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Lp leverage by Blackblood


Hey guy if you have no seen the show leverage its and a group of the best criminals in the world getting together to help people who are wronged by big businesses or other criminals. Good idea?

In the group there are five people.

1. The mastermind/ Mike.

the one who makes all the plans and usually decide who the groups going to help out. also used to be a good guy. Knows the capabilities everybody on the team because at one point or another it was his job to try to catch and arrest them. Has had the most run-in with the grifter and has romantic feelings but was married. Will break the law if he has to depending on the situation no sympathy for those wrong with the innocent.

2. The grifter/ Chester.

someone who is good at swindling people playing different parts One day they could be an artist the next day a model whatever the plan calls for they can act the roll.had a lot of run-ins with the mastermind,wants a relationship with mastermind. Often used Charm to get Master manipulator.

The hitter/Rob

Protector of the team is very skilled can take out almost any opponent and big groups chooses not to use a gun however is a very good gunslinger.uses hand to hand combat acts an older brother to the team often tries to keep The mastermind in check. is very loyal only for certain people.

The thief/Dave:very odd individual who is not good with dealing with people but is extremely fond of the team and everyone on it is the best thief in the world he's capable of stealing anything and can break into any volts crack any locks and be any security systems.

The tech/ Mr.Hahn: Break into almost anything good at planting speakers making equipment upgrading equipment and customizing equipment can do anything with the computer funnyman of the group speaks Greek. Also the heart of the group. Often picks fights nonphysical with the hitter.

Mastermind main enemy/ Brad

is on the side of the law used to work with the mastermind is also mastermind. Knows what the mastermind of thinking and how he works.

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