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Thank You by LinkinParkisLove

Thank You

It was a grotesque day. The sun was missing, one couldn't help but wonder where it went, but it's absence put a damper on the day itself. Clouds cascaded the sky, creating a gloomy grey that felt surreal. It was as if nature had a touch of grey, making it seem like a black and white film. Nothing felt right, this was all wrong.

Chester had turned eighteen two months ago and some days. He certainly didn't look it, but took advantage of his new maturity and was slowly littering his body with tattoos. The first to the collection were flames running up each wrist, completely colored in brilliance. The brights and darks in contrast to his skin made him appear soft, cotton-like.

His hair had run through a variety of colors throughout his teenage years, but was now his natural brown - though straightened and cut short enough so it would stick up in multiple places, as he wasn't fond of his curls. He would normally shave it down, but was letting it grow, filling his head with soft locks that seemed naturally messy. He was rather fond of the blonde he used to keep in his hair, but a past partner of his didn't like it as much as he did.

He didn't have a ton of relationships, they were average, though far apart. Any type of connection with another person wasn't up his alley, but he tried his hardest. He learned it was better to be optimistic, no matter how hard it was, because it improved the mindset. Chester had his fair share of pain in his life, he was done with it.

His eyes showed his pain, but it's dulled throughout the years. It hasn't gone away, he's just found ways to numb it or act as though nothing bad has ever happened to him, as if his life has been full of simple unicorns or rainbows, but everyone who he's come across knew that it was all a lie. He was great at hiding the truth, but not the fact that his reality was there. He was fine, or at least he told everyone - including himself - that he was.

He was walking home, his car had run out of gas about two miles back and he couldn't afford gas. His phone bill wasn't paid, leaving him abandoned in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona. He decided to walk home, seeing no other way of getting around. He thought about hitch-hiking, but was not trusting when it came to strangers - let alone people he personally knew.

He had a cigarette between his lips, taking in a deep drag. When he felt the numbness flowing into his head, he congratulated himself for the excellent hit. The grey smoke flowed from his mouth and nose, creating a dark cloud of past mistakes generating out of him. He enjoyed the fresh air that replaced the smoke, as it encouraged the effects and allowed him to take another long intake without choking.

As he breathed out, he flicked the ashes onto the ground, realizing it was useless now; he wouldn't get light-headed again with this cigarette. He let it fall out of his fingers, stepping on it with his black boot, continuing his walk. He still felt he needed the numbness and went to pull out another, before realizing it was empty. Cursing, he stuck his empty cigarette pack back in his pocket, knowing he needed to find money fast before his other goodies ran dry.

A honk on the street caught his attention, a car pulling to the side of the road. Chester didn't recognize the vehicle, but approached it carefully. He saw a man inside who had carmel skin, black hair - head and facial - and deep brown eyes, almost as intense as his own, but not clouded with the same horrors Chester had behind his.

"Where are you headed? Need a ride?" The man asked, having a thick, low voice. Chester thought about how it accurately fit the stranger.

"No, I'm fine. I only have another mile left to walk," Chester assured him, but the man didn't seem to take that as a logical excuse, unlocking his doors.

"Than I suppose it's not too much trouble to save you some time and give you a lift. I'm headed that direction anyway myself," He raised an eyebrow, knowing Chester had to say yes. The skinny man sighed, giving in.

"Alright, fine," He settled and went to the passenger's side. He opened the door and shut it just hard enough to make sure it shut securely. He buckled himself in, taking in the appearances of the strange man. He was wearing a black and white checkered shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbow, and the collar fitted nicely against his neck. His pants were baggy, though his shoes were unusually in style.

"My name's Mike," He introduced himself, bringing the car out of park. Chester watched his movements carefully, not wanting to risk his safety.

"I'm Chester."

"Well, Chester, it's a pleasure to meet you. Can I ask why a guy like you is walking around out here all alone?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. Chester's face scrunched together, unsure what that meant.

"My car ran out of gas... What do you mean a guy like me?" Chester cocked his head at the man he just met, who smiled.

"Skinny, vulnerable... Why didn't you call someone to pick you up?"

"Didn't pay the phone bill."

"Didn't or couldn't?"

"Whatever you want to believe," Chester snapped more harshly than he meant to, it was just a little touchy. His money problems always stressed him out, but not for long as the reason behind it was the thing relaxing him.

"Are you broke?" Mike continued to push, not in the slightest bit afraid of Chester lashing out - he was confident he could take anyone, especially this man.

"Are you fucking done asking me questions?" Chester said calmly, which didn't match his words. Mike smirked at pushing his buttons, he could do whatever he wanted to this man because at the end of their time together, Chester will be thanking him.

"Just one more, do you want to make some quick cash?" Mike asked as he pulled the car off into an alley. Chester started looking around frantically, unsure what to do next. He shrugged his shoulders, his eyes finally meeting back at Mike's. "It's a simple yes or no question."

