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Scream: Agoura Hills by metalheart

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Agoura Hills.

The lovely Californian small town surrounded by mountains in the distance, bright blue skies, and palm trees in the middle of the streets.

The smell of coffee filled the air as there were five coffee shops on the same street.

The strong aroma of many different types of flowers joined the scent of coffee to form a surprisingly pleasing smell.

Smiles can be seen all over.

Whether it be coworkers gossiping while on break, students gathering with their friends on the way to school, or waiters serving coffee to customers.

At first glance, you may say Agoura Hills is the most beautiful and peaceful place you've ever seen.

Then again...every town has its secrets.

Agoura Hills High School, 20 years ago, Halloween Dance, 9:38 pm

Two students can be seen running down a hallway, their breathing heavy and loud.

A skinny girl with brunette hair, dressed in a red gown, the black makeup on her face running down her cheeks from the tears that wouldn't stop pouring from her eyes.

The other student was a blond, muscular boy dressed in his Varsity jacket, his brown hair ruffled up, and the fake blood around his mouth smeared just like the girl's makeup.

They continued to run, the girl's breathing getting heavier and louder.

"Dan...", she said breathlessly, trying to keep up with him.

"C'mon", was all he said as he kept running.

"Stop!", she exclaimed, coming to a halt.

Dan stopped running and looked back to give her a warning look.

"I need a rest Dan", she said. "I can't keep running like this."

She tried hard to catch her breath.

"Really Steph?!", Dan scoffed. "We need to get out of here before that lunatic finds us!"

Stephanie bent over and rested her hands on her knees, starting to catch her breath. "Well, I didn't piss him off!", she said through gritted teeth.

Dan walked over to her and jerked her arm, causing her to trip forward, and he started to force her to run as he built up his speed.

"Dan!", Stephanie yelled. "You're hurting me...let me go..."

Stephanie tried to fight, but Dan was too strong for her. She tried to use her free arm to hit him. He ignored her slaps. She eventually got too tired to fight and gave up, letting Dan jerk her down the hallway.

After a few minutes, they heard a scream.

Stephanie began to panic and stuck her foot out in front of Dan while he was running, causing him to take a hard fall to the hallway floor.

"What the fuck?!...", he started, stumbling after getting up from the floor.

"I'm sorry", Stephanie cried. "I knew that if I told you to stop, you wouldn't have listened to me!" Her fresh tears caused the makeup to run more, making her eyes burn.

She walked towards the drinking fountain, pushing the bar to let the water flow. She used her other hand to gather some water and quickly applied it to her face, rubbing it gently with her soaked hand.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed the back of her head, and slammed it down on the drinking fountain, making a loud thud and causing Stephanie to shriek.

She crashed to the floor and massaged her head, looking up to see Dan with anger in his eyes and a clenched fist. "Stupid bitch...", he growled. "Try surviving without me."

After he spoke the bitter words, Dan took off in a sprint and ran down the hallway, eventually disappearing from Stephanie's vision.

She cried as she tried to get up, placing one hand on the drinking fountain, and the other hand on a locker.

"No!", she heard Dan yell as she got up. The sudden yell made her jump and she listened for another.

"I'm sorry!", Dan continued to yell, the sounds appearing to be getting closer to Stephanie.

"Fuck you...", Stephanie muttered as she started to run in the opposite direction, not stopping even though she could still hear Dan's cries.

Running. Running. Running.

Breath running low.

"Fuck", Stephanie said in a restless tone. She gave in to her fatigue and went down to the floor on her hands and knees. She gasped for air and withered around like a fish out of water.

"Help me!", a familiar voice yelled. It wasn't Dan. It was a female. A voice that took a while for Stephanie to register it in her mind.

"Susan", Stephanie cracked a smile. She immediately got up from the floor and ran towards her friend's voice.

"Someone please!", Susan continued to yell. "He's been stabbed!"

