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Playing with a Dragon by A.N.

Part One

Mike was a fairly tall, dark haired, dark eyed and decently built man in his early thirties. In his earlier years, sex had just been a fun thing he did whenever the opportunity rose. At this point in his life, however, sex was supposed to be a romantic adventure. Unfortunately, sex with his current partner was starting to become routine and at times, boring. He wished he could say otherwise, because his boyfriend was fine in personality and very romantic in other aspects of their relationship. He didn't have the heart to say to his lover, that he was terrible in bed. Nowadays, even if Mike was on top, Brad would come in just a few minutes and it was getting silly. What's the point if you don't have to try very hard?

He thought back to the advice he had received from a close friend. "Get a sex toy", his friend had told him.

"You don't just go get a sex toy." Mike said. "We have things we like and don't like. I wouldn't even know where to start."

Rob sighed. Mike was an odd one. He loved sex but he typically didn't like things that weren't human (other than lotions or lubricants) involved in his bedroom play. His minor conservativeness made him hard to deal with at times. "Have you considered a vibe or a dildo?"

"No." Mike said with a flat tone.

"Why not?" Rob asked.

"I don't like the idea of something vibrating in me. I just think it'd feel too strange." Mike tried to explain.

"Then get a dildo." Rob said, as if this was something Mike was open to.

"But there's nothing special about a dildo. It just sits there."

"See, this is the problem between you and Brad. You hold it against him for not being creative in bed and this is why." Rob said, roughly pointing his hand in Mike's direction.

"I shouldn't have to use a toy during sex in order to get excited. I should just be excited by Brad." Mike argued.

"That's really romantic. It's also really defeatist. You two have been together for a long time, and I doubt you are about to let that go tomorrow. But you two deserve to have better sex, period."

"So that's your advice, I just go get some sex toy?" Mike asked.

"Not just any sex toy. I think we've established you don't want a vibe, right?" Rob asked. Mike nodded. "Well, there's a website I shop from that has some really unique dildos that you can customize to your needs."

"You sound like an advertisement. And I still wouldn't know where to begin." Mike said.

"There you go again with the defeatist thing. How about if we sit down together and I show you how the site works?"

"Okay, I guess..." The idea of he and Rob looking at a website that sells sex toys, didn't bother him at all. It was the toys themselves that he was wary of.

Even so, a few days after another lousy experience in bed, Mike succumbed to the need for something new. Rob pulled up the website on his laptop and Mike gave the homepage an odd stare. "Why is it called Bad Dragon?" He asked.

"This site is all about fantasy toys." Rob explained.

"What kind of fantasy toys?" Mike asked, slightly more intrigued than he was previously.

"This kind." Rob said he opened the page labeled 'Toys'.

"Oh..." Mike said, his voice trailing a bit. It was all new, of course, but these toys were especially new looking. Not all of the dildos were intended to be the manhoods of dragons; there were other mythical beasts there too.

"Kelvin is one of the ones I bought." Rob said, pointing out the lavender toy. It wasn't particularly long, and had flat, dull spines along the underside. It seemed to have a lot of girth, but Mike didn't like the pointy look of the toy's head.

"So this is what they think an ice dragon's cock looks like?" Mike asked rhetorically.

"As if you would know any better." Rob teased.

"I admit, it's pretty." Mike said.

"There are plenty others. You should look at them all and figure out what will suit you best." Rob recommended. He handed over his laptop, and Mike started investigating each of the products they had listed.

Mike looked through every single one, from tails and tongues to tentacles and drakes. They were all unique and well-crafted, but his eyes kept going back to Vasu the Naga. He wasn't sure if it was the fact that this was the only serpentine one of the bunch, or if it was because this one was the most "human" looking - if that was possible.

The display image showed this toy in a soft red color. The head was twirled around like ice cream on a cone, but looked soft and pleasurable. The length was fairly simple, with some ridges along the underside. The knot was nearly twice the girth of the length, and looked muscular but intimidating. The designers had taken the time to give it a base with scales on it, to make it look like it was based on a being that wasn't a myth.

"Find anything you like?" Rob asked a little while later.

"I think so. Do you know anything about this one?" Mike asked, referencing Vasu.

"I don't have one, so I can't say much about it other than I know it's really popular." Rob answered. He was spooning away at one of those yogurts with the fruit on the bottom that needed to be mixed in. Mike had never understood why they couldn't just fill up the yogurt cup with the fruit already mixed in, so that they could start eating it immediately. You know, because dilemmas like these are important.

"It looks comfortable." Mike said, his voice sounding like he had come to a decision.

"You want it, don't you?" Rob teased.

"I dunno... maybe it's not unique enough."

"Give it a suction cup. Or a cum tube."

"What's a cumtube?"

"They put in a plastic tube that you attach a syringe to. You put lube in the syringe, and squirt it through the toy. It feels so good." Rob explained before slowly licking some of the yogurt off of his spoon.

"That sounds hot." Mike said, then turned back to the computer. Rob had expected him to come up with some excuse for why that wasn't good enough. Apparently, it was.

He chose to play it safe, and pick a medium size and medium firmness. He paused at the options for the suction cup and the cumtube. After a few minutes of debating, he decided he wanted both features on his new toy. "Really?" Mike said, frustrated.

"What's up?"

"I can't have both the suction cup and the cum tube." Mike whined.

"You really don't need both." Rob said.

"True. Which one do you like more?" Mike asked.

"I prefer the suction cup, only because it makes the toy I chose it for, stay put. The cum tube is great, it really is, but it's messy and a pain to clean up after. I don't always use it cause of that." Rob explained.

"If I get a suction cup, then it's a toy I can use by myself. If I get the cum tube, then Brad can use it on me." Mike said. "He'll be in charge of clean up."

Rob chuckled. Mike was putting so much planning into this experience. It was appropriate to do so, since these toys weren't exactly cheap, and he had so many needs. "Or... you can use it on Brad."

Mike laughed hard. Though the idea of seeing Brad getting aroused by being fucked with a sex toy, was enticing.

With that in mind, Mike chose the cum tube, then moved on to the colors he liked the most. He finalized the order, then took a deep breath. He had just spent a decent sum of money on a sex toy. A sex toy from a website devoted to fantasy toys that look like cocks of dragons, drakes and other creatures.

"This had better be good." Mike mumbled.

"It will be. In fact, let me know how it goes, because I might get one for myself."

"How many of these do you have?"

"Erm... a few..." Rob said, with shifty eyes.

Mike couldn't help laughing. "Yeah, sure, uh-huh, a few." Mike teased. After sharing his sex life, and sex toy shopping with Rob, he was allowed an opportunity to poke fun at his friend.

"You won't tease me when you start collecting these too." Rob said, starting to laugh too.

"You collect these?" Mike burst out laughing to the point where he toppled onto his side.

"Shut up."


Beta done by a friend of mine.

I am SOOOOOO sorry for how long it has been since I have written a story for this site. I'm a full-time student so my life is complicated most of the time.

It just randomly popped into my head... "What if Mike actually bought a toy from Bad Dragon?" It occurred to me that this is something he'd have to be convinced to do. Well, ya'll know how he comes across, lol. Hope you enjoy what I have so far, and more to come soon ;)

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