometimes. Mike stared at him, slowly breaking Chester down. He eventually sighed, "Fine. I just need a good fucking."

"What?" Mike quickly asked, not sure if he heard that right. Sure, Chester wasn't an innocent person but he sure as hell looked like one, no matter how many curse words he used. He'd always look like sweet, adorable, innocent Chester.

"You heard, Mike. I need a good fucking. Woman or not, I just fucking need it." He stressed and Mike saw an opportunity. He'd never had sexual fantasies about Chester but given the chance, he'd take it.

He decided he'd act irrationally and pushed Chester back on the couch. His hands pushed up under his shirt and Chester seemed shocked.

"Mike, what're you doing?" He asked, his voice filled with trust and longing. Mike pulled off Chester's shirt and licked at the flesh before answering.

"Giving you that good fucking you wanted."

Mike smiled to himself at the memory of their first night together. Little did they both know it would lead up to something more. They were too close of friends to not fall for one another once their intimacy hit the max.

Chester's phone rang, the ringtone signaling it was Brad calling. Mike sighed when Chester answered.


"Hey, Chester, is Mike there?" Brad asked. The other guys knew nothing about their affairs but were never shocked if they were with each other, even at four in the morning.

"He is." Chester answered honestly, looking up at Mike who broke away and got out of the bed, slowly putting his clothes back on but Chester signaled him to stop. He sat on the edge of the bed as Chester sat up and put Brad on speaker.

"I tried to call you guys multiple times. What were you two doing?"

"Harmonizing." Chester smirked, tossing a wink at Mike. "What do you want?"

"To remind you guys that the tour starts tomorrow." He said as though it was obvious.

"Did you have to remind us? I think we'd remember." Mike said and Brad chuckled.

"Did you?" He asked.

"Nope." Chester replied in a proud manner. Brad sighed, silently praising himself for reminding the forgetful vocalists about an important figure in their careers. "Don't worry, Brad. We won't forget again. Will we, Mike?"

"No, we won't. We'll talk to you later." Mike hung up the phone and Chester grinned, pulling at the top of Mike's boxers that he had managed to put on moments ago.

"Round two?" He smirked and Mike licked his bottom lip.

"You know it."

Chester's phone rang for the fifth time in a row and Mike about had it. He looked and saw it was Brad. Chester was still passed out on the bed so he answered it for him.

"What?" He snapped and Brad was immediately taken aback.

"Someone's cranky." He noted. "And late."

"For what?" Mike asked and Brad groaned in irritation.

"I knew you'd forget!" He yelled and Mike pulled the phone away from his ear in shock of his loud tone. "The tour! The fucking tour!"

"Oh, shit." He swore and looked back at Chester, shaking him awake. "We'll be at the first hotel in like a half hour."

He hung up the phone and shook Chester awake. The skinny man slapped his hand and rolled onto his side. Mike knew it would be difficult to get him out of bed. He decided to take drastic measures. He leaned towards his lover's ear.

"Chester if you don't get up right this second, I won't fuck you for the entire tour." He growled threateningly, hoping that would trigger worry within the other man but instead, he laughed.

"Just try not sticking your dick up my ass." He snickered but Mike wasn't having any of it. He decided he needed a different approach.

"I'll do something for you if you get up." He grinned as he saw Chester open a single eye, clearly interested.

"Mmhm, what's that?" He asked, his voice somewhat rough from being too tired.

"I'll use that whip you've been wanting to try out." He said as seductively as possible. Honestly, he wanted to use some kinky techniques a long time ago with Chester but wanted to make his lover beg for it.

He saw both of Chester's eyes light up and he burst into a toothy grin. He got out of bed and Mike almost laughed at how Chester thought he had some control over this situation.

Mike and Chester arrived at the hotel about two hours after they said they'd be there. Of course they had to have their fun. They got their keys from the front desk and headed up to the room they'd be sharing as usual. When they arrived, it took everything in them not to try out the new bed and setting. Mike's phone began to ring and he noted it was Phoenix.


"Are you guys here yet?! It's been forever!" Phoenix exaggerated and Mike couldn't help but roll his eyes.