"Susan!", Stephanie called out as she continued to run down the dark and ominous hallway.

"Stephanie!", Susan called back, her voice getting closer and closer.

'She can hear me', Stephanie thought to herself, a glimmer of hope shining into her horrifying nightmare.

Susan came into Stephanie's vision, her blonde wavy hair tinted with real blood, and her black dress flowing with a few rips in it.

Their skinny figures met in a messy hug and they embraced each other for a few seconds, glad the other was safe.

"Oh my God", Stephanie started, looking at Susan's hands. They were covered in blood. Stephanie looked down at her dress and realized the blood from Susan's hands was now on her dress.

"What?", Susan asked, before realizing what Stephanie was talking about.

"Who's?...", Stephanie asked before Susan interjected.

"It's Lee's blood, he's been stabbed..."

Stephanie started to back away from Susan, suddenly not able to trust her friend.

"Stephanie...", Susan tried to say, but was cut off.

"Stay away from me Susan", Stephanie warned. "I will hurt you if you try anything."


"Shut up!", Stephanie exclaimed.

"You really think I would stab my own boyfriend?", Susan asked, shocked at her friend's behavior.

"Well, you are friends with the freak that snapped tonight!", Stephanie explained. She kept backing up and Susan saw a hooded figure walk slowly behind her, a buck knife in their right hand.

"Oh my God, Stephanie, look out!", Susan said, only to be dismissed by a wave of Stephanie's hand.

"Seriously Susan...", Stephanie started, but then felt a hand grasp her hair from behind, tugging it downwards so that she would see the face in the hood. She screamed, fidgeting around to escape the figure's grasp, but the buck knife came down at a quick speed, going through her throat.

Blood spilled to the floor and splashed Susan in the face. She screamed and wasted no time in running down the hallway.

The hooded killer retracted the buck knife from Stephanie's throat and threw her body to the ground, her blood soaking the floor.

Minutes pass by and Susan reaches her destination.

Her boyfriend Lee, a muscular dark haired boy, in a leather outfit, was lying on the floor, blood slowly gushing from his stomach.

"Lee", Susan said, nudging him, checking his pulse. There was a faint pulse.

"Come on Lee", she said, continuing to shake him. "Wake up", she cried. "Don't make me carry your ass Bennington!"

Lee groaned and twitched a little.

"Suzie", he said weakly.

"C'mon, we have to get out of here!", she quietly exclaimed, lightly pushing him to inspire him to move.

Lee started to open his eyes and get up, gripping Susan's hands for support.

After a few seconds, Lee was up and Susan was supporting him with her hand around his upper body and his hand over her shoulder. They started to slowly walk towards the exit until they heard footsteps.

After hearing the footsteps, they decided to pick up the pace.

The footsteps got closer and Lee began to panic. He knew Susan could see the panic on his face, but he wouldn't admit it.

When the exit doors came into view, Susan decided to turn her head for a brief second, and surely enough, she saw the hooded killer a little ways behind them.

"Run Lee!", she quickly yelled, forcing herself to run through her fearful state, dragging him with her.

They ran and ran, and ran until Susan tripped over a bump, causing Lee to fall with her.

Lee landed on his wounded stomach with a grunt and Susan landed on her side also letting out a pain filled sound.

The footsteps got closer and before the hooded killer reached Lee's body, Susan suddenly felt a surge of energy run through her veins and as she quickly got up from the ground, she picked up a nice sized rock. She then charged at the hooded killer and bashed them in the head with the rock. She watched the killer fall to the ground and the sound of police and ambulance sirens invaded her ears.

Susan crept down to Lee, observing the killer's body carefully as she checked on her boyfriend.

His pulse was still faint, but there.

The sounds of the sirens got closer and Susan could see the flicker of blue and red lights bounce off of the school.

Suddenly, the killer quickly rose up and ran off into the darkness, startling Susan.

She sighed in relief as she heard the voices of the officers and the flickering lights put her in a trance, beckoning her to sleep. She toppled over and passed out on top of her boyfriend.

