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Until It Breaks by Emma Shinoda

Until It Breaks


WARNING: This story contains very heavy, detailed slash and sex scenes, along with themes of rape, degradation, and verbal/physical abuse. Please DO NOT continue reading if you are uncomfortable with any of that.

That said, I'm strangely proud of this story. I wanted to write something completely outside my comfort zone, and I did. So, if you're still reading, I hope you enjoy it and I'd love to hear any feedback you may have.


"So, Chester, who is the leader? Who is in control of Linkin Park?"

"Y-you..." Chester croaked. "You are..."

"And who is my pathetic, whiny, groveling little bitch?"

Dark eyes narrowed at Chester's defeated form when he didn't answer. A hand slapped him hard across the face, causing a single tear to escape at the stinging pain added on top of his coerced shame and submission.


"I am..." Chester muttered, keeping his head down and wondering how the hell things had escalated so quickly.


(24 hours earlier)

"For the last time, Michael," Chester chided in his patronizing tone, "In The End does not belong on Hybrid Theory! It messes up the entire flow of the album!"

Mike sighed, rubbing at his throbbing temple. "Then what do you propose we do? We can't release the album with only eleven songs!"

"Simple. We add in And One. It matches with the other songs much better."

"But I thought we'd already decided on the track list. Isn't it a little late to change it now?"

Chester scoffed. "Maybe you already agreed on the tracks. But I don't think it works. And you know I can't sing something that doesn't work for me."

"Chester," Mike pleaded, desperate to avoid yet another fight with their new vocalist, "Everyone else loves the song. Can we please just leave it the way it is?"

"Michael..." Chester drew out the name, Mike wincing in annoyance. Chester knew he only went by Mike, but he used the full name to belittle Mike and get his own way.

"I only want this album to sound as good as possible. And it won't happen if we don't change the track list."


"But nothing!" Chester snapped, his voice dropping to a sinister sneer. "Don't forget, you need me. You and your band were nothing before I came along. I could easily let you all fall back into the shit-pile you crawled out of, and join another band."

Mike just stared wide-eyed at Chester, too shocked to respond to his outburst.

Chester's lips curled into a satisfied smirk. "Think about it." He said, standing up and walking out the door of the small apartment, leaving Mike seething.

Mike took a few deep breaths before reaching for his phone and dialing a familiar number. He was afraid his call wouldn't be answered, but after the third ring it was picked up.


"I can't do it, Brad."

"You can't do what?"

"I can't work with that arrogant prick... He thinks he owns the band, he's driving me crazy!"

"You mean Chester?"

"Yeah, isn't that what I said?"

"No, you said arrogant prick."

"Well, they pretty much mean the same thing."

He heard Brad let out a long sigh on the other end of the line. "What'd he do this time?"

Mike scoffed at Brad's question. "He wants In The End taken off Hybrid Theory's track list!"

"What?! But that's supposed to be our first single!"

"I know... He says the song 'doesn't work for him'."

Another sigh was heard from Brad, and then silence. Mike thought the call had dropped, until Brad's defeated voice came through again. "Well, just do it then..."

Mike gasped, running a hand through his hair and pacing his apartment in exasperation. "You can't be serious...?"

"Mike, the tracks have to be handed in less than 48 hours from now. We don't have time to argue about this."

"But we all agreed on those twelve songs! He can't just suddenly change his mind because he feels like it!"

"Mike, please! We just need keep the peace until we get this first album out, then we can try to solve our differences. I hate to say it, but we need him, and you know that... Without him there'd be no record deal, and no songs. Just pull In The End, it's not that big of a deal..."

"It's a big deal to me, okay? You know how personal that song is for me..."

Mike continued to rant about how awful it was working with Chester, while Brad swallowed his impulse to continue trying to reason with Mike, searching instead for another tactic. He knew Mike, and there would be no convincing him of anything until he blew off some steam.

He shook his head, trying to keep calm and choose his words carefully. He tuned back into his phone conversation, to find that Mike was cursing Chester out using every demeaning word he could think of; switching to Japanese when he ran out of English terms.

"Hey!" Brad interrupted Mike's rambling, "Maybe if you just let him cool off some, he'll change his mind..."