"I... I know what you're referring to... Yeah, I guess," Chester ran a hand through his hair, knowing exactly what Mike wanted as he turned off the car and unbuckled his seatbelt. Chester followed his lead, twisting his body a bit.

He made his way to the front of Mike's jeans and played with the button and zipper, not undoing either. He pressed his palm into his lap and squeezed, not drawing a sound from Mike - who was actually quite enjoying the moment, his erection springing into action. Chester finally popped the button and pulled down the zipper. He wanted to sigh, but didn't, as he pulled down Mike's pants just far enough to the point where he could do what he needed to. He was thankful this man wasn't asking for more than he was giving.

He decided he'd just waste time with a half-assed hand job and instead, instantly bent towards Mike's throbbing cock, which was itching for attention. Chester let his tongue glide across the sensitive skin, noticing the way Mike's hips tried to buck forward without meaning to at the pleasurable action. Chester smirked a bit, but it was completely washed away when he felt Mike's hands in his hair, tugging his head up.

"Don't toy with me, Chester," Mike growled in the most intense and dominate voice Chester had ever heard, which sent shivers down his spine. The man scared, yet thrilled the young man, who bent down and took in the tip of Mike's erection. He heard Mike let out a low groan, but otherwise, didn't show much sign of pleasure.

Frustrated, Chester challenged his mouth and throat by seeing just how deep he could take the stranger and bobbed his head up and down, slowly taking in more and more with every motion. Eventually, he slowly allowed his throat to relax and began deep throating Mike, who couldn't help but let out a small, yet intimidating gasp.

"Fuck, faster," Mike commanded and his hands found Chester's hair again, running through his soft locks before gripping onto them tightly, holding Chester's head in place. He began thrusting his hips up, into the hitchhiker throat repeatedly, ignoring the gags echoing from Chester. "Oh, fuck. So fucking good."

Mike freely moaned, though it still sent shivers through Chester, as he continued abusing his mouth. A sadistic chill washed over Mike as he pushed all the way into Chester's throat and pinched his nose. Chester's eyes widened, trying to pull away to receive air, but had no luck over Mike's overpowering grip. When Chester's struggles weakened down to almost nothing, Mike released his hold and Chester's head snapped back, immediately sucking in as much air as he could manage.

The sensation didn't last long, as Mike grabbed hold of him again, shoving his face down into his lap. He hummed in delight as Chester put more effort into sucking him off, his tongue managing to find every inch of Mike's cock, paying attention equally to any skin his mouth could connect to. Chester took Mike in as deep as he could once again, sucking in sharply as he did, bobbing his head until his nose touched the space just above Mike's erection. He took in all of Mike, sending the stranger into a frenzy.

In one fluid motion, Mike managed to flip the two over, topping Chester in the process. He pushed Chester down, making his elbows rest on the seat as Mike overpowered him, fucking Chester's face with all the lust that was built inside of him. He looked down into Chester's haunted, dark eyes.

"Oh, god," He moaned, so loudly that he was almost afraid of someone noticing the pair. He stared back down into those eyes and his thrusts became more violent, causing the man below him to gag and struggle for breath. He pushed in as far as he could go, leaning forward to hug the seat, as he came close to releasing his load. "Mmm, when I cum, you swallow."

He didn't pull away for an answer, he knew by those eyes that Chester would be a good boy and listen to whatever Mike told him to do. His thrusts became longer as he pulled out more, just to shove himself all the way back in. He could tell it was doing a number on Chester's throat, but didn't mind. He'd still have the boy thanking him by the end.

He pulled away from the seat and pushed into Chester's hot mouth one more time, his body tensing. He remained in place as hips tried to give out. His hands roamed Chester's hair again, trying to violently push Chester's head further onto his cock. He felt himself coming, a loud moan leaving his lips without meaning to.

He released Chester, who immediately swallowed and slid back into the passenger's seat. Mike was panting slightly, yanking his pants back up and buckling himself back into his spot. He sighed happily, thankful the fuck was good.

"Where to?" Mike asked, as though nothing at all happened. Chester uncertainly gave him an address, to which Mike drove to in about three minutes.

They arrived at an apartment building, Mike snatching Chester's wrist before he could go. Chester froze, showing Mike he would stay until dismissed. Mike pulled his wallet out of his pocket and thrusted forward three hundred dollar bills to Chester, who looked Mike in the eyes, almost mistakenly arousing the man again.

"I can't take that much," Chester waved away the offer, but Mike roughly grabbed his wrist again and put the money in his hands before releasing him.

"Than you can make it up to me another day," Mike suggested, to which Chester quickly nodded. Chester fully exited the car and Mike rolled down the passenger window, allowing Chester to talk through it.

"Oh, uh, Mike?" Chester said uncertainly. "Thank you."

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