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Pranks Are Not Always Fun by BradRockZ

AN: A standalone that popped when I was listening to QWERTY. But it has nothing in common, the lyrics don't match. But I think it was the sound of music in it that made this....I dunno, maybe you should listen to it while reading *shrugs* oh, and Only one name mentioned, you can choose the POV, I imagined Brad (obviously :P) but Chester works well too!


(should've made something for him....)


Pranks Are Not Always Fun

Pranks are not always fun. Especially when you're the mastermind. When you are the mastermind others will take a part and have the fun. But if it got backfired you're the one who will get blamed because it was "your plan."

I learned that never play a prank along with a kid you just knew three months ago and don't even think him as your best friend, it can end with you being send to rehab.

Yes, rehab. The white walls and the pad room or cell or whatever...

I still remember what the prank was because I'm not crazy yet.

What we did was pretend raping our new teacher. Now don't go thinking that I'm a sicko. I don't have a fetish over old hags.

Our new teacher looked like a 20 something hot chick.

Me and my friend, Mike caught her off guard when she was going home from the laundry.

We cornered her in an ally and I stepped closer to her Pretanding to be threatening and unfastened by belt. That's all I did when suddenly I got locked up in arms of two fucking officers. Bastards spoke like they never raped anyone, I know that not ALL of them are "Honest"

I looked for Mike when they were shoving me inside the police car and I couldn't find him. Later the police stopped by a krispy kreme shop. Fat fucks got off, locking me in the car.

And there, IN the shop, by the window. I saw my friend sitting across this slut from our School.

He was being sappy and shit with her, forgetting everything about me! The snitch....bitch.

The officers "studied" me and the fucking teacher was being just that...A fuck and revealed herself as a 35 YEAR OLD!

I couldn't believe it, she looked like 20 and even if she was 20 I would NOT have raped her. We would've just scared her and laugh and maybe force a deal for a good grade in maths. It was pure bad luck that the police was passing by. But what really hurts is the fact that my best friend left me when I needed him. He could've saved me from the rehabilitation center, but he didn't. He doesn't even come to visit me here, what an asshole.

Yeah, so that woman revealed her age and I was then called a crazy sicko. Now spending time in a mad house.

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