Mike scrunched up his nose, mulling the suggestion over. "Do you really think that would work?"

"I don't know, but it's worth a try. Aren't you supposed to meet up with him tomorrow?"

"Yeah, but I don't think-"

"It's pretty much the only option we have, okay? Just get some sleep, and hope by tomorrow he comes to his senses..."

"Yeah... Right..." Mike yawned. He wanted to argue further, but his exhaustion was starting to take over. "Okay, fine, I'll give it a try. He's coming over tomorrow night, I'll let you know how it goes."

"Alright man, fingers crossed."

"Ha, there aren't enough fingers in the world." Mike replied with a dry chuckle. "Goodnight, man."


As soon as he hung up the phone, Mike began planning what he was going to say to Chester. He frowned, every potential conversation that went through his mind ending the same way; with him begging Chester to reconsider, and doing nothing more than inflating Chester's already-huge ego.

His frown slowly faded into a smirk, however, as an idea began to form. An idea so twisted and malevolent that it just might work. There would be no pleading or groveling this time. If Chester wanted to play boss, then so be it. He was about to learn how a real boss runs things.


Chester groaned in annoyance, knocking on Mike's door for the third time. After still receiving no answer, he dug around in his pocket, pulling out the 'emergency' key to the apartment. Well, being fucking tired of standing in the rain and waiting for Mike to open the door was emergency enough, he decided.

He stepped inside, noticing that the entire place was dark; except for a faint flicker of light emanating from the back bedroom. He followed the glow, confusion and curiosity clouding his judgement.

"Mike?" He called, but was only met with silence.

As he entered the bedroom, he saw that the bit of lighting was coming from two rows of candles, set on either side of Mike's king-sized bed. He thought he heard movement behind him; but before he could react to it, something crashed against his head, knocking him out cold.

When he came to, he was still in the dim room, but now he was laying on the bed. He tried to shake off the fog still obscuring his recollection, his pounding headache not helping. After a few moments he attempted to sit up, only to find that his arms and legs were bound to the four bedposts. Panic began to set in at that realization, and he began squirming as his breathing picked up.

"Mike?! Mike, what is going on? Is this some fucking joke?!"

A laugh sounded from somewhere in the room, before a low voice greeted him.

"Oh, I assure you, this is no joke."

Chester's blood ran cold at those words. The voice was definitely Mike's, but he had never heard that tone before. It was menacing, and Chester actually began to fear for his safety.

"What the fuck do you want? Are you fucking insane!?"

Mike smirked, moving close enough for Chester to be able to see his face. "I just want us to have a little conversation..."

Chester rolled his eyes, getting tired of Mike's sick game. "Untie me, you son of a bitch!"

Mike's eyes narrowed at the comment. "I wouldn't talk like that if I were you..."

"Fuck you!"

Mike chuckled at Chester's attitude. "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Before Chester could question Mike's words, a loud cracking was heard. A whip came down on Chester's skin, lashing him across the chest and causing him to scream out in pain.

"Yell at me again and there'll be no flesh left on your skinny little body. Understood?"

Chester just nodded, afraid to speak. The only word he could manage to get out was a weak, "...why?"

"Why?" Mike sneered, moving forward until he was nose to nose with Chester. "You wanna know why? Because I'm fucking sick of your cockiness and pissy attitude, that's why! And now, I'm gonna teach you a little lesson..."


"I've tried, Chester. I've tried to make it work and get along with you, but you've pushed too far. The body only bends until it breaks, and I'm going to give you a taste of what it feels like to break."

"Wh-what are you planning to do to me?!"

"We hired you to scream, didn't we?" Mike paused, lips curling into a maniacal grin when Chester nodded. "Well, tonight, I'm gonna make you scream your conceited little head off..."

Chester gasped, realizing at that moment that he had been stripped of his clothes, his boxers being the only material shielding him from Mike's hungry eyes.

Mike took advantage of the audible gasp to delve into Chester's mouth, their tongues colliding in an intense heat that Chester made no attempt to escape from. As soon as Chester began to kiss him back, Mike pulled away, evil smirk appearing at Chester's disappointed pout.

