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Life Of Linkin Park by BradRockZ

Episode 1

A/N: you're about to read Episode 1 of Season 1, This will go like series.

Season one is the time, where Mike meets Brad, In junior high.

Season 2 will be the time in high school. Where Mike and Brad will meet Rob and so on.

I dunno how many episodes will this have.

Heavily based over reality, but it's still fiction so EVERY SINGLE part is NOT based on reality.

For example, I don't exactly know how Mike and Brad met, all I know is that they met in junior high, and this is all my perspective of it.




Its time for breakfast and he's feeling sick.

(I think I should skip it) he thought to himself exiting his room with his back pack.

He went downstairs and into the kitchen.

Where he saw his dad and younger brother having breakfast and his mom frying bacon.

" Good morning mom and dad"

He greeted, setting his bag down near the table and took a seat across his dad, beside his younger brother.

"Good morning son" replied his dad with a heartful smile and mom served him a plate.

He tried not to frown as his stomach did somersaults at the smell of food.

He brought his hands up on the table pretending that he was going to eat. His dad and younger brother had finished already as they started earlier.

"Come on Boy, let's get you to school!" His dad said to his younger brother. Who gulped down the glass of Milk and hopped off the chair.

"Mike, It's going to be Fine" his dad told him, taking his briefcase and Jason's school bag.

"Yeah dad, I know" Mike replied with a small smile and watched as his cheery little brother and lovely father left the house.

"sweety, why are'nt you eating?" His mom asked standing beside him.

"mom, I feel really sick" he frowned keeping a hand on his abdomen.

"It's going to be Fine sweety" She said strocking his head

"I bet you'll find a really cool best friend!"

And Mike sighed, wishing that he would'nt grow up and would'nt had to go to middle School and than High school.

Which he knew would be worse because his kindergarten went much like that.

Now he knew he was acting like a child. Because he can in front of his mom. But he had to act manly in front of his dad. Muto never liked to see his elder son whine but Donna loved Mike no matter how he lived.



"You should be going."

Mike sighed again, stood taking his bag from near his feet.

He said goodbye to his mom and left the house.

Mike walked down the block looking like a typical school kid.

Middle School kid in his early years of adolescence to be precise.

He had round glasses, his face was rough with acne and his voice was hoarse and rough, his brain was rough going through changes and his life was rough as well.

Everything was rough for him.


He reached the school and went straight to the madam's office.

"Michael Kenji Shinoda?" Asked the madam.

Mike nodded.

"Take a seat" she said gesturing to the chair across her desk and picked up the desk phone and called in some teacher.

A few minutes later a teacher came in to the office.

"Michael come with me."

The teacher said and Mike followed her his new class.


Mike entered the class behind the teacher and all eyes were on him. It made him uneasy.

"This is your new class mate" the teacher said to the class.

"Tell us a bit about your self"

she said and sat on her chair as Mike somewhat tried not to stutter.

"My name Michael, or Mike--"

"You don't don't look like an American, are you Hispanic?" Some boy intrupted him.

" No, I'm uhhh...I'm half Japanese" Mike said and looked at his shoes as students began giving him dirty looks.

"Okay, Mike go take your seat" the teacher said a bit bitterly, and didn't let him talk further. And gestured him to the two seats in the middle of the middle row. In other words, the two seats behind one long desk in the center of the class.

Mike sat with the empty seat beside him. And the teacher took out the register from her desk and started taking the attendance.

She called out names one after one and got the reply.

But she called someone by the name of 'Bradford' she got no response.

She called twice, then looked up and saw the seat beside Mike was empty.

She sighed and went on calling other names and finally Mike's, and it was done.

The classes started and Mike, with the rest of the kids obeyed their teachers as usual.

But no one talked to Mike, they would just give him nasty looks and would whisper something to each other and snigger when ever Mike glanced at them.

Even at the time of lunch he sat alone. And now the children from other classes noticed his obvious individuality and behaved in the same way around him.

Of Course he felt bad and hurt.

He couldn't swallow a morsal due do People constantly glaring at him.

Emotions were about to over take, and before that, he left for the washroom......

Some classes came and went and the school finally ended.


Mike walked home feeling gloomy than ever.

He knew this would come and he must face it. He can't hide from the world. He wouldn't do that! Deep down he felt angry on The people around him. He hated when others treated his father like this too.

He knows his father goes through alot in his office but still he hides it and keeps his family happy.

Mike decided he will do the same. He will not tell his mom or dad about any of this. He'll keep quite, just like his dad. Because if he didn't, it'll hurt his parents and he could never think about his parents being hurt because of him.

Mike sighed and pushed the thoughts away which were disturbing his walking pace.

He felt the need to reach home as fast as he can and have something to eat because he didn't ate lunch at all and he's starving. Besides he needs rest and a nap to stop thinking for awhile.


Mike had took a nap and woke by evening.

He sat down at the side of his bed, doing the days homework.

He has his bag sprawled beside him on the floor and a bulk of books in front of him.

Not particularly focusing on his homework but recalling the events that took place that morning. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get over it.

It felt really bad to him. People judging him where ever he goes.

Because of his genes. Never thinking for a second about his feelings. It's not like he can change that just for them to except him.

The more he thought about it, the more hatred built inside him. Forming the tears of anger in the eyes behind transparent glasses.

It was all bringing Mike to the verge of tears. So he snapped out of it, blinking away the tears.

He could hear children playing and laughing together.

It made him wish that he too had such friends to share a laugh with......

As planned by himself, he didn't went out of his house. Not even to wonder in the nearby park, which he usually does.

He just stayed in his home all day, doing different activities.

He listened to some music. Read kerrang magazine, imagining himself on the cover instead of Metallica.

Learned and played keyboard with his mom helping him, did some drawing.

He had given a last stroke on his painting when his mom called him for dinner.

He had a nice dinner with his family. For awhile he felt happy and appreciated. And Of course he avoided talking about school or lied.

The day had ended, and he layed in his bed to go to sleep and to get ready for another miserable morning.

He tried hard not to think about tomorrow, but it was impossible.

He ended up sleeping in somewhere between 2 and 3.


A/N: I'd like to if there's any flaw or needs any improvement, you know, to help me as a writer.

And yeah, I'll update the other one, soon.

And what do you think of the title of this fic? I don't like it, but I can't think of any other, suggestions would be nice.

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