The Bennington House, Present Day, 7:15 am

"Chester!", Susan called for the umpteenth time from downstairs in the kitchen. "I'm not going to say it again! You're going to be late!"

"I know!", Chester called back from in his room, buried in his bed, under the blankets.

"Well, then let's go!", Susan continued as she was sitting down at the dining room table, putting on her shoes.

"Well, then let's go", Chester mocked his mother as he pulled the blanket over his face, revealing his pale thin features and brown eyes.

He got out of bed, only in his boxers and walked towards the dresser. He opened the first drawer to pull out socks, the second to pull out black shorts, and the third to pull out a band shirt.

After getting dressed, Chester stepped out of his room and into the hallway, seeing that the bathroom door was closed.

"Oh come on!", he grunted. "Who's in the bathroom?!"

He heard the lock click and saw his father exit the bathroom. His father was dressed in his police sheriff uniform and fiddled with his belt. "You in a hurry or something?", Lee teased his son.

Chester rolled his eyes and began to speak.

"Your wife is rushing me..."

"Hey!", Lee raised his voice, startling Chester.

"You don't call her that, you call her mom...", Lee glared at Chester.

"Yes sir", Chester said sarcastically as he entered the bathroom.

About ten minutes later, Chester rushed down the stairs before he would have to face the wrath of his mother. His brown hair was did up and he had his backpack around his shoulder.

His mother was sitting on the couch in the living room, reading a magazine.

"Let's go...", Chester said heading towards the door.

"Excuse me?", Susan said, looking up from her magazine and into her son's eyes.

"Well, you've been rushing me, so let's go", Chester snapped.

"Well, sweetheart, if you can't learn to be ready when I'm ready..."

Suddenly, the familiar honk of a car went off and Chester opened the front door to see his friend Samantha's black punch buggy out front. She rolled down her window and yelled out to Chester.

"C'mon dumbass!", she smiled.

"Coming bitch!", Chester called back.

"Chester!", Susan scolded her son.

Chester rolled his eyes and proceeded to leave after looking at his mother. "Looks like I don't need you after all."

Chester flew out the door too fast to see the hurt flash in his mother's eyes.

Chester hopped inside of Samantha's car and immediately gave his best friend a hug. She was simply dressed in a black tank top and black skinny jeans, her long black hair flowing in the breeze that rushed through the interior of the car.

"So, why'd you look so pissed before getting in?", Samantha asked, starting to drive up the road.

"Usual mom bullshit", Chester answered with a scoff. "Rushing me to get ready and then telling me I need to learn to be ready when she's ready..."

"Oh...", Samantha said, stating that she was listening.

"But it's all good", Chester continued. "I told her I didn't need her cause you pulled up and rescued me", he giggled.

"Uh...Chester...", Samantha said, trying to suppress her evident smile.

"What?", Chester asked, no idea what was going on.

"Your mom called me and asked me to pick you up...", Samantha answered. She looked at Chester and nudged him. "Chester...earth to Chester..."

"Fuck!", Chester exclaimed. "I thought I won!"

"You'll never win against the mother", Samantha laughed.

Agoura Hills High School, 7:45 am

Samantha parked her car in the student lot and unlocked the doors for her and Chester to get out. After they were out of the car, she clicked the lock button on her key ring, hearing the light beep.

Chester walked with Samantha to their usual spot where they would hang out with their friends before school started.

They were the first ones there.

Before they could sit down at their spot, which was just an old oversized tree stump, Chester and Samantha saw their friends running over.

They all embraced each other except Chester and Mike, a half Japanese boy with mocha skin and beautiful deep brown eyes, sporting his signature black spiky hair.

Chester winked at Mike and mouthed the word, 'Later'.

Mike smiled at Chester and proceeded to talk to everyone else.

Dave, the nerd of the group. A ginger boy who happened to be dating Linsey, the cinema geek of the group.