"You liked that, didn't you? Horny little slut..."

Chester seemed to snap out of the slight daze he'd been in, going back to glaring at Mike.


Mike wasted no time lashing the whip down against Chester's bare chest, loving the screams emanating from him. The screams that had made him horny from the very first time he heard them.

"Don't lie to me, Chester..." Mike said, running the end of the whip teasingly over each of Chester's nipples.

Chester let out a soft groan at the faint, arousing friction; but just as soon as he had responded to the sensation, the feeling was gone and Mike's lips were covering his again. Mike listened for any noises from Chester, and as soon as a moan had sounded from his mouth, Mike reached one hand up to pinch Chester's nose, cutting off his air supply.

Chester's eyes shot open in immediate panic, and he attempted to pull away from Mike's lips, but the ropes binding him in place didn't allow for much leverage. Mike continued his assault on Chester's mouth, feeling satisfied at the way Chester writhed and struggled underneath him. Chester began to see black spots in his vision, and just when he thought he was going to pass out, Mike pulled away and allowed him to breathe again.

Chester drew in desperate gusts of air, fighting to calm himself down, while Mike stood up and began pacing back and forth; his eyes staying on Chester the entire time.

"So, why don't we talk about our track list? I think we should keep In The End, don't you?" Mike paused for a few moments, but he knew Chester was panting too heavily to answer.

"Well, I'm not hearing any complaints, so I guess that's settled."

"Fuck off!" Chester yelled, finding his voice again, "Nothing's been fucking settled!"

Mike reached for the whip again, this time bringing it down against Chester's crotch. Chester cried out even louder than before, but there was something slightly different about the sound this time.

"Good thing for soundproof walls, eh, Chester?"

Mike lashed once more at Chester's groin, wanting to hear him scream again, but this time a loud moan erupted from his throat instead.

Mike froze, smirking at the noticeable tent in Chester's boxers; his cock straining against the constricting material and desperate to be touched.

"Hmmm, seems we have a slutty little sado-masochist on our hands, don't we?" Mike licked his lips at the sight, his pants feeling tighter as his cock hardened with every little expectant twitch from Chester's erection.

Chester mentally cursed himself for allowing this to happen. He was supposed to be fucking pissed off at Mike, not moaning like a bitch while tied to the bedposts. He was practically being tortured, so why in the hell was it turning him on so much?

He kept quiet, refusing to respond to Mike's statement. With his raging hard-on ready to burst, there was no way he could deny that he enjoyed it. But he would be damned if he'd let Mike have the pleasure of hearing him admit it.

Mike took his time, walking back over to the bed and climbing on top of it, until he was hovering over Chester, but not touching him. "You want to be touched, don't you? Does it drive you crazy to be so turned on, but not able to do anything about it?"

Chester just stared into Mike's eyes in silence. He refused to give in to these little mind games. But a sudden jolt of friction against his cock caused him to throw his head back and howl in pleasure. Mike smiled, once more repeating the action of grinding his hips down against Chester's, before standing up from the bed to fiddle with his belt.

"Do you like it when I touch you, hmm?" Mike chided as he slid his pants down his thin frame and dropped them to the floor. "Do you want more? Do you want me to fuck you into the mattress until you cum so hard you black out?"

Chester moaned at those words, feeling his will to fight against Mike fade away as pure arousal took its place. His erection shifted underneath his boxers, creating just enough friction to tease him to the brink of insanity. A large wet spot began to appear, droplets of pre-cum oozing freely from the tip of his rock hard shaft.

Mike's breath hitched watching Chester, and he almost came right then from the erotic sight of having him so hot and wanting, tied up and ready for Mike to plunge right into his tight little ass.

"Watch me, you little whore! Watch me get myself off, while you just lay there, under my power."

Mike made quick work of pulling his shirt over his head and dropping his boxers to the ground, taking a few fingers and running them along the underside of his huge length in teasing, before tightening his grip and stroking up and down at a slow pace.

Chester whimpered as he watched Mike's ministrations, cursing under his breath and certain that he was about to pass out due to the extreme, unattended arousal. He couldn't recall ever being this turned on in his life, and he was aching for release that Mike refused to give him. He formed an idea, hoping for some kind of touch - any touch that he could get.