"Yeah, we're here." Mike simply responded with, not wanting to argue with the bassist.

"Good. Head down to the pool, we're talking about this upcoming interview." Phoenix said before hanging up without a goodbye. Mike hated being bossed around so he grinned at Chester and opened his bag, revealing a whip. Chester immediately broke into a smile.

"You ready for this?" Mike stepped towards him, shaking the whip lightly.

"Shut up and fuck me." Chester insisted and this was a command Mike was happy to oblige.

Brad, Phoenix, Rob, and Joe waited in the pool for their two other mates. They weren't born yesterday, they knew the pair were having sex all the time, they just never questioned them about it. They could always hear Mike sneaking into Chester's bunk and the two were not at all quiet about it. Sometimes the friends dared to get close to the subject but none have ever approached it confidently or directly.

After what must've been fifteen minutes, they saw the pair grinning ear to ear, walking towards the pool. Mike had a swimsuit on and a t-shirt but Chester was dressed normally. The other guys had been waiting for them in the hot tub and felt like they were on fire so decided to get out and into the huge pool, which made their eyes bulge at how cold the water felt in comparison to the hot tub.

The guys saw Mike wink at Chester before taking his shirt off and jumping into the pool. Chester sat on the side, seeming in content. The kinky whip marks hidden under his regular clothing. Mike's head bobbed ahead of the water and he turned to face Chester again to see if he had gotten splashed from his jump. Brad, Joe, Rob, and Phoenix all immediately noticed long, deep, scratches going all the way down Mike's back. The only thing they could picture was him and Chester doing it. They cringed at the thought.

"Mike..." Brad trailed off, somewhat afraid to mention the scratches to his friend. He turned around, urging Brad to continue. "There are scratches on your back..."

"Oh," Mike mused and wondered how he could cover up his relationship with Chester. "I must've slept on something."

"Slept on what? They're really straight." Phoenix said, trying not to laugh at how nervous the pair were.

"Um... The blankets on my bed must've been folded and I didn't move when I slept so they left marks." Mike tried again but his friends weren't going to let this go too easily.

"I thought you slept at Chester's house last night." Brad said, cornering him. Mike looked to Chester for support but he was sitting at a table near the pool, too focused on his phone to notice they were even talking.

"He slept on the couch and let me sleep in his bed." Mike smiled nervously and ran a hand through his damp hair.

"But you said it was your bed." Joe chipped in, trying not to smirk at Mike's distress.

"I misspoke." Mike glared at them and Phoenix couldn't help but snicker a little.

"Hey! Chester!" Brad called and Chester looked up to show he was paying attention but occasionally looked back to his phone so he wasn't really listening.

"Yeah?" He asked, looking back to his phone.

"Where did you sleep last night?" Brad asked and saw Mike look like he stopped breathing.

"My bed." Chester replied shortly and Mike thought of many ways to punish him later but he knew whatever he did would just turn him on.

"Explain?" Phoenix asked, looking at Mike with a glint in his eyes that his friend had caught. Chester noticed this as well and knew he said something wrong.

"Wait," Chester spoke quickly, seeing their secret in harms way, even though the guys already knew. They all looked to him and he smiled nervously. "I actually slept on the couch last night, Mike slept on my bed. I forgot, I couldn't remember what day it was."

"See," Mike grinned proudly and winked at Chester to show he had done something right and would be rewarded later. The guys all sighed, realizing this was just another close call in their minds, even though the others were trying hard to make them confess to their doings, creating all these close calls.

"Okay," Brad gave up and they all started discussing music.

"Fuck me." Chester whined as Mike rubbed his erection against Chester's. The two were panting and in the middle of a heated moment alone.

"Beg." Mike growled and Chester lifted his midsection up, trying to press against Mike.

"Please fuck me. Please... Fuck." Chester gasped and his eyes rolled back in irritation mixed with pleasure. Mike was about to ram into him when Chester suddenly asked a question out of no where. "Are we ever going to tell them about this?"

"Nope." Mike grinned and pressed himself into Chester, loving the sound of him moaning loudly, the guys in neighboring rooms cringing at the noise.

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