Anna, the bookworm of the group. Her shoulder length black hair shined in the sunlight as she held her books closely to her chest.

Rob, the teacher's pet of the group, tall, short black hair, athletic, and dating Vanessa, the theatre kid of the group.

Samantha was the goth of the group. Mike was the art kid of the group, and Chester was just unique. At least, that's what Mike thinks of him.

As they all talked, their friend Amanda quietly came over and sat Samantha down on the tree stump.

"Hey Amanda", Chester said. "You okay? You seem a little tense."

"Nah", Amanda said nervously. "No...I...Uh...I...I'm fine, just need to talk to Samantha", Amanda said, not even looking at Chester. And Chester had a bad feeling rising in his stomach. He just couldn't tell what it was.

"Amanda, what's going on?", Samantha asked.

"We can't see each other anymore...", Amanda blurted out.

Samantha was shocked at the sudden words. They had been dating in secret for a while now, but things were going good. Only their friends knew. It's not like Amanda's cheerleading squad knew.

"Wait...what?", Samantha asked, looking for words. "Where's this coming from?"

"Just listen Sammi", Amanda said, tears in her eyes. "It's over."

Amanda got up from the tree stump and so did Samantha, pulling her arm.

Anna saw what was going on and shook Chester to show him.

Chester looked on and frowned.

Other students including the popular crew were looking on at the situation.

"You can't just walk away from us", Samantha said, tears in her eyes as well.

"Is this dike bothering you?", Elisa came over and asked Amanda.

Elisa was the princess. The richest girl in school. And one of the meanest. Also, her boyfriend Brad is the football captain. He walked over with her and held her hand, smirking at Chester and his friends.

"You guys have the balls to mess with one of us?", Brad laughed.

"Not all of us have male genitalia", Anna shot back, getting laughs from her friends.

"So...it kinda looks like you're not fighting that dike's touch...", Elisa said, giving Amanda a predatory look. "Oh my God, have you gone butch on us Amanda?", Elisa teased.

"N-No", Amanda quickly replied, sweat drowning her forehead.

Samantha was really hurt now.

"Then punch her", Brad's friend Joe said, walking over with his girlfriend Karen. Another mean girl.

"Yeah, punch her Amanda", Elisa said.

"Don't be ridiculous", Chester said. "Amanda is not gonna..."


Samantha landed on the ground and Amanda stood above her with her fist still clenched. Samantha looked up at Amanda, shocked. Samantha got up and instead of retaliating, she walked away with tears pouring down her face.

Chester followed Samantha and rammed into Amanda's shoulder with his own. He gave Elisa and her pets the dirtiest look he could come up with and went on his way to find his friend.

Agoura Hills High School, 2:24 pm

School was over and Chester was walking on his way to Mike's car.

"Boo!", Mike yelled in Chester's ear from behind and Chester jumped.

"Mike!", Chester laughed, slapping Mike on the shoulder a couple times. "Sorry, had to", Mike giggled as they continued to walk towards Mike's car.

"Ever find Sam?", he asked Chester.

"No", Chester sighed. "What Amanda did was so..."

"Fucked up", Mike finished Chester's sentence.

Chester nodded and they reached Mike's car.

Mike unlocked the doors and they hopped in.

After closing the doors, they look into each other's eyes for a brief moment. "Thank God for tinted windows!", Chester said before lunging at Mike's lips.

Mike caught Chester's lips with his and they kissed passionately, intertwining their tongues and feeling the heat radiate off of each other.

Chester cupped his secret boyfriend's face and then played with his hair as they kissed.

They moaned simultaneously, before breaking the kiss for air.

"Eventually, we need to come out to our friends...", Mike said.

"Yeah, but you have to admit...all of this sneaking around is really fun", Chester giggled.

Mike nodded and gave his boyfriend a quick peck before starting the engine to drive Chester home.