"Ha, that's all you've got?" He taunted. "How about you come over here like a man, instead of hiding in the corner and jerking yourself off?"

Mike scowled and leaned over the bed to glare at him. "Oh, so you have the balls to talk back to me? Then obviously I'm being too nice..."

He grabbed the whip, beginning an attack on Chester's exposed skin. He lashed at the pale chest again and again, making sure to direct plenty of hits to both red, swollen nipples. Chester screamed almost nonstop, stuck between bliss and agony. But either way, he was completely enthralled with the painful stimulation. The whipping stopped after a few minutes, Mike noticing blood dripping from a few open cuts across Chester's red-tinged skin.

"Now," Mike husked, keeping his threatening tone, "You get to be a good boy and suck me off." He moved so that he hovered over Chester, pulsing cock just inches from those enticing lips, before warning Chester. "If you bite me, I'll bite back twice as hard. Got it?"

Chester nodded, confused over the fact that he almost wanted to do this. What kind of sick, twisted person was he turning into? He gagged at the sudden intrusion of Mike's cock, hitting the back of his throat on the first thrust and causing him to whimper from the discomfort. The little noises Chester made sent vibrations up Mike's shaft, and he increased his speed; pushing deeper down Chester's throat while he moaned in ecstasy.

Chester choked and coughed around Mike's cock, plunging into his mouth without mercy. He began to feel sick from all the gagging, but he was trapped. His only option was to give in, stretching his jaw and allowing Mike to fuck his throat raw. Chester jumped at the feeling of a hand gripping his erection, stroking up and down through the material of his boxers at a furious pace. The motion spurred him on, and he began bobbing his head to meet each of Mike's thrusts into his mouth.

"That's right..." Mike purred. "Such a good little slut."

Just when Chester was about to explode, Mike pulled out of his mouth, his hand leaving Chester's straining cock.

Mike smirked at Chester's disappointed groan. "We can't have the show end too early, now, can we? We haven't even made it to the main event..."

Mike crawled down Chester's torso, reaching under the waistband of the bothersome boxers. His fingertips brushed against Chester's skin for a moment, before he forcefully ripped the material away, exposing all of Chester's body to him.

Chester tensed underneath him, anticipating what was coming next. He stared into Mike's eyes for a moment, fearing the evil glint he saw, before Mike quickly spread his legs and drove into him, only needing one thrust to completely sheathe himself inside Chester's tight hole. Chester screamed out at the excruciating pain that ripped through him, but it only seemed to encourage Mike even more.

"Oh, fuck, so tight! Scream for me, you little bitch!"

Chester didn't answer, feeling suffocated by Mike on top of him, tearing up his insides with each intense thrust. He was afraid he was going to pass out from the pain, when suddenly Mike's cock brushed something inside of him. Something that numbed his agony and caused him to moan out loudly and push his hips back against Mike's ministrations.

Mike's lips curled into a mad grin at Chester's eager movements. "You like that, don't you?"

"Mmm..." Chester nodded and bit his lip, too far gone to compose a proper sentence.

A primal growl escaped Mike, and he leant down over Chester, taking his left nipple between his teeth and biting down hard; causing Chester to yelp and bringing him back to reality.

"Say it!" Mike ordered, slowing his pace to drive Chester crazy.

"I ... oh fuck, I like it, please don't stop!"

Mike made one deep thrust, driving against Chester's prostate, before slowing down again. "What do you like?"

"Mmm... Your big cock in my ass... I fucking love it!"

"That's a good boy..." Mike mewled, and began slamming into Chester even harder than before.

Chester's cock twitched between their bodies, eager for attention, but Mike paid it no mind; too caught up in his own bliss to care. Chester struggled and writhed against the ropes binding his arms, aching to touch himself, but Mike would have none of it.

"Oh, no... This isn't about you getting off..." Mike panted, dropping his voice to a dangerous tone. "This is about me, showing you who's in charge. You will never, ever make a fool of me again, understand?"

Chester whimpered at the feral expression in Mike's eyes, but nodded nonetheless. He felt Mike's cock pulsing inside of him, and knew he must be close.

