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Once Upon A Time by BradRockZ

A Million Tears


Once upon a time in a beautiful valley lived two love birds, Michael and Chester.

Whenever Chester felt sad or hurt he would go and sit alone by the river. It was like, he came their so that the river would wash away all his pain.

And that's where he met Michael.

At the end of the day, he would go home smiling. But it wasn't the river washing away his pain and filling him with happiness, it was Michael.

Their love wasn't declared until one night. They were at the same place where they met, when Mike kissed Chester.

It was a magical moment for them and ever since they became inseparable.

Everything in Chester's life was perfect with Mike.

Everyday was like milk and honey, and Chester wished it to last forever.

But fate had something else planned for them.

A tragedy happened one day.

They went to cut woods for living and that's when Chester lost Mike.

Rumors said that either he was devoured by the beast or lost in the woods and died of starvation.

It hit Chester like a brick.

He never let such thought cross his mind and now it happened for real. He doesn't have his love with him anymore.

He didn't wanted to just sit and cry, but that's what he was doing everyday and one of Mike's close friends couldn't bear to see him like that.

His name was Robert Bourdon.

Robert was a young nobel man with a vast knowledge of the kingdom. He knew stories about the kingdom that no one else did. And he also happen to know about 'Joseph the wise'.

He was the only sage in their kingdom known to only a few people.

Nobody knew where he came from. But who knew were never bothered by him because he was no threat to them. Joseph was just a sage of wisdom and a master of sorcery.

Rob gave a hope to Chester by telling him about the sage and Chester agreed to meet him.


The next day Rob was ready to come along with to the sage's house but Chester insisted to go alone and so Rob stayed.

Chester went alone down the path which Robert had shown him. And he came by a nice two storey house at the corner of a mountain. It was an unusual place for house to be, but Chester kinda expected that.

He knocked the door and was warmly invited by one of Joseph's right hand men, who said his name was Phoenix.

Chester followed Phoenix to the room of Joseph The Wise.

When he stepped inside it was nothing like he imagined.

There weren't any skulls and big couldrons or the Crystal ball.

It was just a man with a peaceful demeanor sitting on a cushion with a big book in front of him. His features showed that he wasn't from around Chester's place, he was a complete outsider.

He offered Chester a smile and told him to sit on the cushion across him.

As he asked him about what made him to come to here.

Chester explained everything, holding back on the newly formed tears, at last he said that he wants his lover back to life.

After listening to him, Joseph The Wise turned a few pages in the book and started to read the language that was foreign to Chester. Than he said that Chester himself can revive Michael.

There was a spark of hope in Chester's eyes as he asked how to do it.

The sage handed him a cloth bag which looked like there's a ball inside it.

Chester took it and looked inside to see a blue pearl.

Joseph told him that he has bestowed his miraculous powers on to the pearl and it will shine a glow of blue as Michael's soul reenters his body.

But it'll happen only when Chester would pass the condition that is, Chester should shed A Million Tears in the memory of Michael.....


After that day Chester did what he began doing since the day Michael was gone.

Cry, cry in his memory.

But now with a sense of ambition. That is to shed one million tears in order to see Michael alive.

There were days where Chester felt like a stone, emotionless.

And there were those days too where he would weep under the rainfall and wouldn't stop when it did.

The time kept passing like a river without obstacles.

There came a day where Chester stared at the pearl in doubt with a tear streaked face,........

A tear broke and trailed his soft skin when he was looking up at his long time friend, Robert. Who held him in his arms and he himself seemed to be at the verge of crying.

And one more tear left along with his soul, yet the pearl did not shone.

those tears of his whole life, were just not enough.

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