Amanda's House, 9:55 pm

Amanda put out her cigarette in the ash tray on her front porch table and headed inside, closing and locking the door behind her.

She walked into the living room as her phone began to ring.

Amanda pulled her phone from her bra and saw that Chester was calling. "Hello?", she said as she slid the answer button.

"Hey, I'm not calling to harass you or anything, just to apologize for that shove I gave you earlier", Chester answered.

"No, it's okay Chester, it is...really...I deserved it", Amanda said. Tears already started to run down her eyes and she found it hard to talk.

"I guess", Chester sighed. "Have you talked to Sam?", he asked, wanting his two friends to work this out.

"No, I'm going to let her come to me...I need to give her the space she needs", Amanda said.

Chester began to talk, but Amanda didn't hear him. She was distracted by a loud bang from upstairs.

"Hello?", Chester asked for the third time.

"Sorry Chester...", Amanda asked. "I think my brother is home early...wait, if so, then where's my mom?"

"You okay?", Chester asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine...", Amanda lied. She had that strange feeling in her gut.

"Let me call you back", she said.

"Okay...", Chester said.

Amanda ended the call and dialed her mom's number.

"Hello?", her mother answered.

"Hey mom, is Alex with you?"

"Hey dear...", her mom said. "He is currently on a camping trip with some buddies of his."


Amanda dropped the phone from being startled and quickly picked it back up, keeping her eyes on the stairs.

"Mom, I think someone's in the house..."

"What?!", her mom said, worry in her voice. "Get...ou-ou-,"

Suddenly, the connection was lost and Amanda began to panic.

She ran to the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife from the knife stand.

Her phone began to ring.

And shock set in.


Amanda quickly answered the phone and said, "We can talk about what I did a little later, but right now..."

"Hello Amanda", a man's voice said.

Amanda was surprised by the answer. "Who...who is this?", she asked nervously.

"A friend of a friend", the stranger said.

"Is this revenge for Samantha...if so, it's totally fair..."

"This is revenge for me sweetheart", the stranger laughed. "Now it's time for a question. You answer right, you live, answer wrong, you...die."

Amanda's eyes widened and she shook her head. "I refuse to play", she denied, tears in her eyes.

"Then I guess I'll just leave and kill your girlfriend at her house."

"No!", Amanda said. "I'll play!"

"I thought you'd come around...", the stranger said in a low, dark voice. "Now...time for the question."

Amanda stood at the bottom of the stairs clenching the knife tightly.

"Am I inside or outside?", the stranger asked.

Amanda began to panic, but thought of the bangs from upstairs. "You're inside!", she said.

"Wrong!", the stranger said. "But...I can change that."

Suddenly, the phone clicked off and Amanda heard the shattering of a window upstairs.

Amanda quickly ran to her front door with her phone and the knife, and unlocked and opened her front door only to reveal a masked figure in a black rain coat holding a buck knife.

"No!", Amanda screamed, trying to close and lock the door, but the stranger put their arm in the door way, fighting to open it.

Amanda used all of her strength, but it wasn't working.

The masked stranger slid up their arm and cut Amanda's side with their buck knife.

"Ah!", she squealed, losing her strength and running from the door.

The stranger quickly ran up to her, but Amanda turned around and swung her knife at the stranger.

The stranger dodged it and waited for Amanda to swing again. And when she did, the stranger caught her arm and twisted it around, making Amanda stab herself in the chest.

Amanda let out a moan and started to fall forward.

The stranger caught Amanda and threw her into the glass coffee table, shattering it instantly.

Amanda was still making little noises as the stranger started to walk away.

"Fucking...", Amanda started. "Fucking coward...hiding behind a mask..."

The stranger turned around and took off the hood of their rain coat, along with the mask, revealing their true identity to Amanda.

"No...", she said, her eyes widening with shock.

The stranger walked towards Amanda. She was unable to move. The stranger raised their arm and the last thing Amanda saw was the buck knife coming down.

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