"Scream for me!" Mike demanded, twining his fingers into Chester's spiked blonde hair and tugging without mercy.

Chester let out an ear-splitting scream just as Mike released, shooting thick ropes of cum that coated Chester's insides. Chester shuddered at the warm, moist feeling, the sensation sending him over the edge as he shot his own seed all over his and Mike's stomachs.

Mike raised an eyebrow at the man beneath him, Chester letting out shameless moans and whimpers as he tried to catch his breath.

The little whore came without even touching himself...

He felt a certain satisfaction as his eyes traveled over Chester's body; chest red and oozing blood in a few spots where the whip had broken the skin, nipples swollen and oversensitive, hips bruised in the shape of two hands, ass stretched and filled with Mike's seed.

By the time Chester had come back down from his orgasm, Mike was fully dressed and leaning over him. Chester couldn't help the sudden feeling of exposure, the extent of the situation just now sinking in. How had he gone from being pissed off to moaning and squirming underneath Mike? He couldn't even remember; it was all a blur.

"C-can I have my clothes, now?" Chester tried to ask, but it came out as a choked whisper; his throat raw and his voice exhausted from all of his screaming.

Mike smirked at the chagrin in Chester's eyes. "Not yet. We still have something to discuss..."

"D-discuss?" Chester murmured and Mike nodded, clasping his hands together behind his back and getting right down to business.

"So, Chester, who is the leader? Who is in control of Linkin Park?"

"Y-you..." Chester croaked. "You are..."

"And who is my pathetic, whiny, groveling little bitch?"

Dark eyes narrowed at Chester's defeated form when he didn't answer. A hand slapped him hard across the face, causing a single tear to escape at the stinging pain added on top of his coerced shame and submission.


"I am..." Chester muttered, keeping his head down and wondering how the hell things had escalated so quickly.

"Good." Mike said with a self-satisfied smile. He untied Chester from the bed, handing him his clothes and shoving him towards the bathroom. "Oh, and obviously we'll be keeping In The End on the track list." He called before wandering into the kitchen for a glass of water.

Chester cleaned and dressed himself in silence. He had no idea what to think of the whole ordeal, so he just let his mind wander.

Mike turned around and smiled when Chester joined him in the kitchen. "I'm so glad we reached an agreement. I'll see you at the studio tomorrow, right?"

Chester did a double take, confused at the sudden attitude change.

The bastard is acting like nothing happened...

Chester scowled at Mike a moment, before uttering a hesitant, "Yeah... See you tomorrow..."

He left the apartment shaking his head and muttering obscenities under his breath.

As soon as Chester was gone Mike breathed a sigh of relief. Okay, so he hadn't meant for things to go quite that far. But he made his point, and he had to be pleased about that. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket, dialing Brad's number.

"Hey, Mikey, what's up?"

"Chester just left..."

"And? How'd it go?"

"Well," Mike chuckled slightly, "It wasn't easy, but I think we came to an agreement. We're keeping In The End."

Mike could almost feel Brad's grin from the other end of the phone. "See, Mike? I told you he'd come around if you just talked to him!"

"Yeah..." Mike coughed to cover his uneasiness, "Talk..."

"Look, I gotta go. I'm picking up Elisa in twenty minutes. But see ya tomorrow, right? This is it, man... The start of our rock star careers! We're gonna be huge, I can feel it!"

"Alright, alright!" Mike laughed, interrupting Brad before he could ramble any more. "I'll see you tomorrow. Have fun with Elisa."

He hung up the phone feeling refreshed and excited about their music careers. Working around Chester's conceited, bossy attitude had almost made him want to give up on the band; but now, things were looking up.


Chester drove back towards his tiny apartment, shifting in his seat every so often due to the discomfort radiating through his backside. A frustrated growl escaped his lips, the image of Mike's face hovering over him stuck in his mind. Never before had anyone dominated him. Controlled him. But it all occurred so naturally that he didn't even have time to question what was happening.

He knew that he should probably feel appalled; outraged. Should probably leave, and find another band to sing in. But deep down, he knew he wouldn't be going anywhere. Because even though everything that happened was completely wrong...

In some strange way, he liked it. And he wanted more.

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