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Porn Stars by LinkinParkisLove

Chapter 1

"Fuck," Chester swore as the stranger thrusted steadily into him. He was never into it but could easily fake it for the camera. "Harder, baby."

"You're so fucking dirty," The man sneered and obeyed, pushing as hard and as fast as he could. The man loved preforming with Chester, otherwise known as Kitty or Kitten, his porn name. He was always so tight and warm, the man had to take pills so he wouldn't cum immediately after entry.

"Cum for me," Chester begged and the man grunted before releasing into Chester, who hummed happily. He kissed Chester's neck and the director yelled to end the clip.

"That's a wrap," He stated and the two got off the bed and were each brought a robe. Chester took out a cigarette and lit it, blowing out the grey smoke. His manager approached him and stole it, taking in a drag.

"You look terrible," He murmured and Chester rolled his eyes.

"Yup," He agreed and took back his cigarette. His manager tried taking it back but Chester raised it above his head. "Rob, this gig doesn't pay me enough to spare any of these. You want one, you buy one."

"Lighten up, Kitten, I can find better deals."

"Yeah, sure. That's why I've gotten fucked by this guy enough times that I should remember his name," Chester rolled his eyes.

"It's Brad."

"Whatever," Chester walked away but Rob followed him. He'd never bother to learn his 'partners' names, he hated all of them. He never meant to become such a drag but he couldn't prevent his attitude when he was constantly struggling between too many drugs and too little.

"What do you want me to do about it? You blow all your money on cocaine, meth, and pot. I can't control your finances when you're fucked out of your head with addictions," Rob snorted and Chester exited the building. He'd need a serious shower but he wasn't going to take one in this nasty motel they were shooting in; especially when there was that pervert still in there he just had sex with.

"I want you to find me someone good, someone who can make my career take off," Chester said as if it was obvious. Rob laughed.

"Oh, sure. Why would I do that, Kitty? So you can get your high? I don't want to waste my time on you if you're going to always blow yourself up with dumb shit."

"You're getting paid, you know. You get way more than most managers get, my business doesn't concern you."

"Come on, Chaz," Rob said, using his name to emphasize how serious he actually was. "You're smarter than this. You have a brain, use it."

"After I fuck it up, I will." Chester said to himself.

"Mike! Hey!" Brad caught up to his fellow porn star friend on the street and patted his shoulder. "You'll never believe the video I made."

"Is it with that Kitty again?" Mike rolled his eyes as Brad quickly nodded. "You need to get over that little crush, BBB."

"I don't have a crush on the kid. He's just really tight."

"He's not a kid. If he was, he wouldn't be in this," Mike growled, sometimes he had enough of other porn stars. He had to deal with them all day, he was over it when the cameras were off.

"Don't be so stubborn, Bear."

"Don't call me that. The cameras are off." Mike sneered in his face before continuing to walk into the building where his usual director planned everything.

"You called me BBB," Brad reminded him.

"Your nickname has a nickname, it doesn't count," Mike said and knocked on the door. He heard a rough "Come in!" and entered. "Hey, Joe."

"Mike, hey! Brad, hello! How did you enjoy set today?" Joe asked and Brad smiled. Joe always had this personality that brightened everyones mood. He was probably the only true happy person within the business, although Mike was incredibly joyous when on camera. He couldn't help it, he loved the attention.

"It was fun," Brad admitted, earning a small hit to the arm from Mike.

"Now, Mike, don't be jealous. I could hook you up with Kitten any time you'd like."

"I'm not fucking a drug addict."

"You already have, Mike." Joe reminded him and Mike had to chuckle. He's had sex with so many people that he can't keep track of who had what problems. "Don't worry, Mike. Kitty doesn't remember any of his past partner's names."

"Except mine, right?" Brad asked and Joe looked to him, slowly shaking his head.

"That Kitty must not have gotten anyone good," Mike laughed and Joe shrugged.

"I wouldn't know anything about that," Joe was completely and utterly straight but that's why he directed gay porn. He may not know what people like in it but he could be completely focused.

"You should hook them up, I bet it'd be hot," Brad smirked and saw the disapproving expression across his face. "Why are you so against fucking him, Mike?! You're not against fucking anyone!"

"Because he sounds like a whore."

"And you're not?" Brad laughed and Mike rolled his eyes.

"I'm not a whore, I'm horny," Mike insisted and Brad pulled out a picture of Chester from his pocket and gave it to Mike.

"This is what he looks like."

"Fucking hell, Brad. You just keep this in your pocket?"

"He's cute," Brad shrugged and Mike took a look. He immediately understood his porn name, it made sense. He looked soft and had adorable blonde hair. He just appeared cloud-like, he was that gentle looking.

"He does drugs?" Mike asked, looking at his dark eyes. He seemed innocent.

"Yes," Brad replied shortly. "Smokes cigarettes too, he lit one right when the video stopped."

"He looks too innocent, uncorrupted, for that."

"But he does, I mean is it that farfetched? He is a porn star," Brad sighed and Mike shrugged.

"Well, whatever. I don't want to fuck him..." Mike trailed off. Everyone knew he was lying. His eyes were undressing Chester in the picture. Brad took it back and smirked.

Mike wrapped his hand around his erection. He sighed happily as he started to pump. He could never have enough pleasure. His mind flipped back to Kitty and he moaned in the shower, warm water flowing down his back. He squeezed himself gently and began moving quicker, imagining Kitten sucking him off, swirling his tongue, and tricking the tip. His hands cupping his scrotum and massaging. He imagined that soft, little body pressed against the wall as he pounded into him. Mike came easily.

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