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Linkin Park conspiracy: who Called The Cops? by BradRockZ

A/N: this just my perspective. It's not EXACTLY what happened because I have no idea what happened. It's based on commotion that happened last year about LP calling cops on sublime because they had weed. Brad was the one who told the guards.

I just liked what he did and decided to write this.

And was supposed to be up on his birthday -_-

You find the whole news on Google, just type 'Brad Delson Sublime'


Brad stood silently watching the scene in front of him. He did'nt spoke or did anything while Rome Ramirez ranted on about Linkin Park calling cops on them because they were smoking weed while pointing his finger at Mike Shinoda.

Who was trying to have a manly talk. But Ramirez went on and on, His accusing voice Sharp in the small dressing room.


Finally came time to part ways with Sublime With Rome.

Linkin Park settled in their hired van and left for their apartment. They were to stay there for another two days since that's when there flight back to L.A from Arizona was scheduled.

The ride was rather quite. Each of them guessing who did it and Brad gazed at the scenery passing by, unmoved by the incident and keeping his cool as best as he could. On the other hand Mike was in a mix of emotions.

He sighed and took out his phone to check Twitter. He knew The news must be raving by now.

Mike frowned when he saw Rome's latest tweet.

Than read it out loud.

"Linkin Nark, tch..."

Mike felt angry. It was all bringing a bad name on them really fast.

Mike wondered who the hell could that be? Who is that asshole of a person who wanted to ruin them?.

Mike had no idea who did it, so with frustration and honesty he tweeted.

Then shoved his phone back in his pocket. "we need to talk this over" he said massaging his temple in utter frustration.

And Brad thought that

Rome's fans must've already started "Anti-Linkin Park" polls.


The four of them scattered around in the apartment's main room. Brad flopped on the fluffiest couch while Mike stood in the middle, flustered.

" Okay, who called the cops??"

He went directly to the point.

"Was it one of you guys!?"

Joe, Rob and Phoenix turned out to be innocent. So Chester and Mike eyed Brad. Who was oddly quite. He knew they must've figured it by now.

So he finally spilled.

"I did."

"Why?!, yes, we all hated the smoke but that's OUR fucking problem!, why did YOU had tell the cops!?"

Mike suddenly fumed.

Brad didn't reply, just looked over at chester, who was staring at the floor. His mind somewhere else, perhaps thinking about wanting some of that weed.

Back in the dressing room Brad saw Chester's struggle when he inhaled the smoke of marijuana.

Chester was fighting with himself, fighting with the urge to hold back and away from the drugs. Brad knew there was a risk of Chester joining them, he was an addict afterall. And no one seemed to take any action so Brad did what he thought was the best.

After Linkin Park got off stage and went to the meet and greet. Next up stage went sublime With Rome and that's when Brad spoke to the guards about the weed, saying that he's allergic to marijuana.

And so the guards went to the cops on his behalf. All was done behind the back of his bandmates, Because he knew they would stop him.

So when sublime With Rome came back from the stage, their drugs were already raided by the police.

And they got enraged upon Linkin Park while Brad stood silently.........All he wanted was to protect Chester.

After the long pause Brad said

"I did it for Chester." Chester's head snapped towards him at that.

"He could've gone and joined them, and we all promised that we'll keep him away from that....I was just keeping my promise."

Brad mumbled.

Mike's look upon Brad softened as he heard those words, his glare was replaced by brotherly love.

He has no right to be angry on Brad anymore. Instead Mike thought that he should've supported in doing it. They all did promised that they'll NEVER let Chester indulge his previous self.

Mike sighed and sat on an armchair. Thinking about the circumstances.

Phoenix-who sat on another armchair across him, started a radio interview in his phone at loud volume so that the rest of the guys can hear it. It was a live interview, Rome's manager was talking away to the media already.

There name was getting ruined by every second that passed and it was Mike's job to never let that happen.

He must do something real quick, so just when the radio host said 'goodbye' to Rome's manager. Mike told his mates that he's going to call him and say that Linkin Park will give them there drugs back and in turn he should let the matter go.

"In other words, we'll bribe him to shut up. Do you think he'll listen??" Joe asked.

Mike said that it's worth giving a try. So he did called Rome's manager right there and he said that it's cool and agreed, it was unexpectedly quick.

So the commotion was settled between the two bands.

But Rome's manager just had to tell it ALL to the media. He told them about Linkin Park's antics and eventually pointed his finger at that certain band member or "The culprit", as addressed by the media.

Linkin Park didn't knew about that interview, until they got on there flight.....


Brad was in the plane, thinking about weather the media found out the culprit or not, when Phoenix tossed a newspaper over him from behind. joking "here you go, you no-fun rat!".

Brad smiled at Dave's remark and took the paper that'd fallen on his lap and begun to read.

His eyes shifted as he read the main page article.

Somehow that manager had found out that Brad was the culprit.

And now they were trash talking about him. Calling him "the most un-rock n' roll person" and "No-fun rat" and judging his style by saying "those headphones he wears on stage?

He's not wearing those because they're monitors, they're gun headphones, so he doesn't hear anything, who does that?"

(And I.....don't give a shit) Brad smirked turning the page.

He never cared about whatever shit the media spoke about him, such was his personality.

On the bright side, his best friend Chester is safe and that's what matters the most.


Yeah, I made that collage.

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